Essays teaching english foreign language

essays teaching english foreign language

Look on the internet or use any ELT* books you have for ideas for lead-in and follow on speaking activities, which you could adapt for this lesson. In the light of this, the paper attempts to measure attitudes of Saudi students in Brighton towards EFL. They will be taught how to manage the target language and use it spontaneously all the time and grammar will be caught by practice not by intensive studying of the rules. It would not be particularly useful to do vocabulary work on these items. They give the following clear example to illustrate their definition: one of the assumptions underlying descriptive linguistics is that language is a set of habits,.e. English in a foreign context. He goes on to give reasons for the difficulty in teaching big classes by saying: big classes mean that it is not easy to have students walking around and changing pairs etc. Most of the English language teachers nowadays think that teaching grammar is the objective of teaching the language. Download full paperFile format:.doc, available for editing, hIDE this paper, gRAB THE best paper.9 of users find it useful. For instance, in terms of student participation, most of the tasks were set in order for the students to interact among themselves, to play certain roles or to solve a problem, whereas the old textbook concentrates mainly.

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Foreign, language in the Saudi Schools aims to measure and discuss the attitudes of Saudi students studying in the city of Brighton, England towards the policy of teaching, english as a foreign language in Saudi elementary state schools by eliciting their views. They are young adults aged 18-24). He is also the one who deals with oversize classes (i.e. The difference between the two can be summarised as follows:. Students are taught, according to this method, deductively by having sufficient explanations of the rules as well as long lists of vocabulary and asked to memorise them by heart in order to translate texts. As for me, I'd like to adopt the best in each approach and method, which are the audio-lingual and the direct methods and the Natural approach. Keep on browsing if you are OK with that, or find out how to manage cookies. English,., In mourning for the great healer: Tributes pour in for Nelson Mandela, now. This approach has incorporated the teaching of the four language skills besides grammar and vocabulary which according acknowledges the interdependence of language and communication. Consequently the colonisers imposed an Italian curriculum from the early education stages in order to Italianise the life of the Libyan Arab citizen through imposing the Italian language. It is the teachers responsibility as well to overcome the problem of the shortage of classroom timetabling. The realized curriculum refers to the skills and knowledge that learners actually acquire as a result of instruction. The physical building itself is not enough, however.

Goals and objectives in teaching. Therefore, to study this hypothesis we must keep in mind that there are individuals who grow up with equally strong holds over two or even more languages. The purpose of referencing is a) to avoid plagiarism b) to give your reader enough information to easily find the original source if they want. This method implies a teacher centred approach, where he/she finds himself/herself taking the big share of talking and directing as well as correcting any type of error that might arise to ensure the development of the learners accuracy. Most of the items you need to consider will be in the off-list group in the profiler.

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The teachers role however, is exemplified in the use of the learners first language to explain the rules and the vocabulary of the targeted text and then assists the learner to translate. The last chapter comprises the conclusion and recommendations which are thought to be helpful to improve the. E) Teaching language involves teaching the cultural norms of native speakers of the target language. Â Observation: This can also play a part in upgrading teaching and he proposed different ways to implement this task. Habit formation which is acquired by the process of stimulus, response and reinforcement. Moreover, education in Libya, generally, was very limited for many reasons, for example, poverty and the fact that the country was the scene of ferocious imperialistic wars between foreign forces, to the extent that John Wright. In the late 60s,. The study consists of five chapters. Teachers can always try to create in the use of these materials. Accordingly, the chance for involving the whole class group work or pair work is not available. 2.1.3-Secondary School Syllabus After 1996: In order to discuss the secondary school syllabus in Libya after 1996 this section highlights the development of the communicative approach since the Libyan secondary school textbooks are now based on a communicative approach of teaching. You can reverse stages 1 and 2 if that suits your lesson better. They are young adults aged 18-24.

Other subjects such Maths, Chemistry etc, were introduced in Arabic. The teacher can balance the variations of the students levels. With regard to the skills, the focus was only on listening and speaking in the first stages. MacQuarie University Available at: tml Accessed Learn to Speak English Like native speakers! In this respect Rivers (1983: 32) says: This renewed emphasis on the target language as the medium of instruction in the classroom meant that correct pronunciation became an important consideration. Select 8-12 items to pre-teach not including the animals, Inuit words or place names. Further to the above discussion, it is necessary for purposes of clarification to discuss other terminology that can appear confusing. The teacher in this case adopts some of the above mentioned methods during one single lesson. This study will be mainly dealing with the implemented curriculum. Baker and Westrup( 2000: 4) list the following limitation in learning L2 through the use of the Direct Method: â Students may not always understand what they are repeating; Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! One finds them concentrating on grammar, for example, Section D (Make sentences from this table Section E (Put these sentences into negative etc.

