Top 10 essay on global warming

top 10 essay on global warming

The Adaptation Approach This Approach deals with the Acceptance and Adjustment Ways of dealing with the Effects of Global Warming. Earths surface includes both land and water which means that the temperature of not only land increases but that of water as well. This absorbed Energy heats up the Earths surface. Write about the following topic: Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today. The CO2 level is expected to rise in future due to ongoing burning of fossil fuels and land use change. The remaining 70 percent is absorbed by the Earths surface, land, oceans and the atmosphere. Damage to Marine Life: The Oceans are absorbing the excess Greenhouse Gases, particularly Carbon-di-Oxide CO2, resulting in warmer and more acidic Ocean waters.

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These are some steps we can take care of at an individual level. In fact, there has been many attempt to reduce the emission. There are droughts and famines causing untold misery, death and destruction. . And a Collective Attitude Change to focus on Dealing with Global Warming as a Global Problem that needs a Collective Global Solution. Another way of classifying the Solutions to Global Warming is: The Mitigation Approach This Approach deals with the Curative Ways of dealing with the Causes of Global Warming. What are the causes of global warming and what measures can governments and individuals take to tackle the issue? This Enhanced Greenhouse Effect because of excessive Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere is considered the single biggest cause of Global Warming. In fact, as things stand today, the poles are already melting. Hence, resulting in an overall increase in the temperature of the earths atmosphere, land, and water.

Hence, the continuing effects of the global warming that leads to the climate change. So if Industries need to be sufficiently motivated towards shifting to a Cleaner, Greener Energy mode, then the Public Demand and Market Demand too needs to shift towards using Cars, Vehicles and other Products using Fossil fuel-free Energy Sources. It will create problems of drinking water and food grains in most of the North American countries. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. Its a glimpse into the adverse impact that global warming can have in the long-run. And they have come to some mutually agreed Conclusions about the relative roles of these External Factors, as explained below. Higher concentrations of greenhouse gases, which are present in our atmosphere, create problems because they enhance the heat trapping capacity of our earth. And Evidence-based Science works on statistically significant data. Modernization, urbanisation, and Industrialization remain the cause of the rise in the overall temperature on the earths surface. Wetlands are lost as the level rises. This inordinate warmth has begun to hit the earth and the entire living world. . But because of increasing greenhouse effect Global Warming is taking place. A large portion of carbon emission is attributed to the burning of gasoline in internal combustion engine of vehicles.

Essay on, global, warming

These GHGs absorb and radiate the top 10 essay on global warming heat energy towards the Earths surface and are the reason for the normal heating-up of the Earths surface and the lower layers of the atmosphere. The government should also promote the use of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. The Ocean bodies getting heated up are adding another level of complexity to the problem because of the effect on the Arctic Ice, the Glaciers, the Ice Sheets, etc. This of course means higher frequency and damages due to storms, unnatural high tides, Tsunamis, etc. The damage to Marine Life, increasing Storms and Cyclones, Desertification, Effects on Human Life, Social Life, Psychological health, Animal and Insect Species, etc. These measures can reduce the effect of global warming to an extent. They can also switch to energy companies that use renewable energy rather than fossil fuels. There are many variables of the Earths Climate that are affected by and measured to keep a track of the Global Warming. Linda, from Italy, Scored Band.5. Moreover, it would have great effect on biodiversity as well. This heat creates problems for all the living beings (plants, animals, and humans).

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But in the last century, post-Industrial Revolution, the percentage of these GHGs in the atmosphere has gone up disproportionately, causing an Enhanced Greenhouse Effect; which the real reason for Global Warming. Due to greenhouse gases climate changes occur in our earths atmosphere. Also, individuals can play a part by making lifestyle changes. Volcanic gases include elements like Sulphur-di-Oxide SO2, which causes atmospheric cooling, and also Carbon-di-Oxide CO2 which causes atmospheric heating. This involves a confident and permanent Financial Commitment at all levels to move Society away from the Causes of Global Warming. Global average temperature rose significantly during the past century. The sea levels as a result of melting of glaciers have risen from.35 mm.4. Climate change is the effect of the Global Warming. Today there are thousands of villages and towns acing an acute drinking water-shortage. . Desertification is a type of land degradation in which a relatively dry area of land becomes increasingly arid, typically losing its bodies of water as well as vegetation and wildlife. Take a look at the model answer and examine how it has been organized. His fame in the business also contributed to his winning as a president of the.

