Reduce bullying essay

reduce bullying essay

The British study, however, examined only violent behaviors - such as beating someone up after school, and not the more benign behaviors like name-calling or giving someone the cold shoulder. Our oath as professionals is that we are willing to go over and beyond to help a bullying victim and their families. In light of recent school shootings, parents and educators have become concerned about whether bullying behavior or being the victim of one may contribute to more serious acts of aggression. Eugene Beresin, director of child and adolescent psychological training at McLean and Massachusetts General Hospitals says, "school shootings are an anomaly, over-rated, exaggerated, and extremely rare. Interviewing inmates related to bullying can give a whole new insight to bullies and may change them for the better. Public canning and school suspensions are also necessary for bullies that are involved in much serious issues. A professional is the best option for a family reduce bullying essay in assisting them in the healing process. She says to, Ignore or avoid. Encourage your child not to retaliate against the bully or to let the bully see how much he or she has upset your child. Howard Spivak of the New England Medical Center, in Boston, and. Sure it might not be the most pleasing way to correct bullies, but schools are not just doing these for the wellbeing of the other students, but also want to break the bullies and make them snap out from bullying.

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Teacher and professionals are aware of bullying, was not taken lightly as decades ago. Deborah Prothrow-Stith of the Harvard School of Public Health, commenting on the research. But, it has been found that if students take an active resistance when they see a fellow classmate being bullied, the bully is less likely to act out in this way. These kids not only face problems while growing up; rather the effect of bullying stays with them for a long time, sometimes for their entire lifetime. Bullying does not always have to be childish play, it can be extremely violent. When kids are under stress, they tend to lose interest in even their favorite activities. Some children find it works to just say nothing and walk away.

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Bullying can also lead to other big issues in the future such as getting involved in gang fights, murder, arson, and even trouble with the law. In one article, the author Laura Egodigwe gives suggestions on avoiding bullying, not necessarily preventing or stopping. Advocate for the involvement of the bullys parents. We will write a custom essay. In addition to helping your child make friends, these activities can help to develop your childs special skills and rebuild his or her self-confidence. Adding on, schools should also take steps to educate bullies to let them know how serious their problems can become. Decreased academic achievement, children who are bullied tend to lose interest in studies as well and this clearly reflects on their report cards. Is there some activity that your kid used to love before but has now completely lost interest in? It is often said that bullies should be punished with heavy penalties for what they have done, but little effort is put in to actually learn about the bullies themselves. If you keep on, I'm going to report you to the principal. Encourage your child to go immediately to a teacher, principal, or other nearby adult if he or she feels seriously threatened. In some cases, bullies say the engage in bullying because they feel that they are in control of the situation, unlike at home, parents pay little or no attention to their existence. Schools can also reprimand them from entering classes by asking them to sweep the school, for an instance.

Many of the suggestions to prevent bullying, however, seem to be counterproductive. The Secret Service concluded, " the use of profiles is ineffective and inefficient.". The feeling of being insulted is not easy to take; especially when you are dealing with kids. In fact, it does ruin many people's lives. You may also want to help your child to develop strategies to avoid situations where reduce bullying essay bullying can happen and to avoid being alone with bullies.

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First, listen to your child. If your otherwise intelligent kid is facing problems in scoring well, chances are that they are being bullied and are unable to cope with the humiliation and stress. There are many types of bullying the old fashion type are still in place the bully victimize its target victim face to face it consist of pointing at a person laughing at them and standing there until they see them cry. Make it clear that bullying will not be tolerated and outline the consequences for further unacceptable behavior. If bullying occurs at school, your child may want to avoid areas that are isolated or unsupervised by adults, and stick with friends as much as possible. If Your Child Is Bullying Others. With these facts in mind, kids can help combat the problem of bullying. Considering all the points discussed today we are able to acknowledge that we need to create a team with parents to make sure that if a problem of bullying ever arises we are able to communicate and prevent a victim. Now laws have been changed to respect the gay and lesbian alliance rights in society. Just talking about the problem and knowing that you care can be helpful and comforting.

The research found 30 percent of 6th through 10th graders are involved in bullying at school, according to researchers at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Many times this causes scars in the victims that it prevents them from living a normal life. The victim distances themselves from the family to avoid having to discuss the problem. Bullying no longer stays in classrooms, schools, or neighborhoods. The level of anxiety and depression can cause serious issues; hence parents should be more like friends with kids so that they can discuss their problems without hesitation. Bullying is not considered a normal part of growing. Related: Autism Awareness essay, changes in sleeping and eating patterns. Rinaldo writes, Experts say that bullying is much less common in schools where kids take the time to make friends with students outside their regular social group (Rinaldo, 2005). Talk to your child's pediatrician, teacher, principal, school counselor, or your family physician. Kids may try "moves" on people at school because they believe it's cool. Suggest that the school implement a comprehensive anti-bullying program. There is also indirect bullying this means that they make no physical contact with the victim the bullies just spread rumors about the victim and ruin their reputation and credibility with their peers.

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Tell your child that if at all possible, he or she should stay calm and respond evenly or firmly (e.g., "I don't like your teasing and I want you to stop right now" or "Stop doing that now. When parents would state that bullying is a part of growing up that the victim had to toughen up, or like many would day it is just childs play. People may be bruised, injured, or even killed. In many cases, bullying wont require your involvement. Bullying must stop, for it is destroying the lives and futures of many innocents, perhaps not killing them, but ruining them. What worked reduce bullying essay and what didnt? Failure to snap out from bullying can lead to an unhappy, worrying and paranoid life ahead. Like every problem, they are different ways to skin a cat every problem has a solution of some sort. Brainstorm with your child to develop some effective responses. If the bullying is persistent and is harming your childs emotional health, you need to intervene by talking to your childs teacher, school counselor, or principal about the problem in order to make sure your child is safe, that effective. The fear of being bullied also makes them recluse.