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It is quite difficult to base the answer on a essays teaching english foreign language checklist of a number of criteria such as a university degree. The grammar point covered is comparative adjectives, and the communicative functions are comparing people and things and talking about countries and regions. In 1990s the government created a written constitution due to the slow period of political liberalization in the kingdom, the advisory consultative council, the latter being an appointed delegation of Saudi scholars and professionals that are allowed to advise the king. Richards (1995: 66) in this context"d Littlewood when he describes the communicative language teaching by saying: One of the most characteristic features of communicative language teaching is that it pays systematic attention to functional as well as structural aspects of language. You should concept check more abstract items. Voices started to be heard at that time for reform and that is why the direct method was known as the Reform method. 4 Pages(1000 words)Literature review English Language.?News English The article we have picked for an analysis of news English is the well-publicised story of the execution of the top al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Download and read carefully ALL the documents we have provided. The function of language, or the way it is used, is considered more important than the form. This is not an example of the work produced by our. Moreover, the Audio-lingual method, which is quite similar to the Direct method in many characteristics, mainly focuses on creating a communicative environment built on competition between learners and on oral skills. E.g Vocab Kitchen: m/profiler/cefr. Comments (0) check these samples OF English as a Foreign Language in the Saudi Schools Teaching English in elementary schools in Saudi the Middle East or as part of the wider profile of Saudi Arabia.

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These EFL learning and teaching elements are briefly discussed from a Libyan perspective in the following section:. These developments fall into two main stages:.1.2-Secondary School Syllabus Before 1996. The teachers, therefore, can manage this shortage of materials. The lessons were gradually graded in linguistic complexity, aimed at consolidating the rules in order to develop the learners linguistic competence. Student must be trained from the first lesson to apply what they have memorized or practiced in drills in communication situations contrived within classroom group. Different approaches and theories were set to have a better acquirement of the second language and ease the educational process for both the teacher and the student. This Website is owned and operated by Studentshare Ltd (HE364715), having its registered office at Aglantzias, 21, complex 21B, Floor 2, Flat/Office 1, Aglantzia, Cyprus. (n.d) American English IPA: The American Spoken English (ASE) IPA Eslan Available at: Accessed Jim Scrivener (2014) Teaching English Grammar, Oxford, Macmillan Education, pp 67-8 Disappearing Syllables, You can use this site to generate references for you. Spanish clearly has devastating impact on the students; all these impacts will be discussed in this paper. Vocabulary pre- teaching. For instance, in Unit Two (p. The author of the text realises the fact that the death of Mandela would have global significance. Imssalem (2001: 8) says that: The curriculum for English language teaching in Egypt was introduced into Libya by British-trained Egyptian teachers.

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Opposing the idea that Spanish be a required taken in school. You can view samples of our professional work here. Procedure, your lesson must follow the standard procedure for comprehension lessons given in Unit. Whereas the Italian curriculum aimed at Italianising the Libyan education system, English language during the British administration was essays teaching english foreign language introduced as a school subject. On the same line, Lim (cited in Richards 2001: 41) also includes the following parameters as part of the curriculum process: needs analysis, goal setting, syllabus design, material design, language programme design, teacher preparation, implementation of programmes in schools, monitoring, feedback and evaluation.

The author presents his identity as one with great knowledge of world history and in particular the life of Nelson Mandela. The teaching of English as a foreign Language has attracted great interest in Libya since the mid 40s. A person often greets Saudis with the word Asamalaikum, meaning welcome in the local Arabic language. This article is a narration of the recent events on the execution, leading to a press release made by the family led by Omar bin Laden, who introduced himself as the fourth son of Osama bin Laden. Your bibliography should look something like this: Bibliography Alex Case (March 2008) 15 fun games for the Present Continuous, t, Available at: Accessed Teaching English (15 December, 2010) Phonemic Chart. This will place the teachers role in context and illustrate the overall complexity inherent In the EFL process This process according to Al-Mutawa and Kailani (1998: 6) consists of central determinants which include the pupil, the EFL teacher, the method. A research problem that can be recognized for the established ESL school system is that more focus needs to be placed on getting students familiar with technology and putting technology centrally in the classroom, even at the beginning. Chapter one.1- Introduction, teaching, english as a, foreign, language (tefl) is a complicated process because it comprises a number of elements where the absence or the weakness of any one would affect the whole process. Foreign, language in the Saudi Schools download file to see previous pages With reference to its effect on student first language oral communication, the study concludes that this is an important issue worth investigation. Applying this method gives a space for the students to produce error-free utterances with almost native pro. 2 Pages(500 words)Essay Teaching English as a Foreign language.the syllabus is self tailored by the students and their preferences. This method has based its grounds on the Behaviourist Psychology where the following assumptions are embedded: a) Language learning is primarily mechanical habit formation. This analysis takes the form of an evaluation of teachers lessons at secondary schools in Missalata, Libya.