CO2, which damages the ozone layer, comes from several sources, but the most problematic are those coming from the burning of fossil fuels from power plants. In fact he is one of the highly celebrated business men. What can Individuals do about it? Various internationally recognized and unbiased bodies have collected data and Climate information via various globally located data platforms like Ships, Weather Stations, Weather Radars, Weather Balloons, etc. What are the causes of global warming and what measures can governments and individuals take to tackle the problem? Because of these, the food chain is affected. Will soon be underwater. Without sanction from the government, the airline industry shall continue to add to the effects of the global warming. What can governments do about it? This discussion may eventually lead to action towards the reduction on the effects of the global warming.

The Republicans are vocal about this. As a result the worlds primary international agreement on combating global warming was reached in Kyoto in 1997 which came to be known as Kyoto protocol. To conclude, although global warming is a serious issue, there are steps that governments and individuals can take to reduce its effects. In addition, as the sea rises, beach erosion takes place, particularly on steep banks. Also, forests store large amounts of carbon, so deforestation is causing larger amounts of CO2 to remain in the atmosphere. Human activities add to the levels of these gasses, causing severe problems.

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The prevailing scientific view is that most of the temperature increases since mid-20th century has been caused by increases in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations produced by human activity. It would have far- reaching socio-economic impact. People should try to buy cars with the best fuel economy, and only use their car when really necessary. The denial of Donald Trump on the global warming may be due to two reasons:. Global Warming Essay A threat to human race 300 words. The consequences of the rise in temperature is being felt all over the globe the findings of scientific research done in this field reveal that the temperature of the earth likely to rise from.4 C.8 C within a period of 100 years.

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It has far-reaching impact on biodiversity and climatic conditions of the planet. Changes in The top 10 essay on global warming Carbon Cycle: The natural Carbon Cycle is experiencing rapid changes. Recommended Lessons: Spread the love, share Global Warming Essay on facebook. One for example is that the last 50 years have seen fastest rate of average surface temperature change in recorded history. These changes are too rapid for the species to evolve and adapt. To effectively deal with Global Warming, the world needs an optimal mix of an Attitude Change and Technology Change; an optimal mix of Mitigation Approach and Adaptation Approach.

It would also contribute to the rise in death caused by heat. If we are to save our planet, it is important that this is treated as a priority for all concerned. Many people will be fighting for the same land, the same food, the equal job opportunities. Because of this phenomenon, the water level of both sea and ocean has increased. Coral reefs are experiencing more frequent and severe bleaching, as a result the dependant marine life and ecosystems are getting threatened. Generate electricity using renewable sources like wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy Recycling Adopting the habit of recycling, too, will help slow down the process of global warming. There are many businesses that are non-compliant to the carbon emission reduction because of its high cost. Car companies around the world have taken some initiative towards reducing pollution by manufacturing E-vehicles. The warming causes more water vapour to be evaporated. But as stewards of the earth, each must learn to be aware of the changes that the environment is experiencing. Solutions To Global Warming Global warming is not a problem top 10 essay on global warming with a direct answer. Volvo, for example, has come out in public and stated that they would soon stop producing petrol and diesel powered engines in favour of E-vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

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Deforestation is checking these positive processes. Cars and Vehicles with Cleaner Energy : Cars and Other Vehicles that use Fossil Fuels have been one the biggest sources of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions. This is majorly attributed to the post-Industrial Revolution changes in the lifestyles of human beings. Well, such a top 10 essay on global warming phenomenon is known. It is, in fact, the increase in the temperature of the earths neon-surface air. First, the quality of crops would be affected by an increase in precipitation. Hot and Dry climates: Desertification: Due to increasing temperatures across the globe, many areas of the Earth are getting converted into Hot and Dry areas.

The Ocean Ice is melting so fast that some scientists predict Ice-free summers in few decades. The shrinking of glaciers is going to pose a major problem of drinking water. Because uncontrolled Greenhouse Effect arising from any one corner of the World will spread and affect the entire rest of the Earth Ecosystem. In the last few decades, Global Warming has become one of the most complex and highly debated topics of our modern world today. There are strong believers that are debating and lobbying strongly to effect global policy changes to control the Causes of the Climate Change. So the Control Measures or Solutions need to be Local and Global, working together.

top 10 essay on global warming