Plato symposium essay

plato symposium essay

Every one has different interpretation of it and think that it is the right one. Page 165 Arieti,. Zeus thought about blasting them with thunderbolts but did not want to deprive himself of their devotions and offerings, so he decided to cripple them by chopping them in half, in effect separating the two bodies. Socrates, the general and political figure. This double standard seems to also deal with a value of honor thus proving earlier attitudes towards value of honor to the philosophers of this time ( Plato 101). The speeches started with Phaedrus who stated many of the powers of love. You can decide that for yourself. Therefore this idea of sacrifice in the name of honor seems an invalid argument today. 4 (Oct., 2007. Another troublesome issue present in the thinking of Plato and modern thought, is the idea that self-fulfillment comes only through the other. Welton, "Erotic Wisdom: philosophy and intermediacy in Plato 's Symposium ".

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Howatson edited by Frisbee. 28 Socrates tells of a conversation he had with a woman from Mantinea, called Diotima, who plays the same inquiring/instructing role that Socrates played with Agathon. Diotima now showed us that Love is a lover not loved one which was the reason why Socrates and Agathon thought that Love was beautiful in every way. Human beings seek just more and more of everything. So the character, Alcibiades, who was the deciding factor in the debate in The Frogs, becomes the judge in the Symposium, and he now rules in favor of Socrates, who had been attacked by Aristophanes in The Clouds.

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Socrates mentioned that people desire things they need. This idea may be a basis to explain the plato symposium essay need for humans to find one person that best suits them and their needs. References to the text of the Symposium are given in Stephanus pagination, the standard reference system for Plato. It also considers that Socratic philosophy may have lost touch with the actual individual as it devoted itself to abstract principles. Symposium to one or two other works of ancient Greek literature. But what is love and where does it come from? Aristophanes relays a legend to the group on the beginning of the world and the creation of man. The case of Athens is analyzed with many examples of what would be acceptable and what would not, and at the end, he makes the assertion that Athens' code of behavior favors the nobler type of love and discourages the baser. The disastrous expedition to Syracuse, of which Alcibiades was a commander, took place the following year 18, after which Alcibiades deserted to Sparta, Athens ' archenemy.

There is no reason to think they were not composed entirely by Plato. Interpreting Plato : The Dialogues As Drama. Many of us when just even think about pederastic love in this context as it should be something good and normal and then when they even presented it as educating of young men would be disgusted. For example according. Under the influence of Dionysus, who is now in attendance, the party becomes wild and drunken.

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Alcibiades crashes in, terribly drunk, and delivers an encomium to Socrates himself. How did, plato 's. Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing, 1998. This interpretation is in todays world very controversial. His life is same as his parents. These problematic issues are represented when Plato creates a mind body relation that creates a separation of two inseparable beings. Reproduction and birth in beauty is what Love wants because reproduction goes on forever, it is what mortals have in place of immortality. For the male, to suffer offense in front of a lover translates into the loss of ones masculinity and the inability to protect their lover. Isbn Cobb, William., "The Symposium " in The Symposium and the Phaedrus: Plato 's Erotic Dialogues, State Univ of New York Pr (July 1993). It will be a competition of speeches to be judged by Dionysus. She says that Love is lover of beautiful things and so he is lover of wisdom, because wisdom is beautiful.

Cambridge University Press (2001). The, symposium ancient Greek :, Sympsion sympsion ) is a philosophical text by, plato dated. Their punishment was to cut them in two halfs so they loose their strength and now they are more profitable for gods. And is the source of all happiness. On the contrary, Socrates ( Plato s mentor and instructor) tells us that he believes love to be not as good as other imagine. First Eryximachus starts out by claiming that love affects everything in the universe, including plants and animals, believing that once love is attained it should be protected.

When combined certain problematic themes arise that point to certain prejudices existing in society even today. The men split from other men also run after their own kind and love being embraced by other men (191e). Beauty of peoples souls is more important than beauty of their bodies. His speech is an explanation of why people in love say they feel "whole" when they have found their love partner. Love will help us find our other half, so we can be complete which will make us happy. In our modern world the idea of love as a god is certainly unsound. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime.

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Rebecca Stanton notes a deliberate blurring of genre boundaries here Aristophanes gives a tragic speech, Agathon a comic/parodic one and that Socrates later urges a similar coalescence:. Second part of Socrates speech is speech about love he heard from Diotima. It was plato symposium essay thought that what Socrates said was what Plato agreed with or approved. Dionysus is engaged to be the judge, and decides the outcome, not based on the merits of the two tragedians, but based on their political stance regarding the political figure, Alcibiades. Hamilton remarks that Plato takes care to portray Alcibiades and Socrates and their relationship in a way that makes it clear that Socrates had not been a bad influence on Alcibiades. Nevertheless, today our values of honor have changed. Also, Apollodorus was able to confirm parts of the story with Socrates himself, who was one of the speakers at the banquet. University of Chicago Press (2001). All of them gave a speech in praise of Love. One of the guests was Plutus, the god of wealth, who was passed out from drinking too much nectar, and it so happened that another deity arrived, Poverty, who came to the banquet to beg, and upon seeing Plutus. This dialogue is one of Plato 's major works, and is appreciated for both its philosophical content and its literary qualities. Evil love is one that deals with the love of money, wealth or power.

