Monsoon season in india essay

monsoon season in india essay

The south-west monsoon causes heavy rainfall. The span and intensity of these seasons are not fixed and are subject to change depending upon certain external environmental factors such as air pressure, direction of air currents, cloud formation, anthropological factors such as deforestation and pollution etc. They are detached clouds with sharp outlines. Conclusion, numerous scientists have sought out ways monsoon season in india essay to reverse the effects of global warming or we can say that at least theyve all tried. So the Indian present lives are at the mercy of the monsoon. Gujarati essay on monsoon overdose of anything is definitely harmful.

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India being a tropical country, summer is a bit extreme in certain parts. The major cause of climate change is as follows: Urbanization, burning of fossil fuels, emission of greenhouse gases, industrialization. The shift in the position of the itcz is also related to the withdrawal of the westerly jet stream from the south of the Himalayan range. Hence the adequate amount of rainfall is very essential. During the monsoon, these living forest looks awesome. Birds, animals, plants and human beings all welcome the rainy season because it gives them the much-needed e rainy season, or monsoon season, is the time of year when most of a regions average annual rainfall occurs.

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Varuna is the Aryan rain god whom we have adopted in Hinduism. Cloud base at 6 km or higher: He is the god of waters, clouds, oceans and river. Monsoon 2017: India looks likely to receive higher monsoon rainfall than previously forecast. Hemantha Ritu Hemantha Ritu or the winter season prevails from early December to February. Among the waterborne diseases, dysentery is the biggest problem. What Causes Change In Seasons? Crops like rice, jute, sugarcane, rubber, wheat, barley etc need heavy rainfall for their cultivation. The beautiful valleys offer breathtaking views of flowers, towering hills, landscapes and enthralling trekking routes. . However, excessive or inadequate rainfall leads to scarcity and famine. It is difficult to assign exact reasons to these adversities. Seasons in India Essay 5 (600 words) Introduction According to the Hindu calendar, the seasons in India are classified into six types.

A fair rainfall ensures good crop production and happy farmers. Traffic jams, power outages, high humidity, water break down are other major issues. Usually this is the most loved season due to pleasant and lively weather. In India, majority of precipitation is caused by the south west monsoons. Due to its vagaries the monsoons create great impact on the Indian Agriculture. Northern Mountains, northern Plains, indian Desert, coastal Plains. Monsoon india 2017: Relax, India will get higher rainfall this season. Post Monsoon (October to November these classifications are made keeping in mind the changes in temperature, air pressure, topography, amount of rainfall, changes in directions and intensity of air current etc. Conclusion India is a land of diversity and this diversity can also be seen in its seasons. During the winter season the temperature varies from 10 to 15 degree Celsius. Festivals such a Guru Purnima fall under this Ritu.

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Greeshma Ritu Greeshma Ritu or the Summer Season is when the temperature starts increasing across various parts of the country due to the fact that earth is revolving very close to the sun on the elliptical orbit. The span of these seasons varies from.5 to 3 months. From the second week of June humid monsoon enters various parts of India in the south-west direction from the Bay of Bengal and causes rainfall everywhere in the state. Varsha Ritu Varsha Ritu or the Monsoon/ Rainy season is when it rains heavily in many parts of India. So monsoon season in india essay these crops are cultivated in summer. India has a large number of natural and artificial lakes, famous for bird watching and a variety of recreational opportunities like Canoeing, boating, and fishing. . As the change in day and night is caused by the rotation of the earth on its axis similarly the change in seasons is caused by the revolution of earth around the sun in elliptical orbits.

This will help you drain toxins from your body. The temperature is highest in April and May and varies from 32 to 40 degree Celsius. Monsoon provides relief from the summer heat to all from children to old people and also to the birds and animals. As the environmental factors experience major changes, these changes are reflected largely in the duration and intensity of the seasons in India and also the neighboring parts. As these highlands are heated in summer due to northward shift of the sun a clockwise circulation of the wind takes monsoon season in india essay place in the middle of the troposphere resulting in the birth of two main streams of air from this landmass. The temperature slowly starts lowering during this transition. Lastly, monsoon rains bring about greenery by helping growth of trees and fresh leaves. During the monsoon, most of the valleys of India become the home of over more than 500 species of wild flowers of unique design and colours. Geographical Aspect of the Indian Lands. Indian is an agricultural land.