Bullying does not discriminate against age, sex, or race it is an ongoing problem that needs addressing immediately. Is a very big reduce bullying essay influence, particularly the wrestling and fighting shows. Ariv on July 16, 2016, bullying is a common and serious problem in most Malaysian Schools. These types of clubs create a tense situation among peers and people that join these clubs become targets of bullying. Save attempt to take a group of individuals who are often powerless against the pains of bullying and turn them into a cohesive group (Rinaldo, 2005).

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Heavy penalties should be taken against them for their actions. As counselors, our job is to be able to identify this matter quickly. If the bullying continues, a comprehensive evaluation by a child and adolescent psychiatrist or other mental health professional should be arranged. Teachers and parents are to be blamed partly for awakening a bully in someone, but in the end, the person should decide wisely reduce bullying essay about engaging in bullying to feel better, or seeking help from friends or professionals. So, how do we prevent bullying? It is essential to train school district employees and parents with a variety of strategies to assist victims with bullying. All school districts nationwide have adopted a policy that has been in effect its called Anti-Bullying policy.

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Bullies sometimes just need people who would listen to them, and a simple talk can mean a world to them. Being bullied creates an abnormal family environment. Almost a third of teens either were bullies or were bullied, a new study of 16,000 students found. If the problem is occurring at school, tell your child you support the schools right to punish him/her if the behavior persists. They never realize that impact that these victims had in their adulthood due to the bullying in their childhood years. Bullying has been defined as a repeated aggressive behavior whereby a bully, or groups of bullies, systematically victimized weaker peers (Olweus, 1993; Willard, Perry, 1990). If a bully asks for your lunch money, keep walking and act like you don't hear them, and Be aware. Technology allows bullying to travel around the world in a matter of minutes this process is done through your fingertips. If you learn that your child is bullying others, sit down and talk with your child immediately. Essay About Bullying specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, there are many factors that can contribute to a child or adolescent in becoming a target of bullying. If you have bullied or been bullied then you should know how bullying feels like. Poor academic performance and psychological disorders also were not indicators of potential violent behavior. Friends are really important in a students lives, and it is believed that, only friends can change another friend.

These, though they are great suggestions for avoiding bullies, they really do not solve anything. The bully will stop if the bully knows that they are not getting the kind of attention they sought through bullying. Many people also defend the practice of bullying by saying that it is a part of growing up and that it helps kids in standing up for themselves. Teachers should also encourage students to not isolate them during group activities, or friendly talks, to enable a bully to mix in with society. Bullying has several adverse effects on a childs mind and it can affect their life to a very large extent. Increase reduce bullying essay your supervision of your childs activities and whereabouts, and know who your child is spending time with. Encourage your child to participate in positive social groups that meet his or her interests, such as after-school groups, church groups, extra-curricular activities, or teams. This policy has a zero tolerance in bullying in school grounds. It is important to take the problem seriously, because children and youth who bully others are at a greater risk for serious problems later in life. In our society today, we see a growing concern regarding bullying. Shows are quite readily available for anyone to watch. Have you ever bullied or been bullied?

Essay Topic:, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! It is in the hands of the kids and the teachers. They also find it very difficult to fall asleep; knowing that the same humiliating routine is waiting for them the next day. Feeling of sadness and loneliness, one of the most common effects of bullying is the feeling of loneliness and sadness. Bullies always pick victims that seem vulnerable to them and know that they will not react to the situation. Ask your child what he or she thinks should be done. Kids can be mentally scarred if they are teased often. America is a land of dreams and opportunities this country has been liberal and allows everyone to have freedom of speech. References, personality Mental Health. It is natural to assume that where there is bullying, there is violence, and the members of save are aware of this fact. Once the victim reports the incident school officials have to take immediate action to protect the victim from the aggressor.

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People may end up physically distort. In conclusion, we are aware of the types of bullying that exist in society today, we are also armed with the best key to defeating this issues knowledge. Bullying as defined as when a teens behavior is purposefully meant to harm or disturb another child, when it occurs repeatedly over time, and when there is an imbalance of power between the kids involved. We need to be aware that if these problems are not targeted the victims will have emotional and mental problems and may lead them to commit suicide. A child or teen who reduce bullying essay has loyal friends is less likely to be singled out by a bully, and they can be valuable allies if your child is targeted. The study, led. How would your child feel if it happened to him/her?

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A bullying essay is one of the academic assignments, which teachers ask to write pursuing the aim to find out what students think about. Here you could talk about the curve of someones face, describe their clothing or their countenance. It is an economic doctrine, and a Socialist might be a Christian or a Mohammedan, a Buddhist or a worshipper of Brahma, without any logical inconsistency. Your audience should be able to easily find the thesis in your essay. Encourage your child to form strong friendships. Workplace bullying exists in every professional. All these people suffer morally, intellectually, and artistically from their dependence reduce bullying essay upon the indefensible power of foolish people. Question Can you give me suggestions for what to write about the beach? This could be a place like your high school, your workplace, or your childhood home.

Crafting a good introduction and thesis statement is often the hardest part of reduce bullying essay writing an essay. His blood began to surge around his body and he knew that the tell-tale vein on his forehead would be pulsating for all to see. One finds men and women of university education serving behind the counters in shops, which may save them from destitution, but only at the expense of those who would formerly have been so employed. Time 60 Score 0 Did this article help you? That is where our services come. Although war has travelled far from its primitive beginnings, these ancient motives still survive, and must be remembered by those who wish war to cease.

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