Love governs medicine, music, and astronomy (187a and regulates hot and cold and wet and dry, which when in balance result in health (188a). Symposium,.473, 189d aristophanes thinks that Love is the one who cares about us and helps us when we need it so we should praise him the most. That is what we should teach the youths,that is what will make them to be better. Aristophanes states an idea that such attitude creates a double standard and that even philosophers were blinded by sexual prejudices. It's amazing to think text created more than 2,000 years ago is still read, studied, and written about today. When they are done eating, Eryximachus takes the suggestion made by Phaedrus, that they should all make a speech in praise of Eros, the god of love and desire. For this act Achilles was rewarded and seen as a hero. Having been born at Aphrodite's birthday party, he became her follower and servant, but through his real origins Love acquired a kind of double nature. Alcibiades, and the comic playwright, aristophanes. Love was conceived on the day when Afrodita was born so it is why he is lover of beauty because Afrodita is beautiful. Currently we live in a time dominated. Eryximachus here evokes the theory of the humor. Agathon has no choice but to agree.

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This is true for men as well as animals that seek an appropriate place to give birth, preferring to roam in pain until they find. By Seth Benardete with essays by Seth Benardete and Allan Bloom. The god of Love not only directs everything on the human plane, but also on the divine (186b). Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. Simon and Schuster 1928.

The party takes place at the house of the tragedian, agathon in, athens. Beauty is also their guide, but it will be towards the knowledge needed to accomplish their spiritual births. In the Symposium, Pausanias believes that worthy and noble love should only apply to anything of the good nature. White, Virtue in Plato 's " Symposium ", The Classical Quarterly, New Series, Vol. I think that this is a very nice story about how it could be before, why people are so obsessed about looking for someone who is our other half, someone who fit for us just like a puzzle. 25 Eryximachus edit Eryximachus speaks next, though it is Aristophanes' turn, as the latter has not recovered from his hiccups enough to take his place in the sequence. Ever since that time, people run around saying they are looking for their other half because they are really trying to recover their primal nature. He says that love is the youngest of the gods and is an enemy of old age (195b). Plato intentionally portrays some as ignorant and others as valid thoughts on the matter of love. He distinguishes between this virtuous love, and the love of an older man for a young (immature) boy, which he says should be forbidden on the grounds that love should be based on qualities of intelligence and. Plato 's ey es and pen. Sun, Earth and Moon. Historical context edit It is considered that the work was written no earlier than 385 BCE, and the party to which it makes reference has been fixed in 416 BCE, the year in which the host Agathon had the dramatic triumph mentioned in the text.

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Comparisons between the fates of Achilles and Orpheus are brought up to illustrate his point. This speech, in the interpretation of Marsilio Ficino in De Amore (1484 is the origin of the concept of Platonic love. For the female, it may consist of a fear of inferiority that creates a striving towards honor and providing for the male a constant risk in the relationship. Socrates responded that if he did have this power, why would he exchange his true (inner) beauty for the image of beauty that Alcibiades would provide. Symposium still read and studied today? Plato s era because honor was seen as great characteristic of a man. Lilar, Suzanne (1967 A propos de Sartre et de l'amour Paris: Grasset. We will write a custom essay on, plato, Symposium specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, love in according to the ancient Greeks has two different meanings. By reading, symposium we found out that love between older and younger men was not only about phisycal attraction but also about sharing wisdom the adult males role as ethical and intellectual educator of the adolescent that was traditional. The reader, understanding that Plato was not governed by the historical record, can read the Symposium, and ask why the author, Plato, arranged the story the way he did, and what he meant by including the various aspects of setting, composition, characters, and theme, etc.

Love is wanting to possess the good forever( Symposium,. One cannot love another if they do not first love themselves is a common phrase of the modern person which indicates this line of reasoning. The male kind was an offspring of the Sun, female was an offspring of the Earth and androgynous was from the Moon because it shares both the sun and also the earth. Translation and introduction by Walter Hamilton. 483,200d) So by this we can say that love is always oriented with future. The Symposium and the Phaedrus: Plato 's Erotic Dialogues. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998. Own membership area free feature, discounts free feature, affiliate program free feature. He learns that love is a spirit that is neither rich nor fair as the others had thought, but in fact normal ( Plato 169). Apollodorus was not himself at the banquet, but he heard the story from Aristodemus, a man who was there. Pausanias believes love, when misdirected can lead to evil. Symposium 216e217a Alcibiades thought at the time that Socrates really only wanted him sexually, and by letting Socrates have his way with him he would entice Socrates to teach him everything he knew (217a). Next speech that I want to write about is speech of Socrates.

References edit Arieti, James. Agathon says love is dainty and likes to tiptoe through the flowers and never settles where there is no "bud to bloom" (196b). This new idea considers that the Symposium is intended to criticize Socrates, and his philosophy, and to reject certain aspects of his behavior. Diotima was, for Socrates, the most wise person. Diotima told him a story about Poros and Penia and their child Love.

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Select a subject to preview related courses: To unlock this lesson you must be a m Member. 5 Contents Literary form edit The Symposium is considered a dialogue a form used by Plato in more than plato symposium essay thirty works but in fact, it is predominantly a series of essay -like speeches from differing points of view. This would mean that things we have now we want to have later also I want the things I have now to be mine in the future as well( Symposium,p. And point of owning good things that you have desire for is that you become happy. Love is the desire we have to find our other half, in order to become whole. According to her, Eros is not a god but is a spirit that mediates between humans and their objects of desire. Beauty then is the perennial philosopher, the "lover of wisdom" (the Greek word " philia " being one of the four words for love).