How long is an honors thesis typical phd

how long is an honors thesis typical phd

APA, MLA) should reflect that used by the major academic journals in how long is an honors thesis typical phd your disciplinary area. If youve been free-writing and taking thoughtful notes during the research phase of your project, then the drafting should be far less painful. Graciously, enthusiastically, and confidently. However, if you want to thank particular librarians, archivists, interviewees, and advisers, heres the place to. If your research involves the use of humans, including surveys and/or questionnaires, you must obtain Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval through the Office of Research Assurances ( And you may get some challenging questions. Who can write an honors thesis? Your methodology determines the rigor and validity of your work. You will present your thesis for 20 minutes, followed by 10-15 minutes of Q/A, and finally the evaluation, so, the entire presentation will be scheduled for one hour.

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While these two tasks are intimately intertwined, the drafting stage focuses on creating, while revising requires criticizing. Yes, the principal advisor needs to be a tenure-track faculty member or senior instructor at WSU, but a co-advisor from another academic institution or the world at large can be arranged with the agreement of the Honors College at WSU. Its part of the academic enterprise. Can I do a thesis while studying abroad? Conclusions What, briefly, how long is an honors thesis typical phd did you learn or discover? Keep in mind that some advice is better than others. If youve been forcing yourself to put subject headings on your notes as you go along, youll have generated a number of important analytical categories. Prospective employers and graduate school admissions committees are impressed by the dedication and discipline required to write a thesis.

Of those states, perhaps youll select North Carolina, since youll have ready access to local research materials. Didnt we just say that you needed to focus on the big picture? You how long is an honors thesis typical phd dont need to answer all of these questions for each source, but you should set a goal of engaging in at least one or two sentences of thoughtful, interpretative writing for each source. Thesis Proposal Before you can enroll in honors 450 thesis credits, you must submit a thesis proposal to honors. If, for example, youre using US Census data, then youll mainly be writing down statistics and numbers. Before you begin writing your thesis, it is highly recommended that you enroll in and complete. I've truncated all plots to maximum page ranges of 500 and 250 for the dissertation and thesis data, as only a handful of records exceeded these values.

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Research and note-taking In conducting research, you will need to find both primary sources (firsthand sources that come directly from the period/events/people you are studying) and secondary sources (secondhand sources that are filtered through the interpretations of experts. Heres where freewriting can help. Furthermore, faculty members who serve as thesis advisors are in a position to write very strong letters for graduate/professional schools or positions in the labor force. You and your advisor will agree on which style you will follow. Further, if data collection is involved, describe how the data will be collected and analyzed and what materials will be used. What is an academic question?

The thesis proposal must be submitted no later than the semester before you plan to complete and present your thesis. Or write through one point on a chapter outline. Students whose thesis is judged exemplary may have their theses nominated for Pass with Distinction designation graded needs revisions have approx. An academic advisor is chosen by you. The request to advise may be based on your positive interaction with a specific professor, the professors expertise in the area of your research, or your interest in a professors teaching. They Say/I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. Set up appointments to talk with faculty in your field. Formulate working arguments for your entire thesis and individual chapters. Papers that merit Pass with Distinction reflect scholarly writing that is couched in the relevant literature and is analytical, synthetic, well-argued, well-written, and possibly publishable. Find how long is an honors thesis typical phd out the final deadline for turning in your project to your department.

Fig: Summary of page lengths of masters theses by major, sorted and color-coded by median. This approval is absolutely necessary before you interview one person or send out a single survey to be completed. Include the problem, question, or hypothesis examined, an explanation of why you decided to study this problem or issue or to pursue this creative project, the approach you took, what you discovered, and avenues others might pursue in this area in the future. If it is not obvious, explain how the source will be useful to the development of your thesis. At the drafting stage, its all about getting those ideas on paper. What will be my works most important contribution? I'm not sure if these extremes are actually real data or entered in error, and to be honest, I'm too lazy to verify them myself. If you dont, the chances are good that youll struggle to finish. In the humanities, theses average 50-75 pages in length and consist of two or more chapters.

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How do I defend my honors thesis? Expected Results and/or Potential Conclusions In no more than one or two paragraphs, describe the results you expect from your thesis and what those results will mean in the greater context of knowledge in the field. This handout will walk you through those stages. The author identifies four sources of social capital and examines their dynamics. After all, most jobs require how long is an honors thesis typical phd some form of problem solving and oral and written communication. You will have two to three weeks to make all corrections, get your thesis advisors approval of the changes, and submit one new, corrected, electronic copy to the Honors College.

The important thing is to accomplish a bit of active production (i.e., putting words on paper) for your thesis every day. Honors 398 should be taken in your sophomore or junior year. Those small bits of prose will add up quickly. An electronic thesis proposal submitted by the 5th day of any month will be reviewed and the status communicated to the student via email by the last working day of that month. Yes, but each students contribution to the thesis must be stated in the proposal and be very clear to all reviewers of the thesis. In the social sciences, the manuscript may be shorter, depending on whether the project involves more quantitative than qualitative research. What are the larger ramifications of your work? Still others stack books, notes, and photocopies into topically-arranged ere is not a single right way, but this stepin some form or fashionis essential! Assuming the first draft wont be your last draft, try to get your thoughts on paper without spending too much time fussing over minor stylistic concerns. Are you having trouble writing those first few pages of your chapter?

how long is an honors thesis typical phd

What issues and obstacles did you encounter? Consistent production Its a good idea to try to squeeze in a bit of thesis work every dayeven if its just fifteen minutes of journaling or brainstorming about your topic. Thats a big topic that probably cant be adequately covered in a single thesis. No thesis may be presented in the how long is an honors thesis typical phd same semester in which the proposal was submitted and approved. New York: Pantheon, 1994. Beyond that, maybe youre particularly interested in female opponents of the ERA. A thesis proposal is a document that provides the necessary background and scholarly literature for your topic. Margins In general, leave a one-inch inch margin on all sides. Once youve made all changes to the body of the thesis, then type up your table of contents with the titles of each section aligned on the left and the page numbers on which those sections begin flush right. Thesis Activity or Creative Project State your thesis activity/creative project succinctly in one or two sentences. If revision is required, the Thesis Director will inform you of specific changes or clarifications they would like to see in the revised proposal. Where can I look for additional information?

You will, of course, generate other questions: Who were the how long is an honors thesis typical phd most outspoken opponents? Interpreting the context of a source: Who wrote/created the source? Its a good idea to acknowledge folks who helped you with a major project, but do not feel the need to go overboard with copious and flowery expressions of gratitude. You will probably want to take most seriously the advice of your adviser since he/she carries the most weight in giving your project a stamp of approval. It provides the methodology you will use to answer that question or complete the project, notes what the expected results might be and what these results mean within the context of what is known. Appendix This optional section will contain your complete survey instruments and full range of interview questions, or any other information you and your advisor deem essential for readers and reviewers. Even if a topic interests you, it wont work out unless you have access to the materials you need to research. How does it fit in with the work. Faqs Most of the Frequently Asked Questions below will be answered during the 1-unit honors 398 course, the Thesis Preparation Course. Still, you should set your own goals for meeting those deadlines. Please direct your advisor to online information For Thesis Advisors on the Honors College website.