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As: â Discipline â Correcting written assignments. Classes with more than 16 students) when it is quite difficult to carry out certain tasks and activities. Page 1 of 2, next Related, essays : Loading. He discusses the issue of methodology in detail as one of the factors influencing the successful outcomes of the teaching operation. They go on to say that these views include:. Through using this method, the learners are made to communicate in the target language without any assistance from the native language. In contrary to the Grammar Translation Method, the Direct Method stresses essays teaching english foreign language the need to use the target language right from the regaining and to avoid the use of the mother tongue. The focus, in this approach, is on using language for communication while accuracy is seen as secondary. The method is also known as the Natural or the Psychological Method for the fact that it makes an analogy between the child who learns his mother tongue and the way the learner learns. That is all of the classrooms are large enough to accommodate (between 25 to 30) students in each class. (Scrivener, 2014) In your bibliography use the following formats: Books: Author (date) title, city, publisher, page no Example: Jim Scrivener (2014) Teaching English Grammar, Oxford, Macmillan Education, pp 67-8 Websites: Author/Organisation.

 The other advantage of the new textbook is represented in the use of Visual aids. The classroom teaching concentrates on practising the target language through the use of listening and speaking while reading and writing are considered less important. 17-18) A review of the profiles of private international schools in the country reveal a far rosier picture, highlighting varying ages for beginners in ESL and excellent schools that teach English or use the language. Harmer (2002: 128) maintains that: In big classes, it is difficult for the teacher to make contact with the students at the back and it is difficult for the students to ask for and receive individual attention. Afterwards, and by the start of the British administration in Libya in 1943, English language started to take its place in the Libyan school curriculum in a different way to that employed by the Italian invaders. C) Priority goes for mastering spoken first in order for the other skills to be effectively gained.

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1.2.4- The Teaching Materials: Teaching materials include; textbooks, workbooks, newspapers and magazines, posters, blackboards, whiteboards, language laboratories, overhead projectors, tape recorders, videos and realia (such as real fruits, Vegetable, Kitchen objects) etc. Besides the preparatory and secondary schools text books, most of the oil sector and banks training centres are applying this approach in their teaching of English. The main tool through which the researcher collected data is checklists adopted from a well known figure in teaching, english as a foreign language named Jack Richards. Curriculum can be divided into three different groups: â Planned Curriculum â Implemented Curriculum â Realized Curriculum Nunan (2000) describes these stages as follows: I like to draw a distinction between the planned curriculum, the implemented curriculum, and the realized curriculum. EFL teachers in Libyan secondary schools are prepared to teach a certain syllabus not teaching English. 6 Pages(1500 words)Essay Foreign Workers: Saudi Arabia.that they disband their political organizations. All of the above points encompass the teachers responsibilities and distinguish him as a crucial factor in the educational process. 1.2.2- The EFL Teacher: Each job has its own specification or what is called a job description. Use the Vocabulary, teaching, table to help plan how you will teach the items you have chosen. Â Students cannot make their own responses in new and different situations; â Teachers may not be confident enough to use English throughout the lesson; â They are not so useful for advanced learners.

They say method is: (in language teaching ) a way of teaching a language which is based on systematic principles and procedures,.e., which is an application of views on how a language is best taught and learned. Private language centres care a lot about the number of learners in one class, but public classes are always oversized which in turn can affect their learning process. Use the standard procedure for reading and listening lessons, described in Unit. Dubin and Olshtain (1986:31) however, put it well when they said: The teacher population is the most significant factor determining success of a new thinking and what it involves in practical terms are crucial. (Provide references for pictures the website address alone is sufficient for pictures.). The text has not particular target audience. Although communicative language teaching was introduced to the Libyan secondary school textbooks in 1997, which is considered relatively late, it can be said that these textbooks are improved for the following reasons: â They can be described as comprehensive multi-strand textbooks.e. Show More, it is a fact of life that most of the US universities are ranked among the top 50 universities in the world and studying there is a dream of life for professionals, especially for teachers. English for the first year of the secondary schools in Missalata in: the new textbook. Chapter Two Literature Review.1.- Secondary School Syllabus (Past and Present.1.1- Introduction. English Language Teaching Referencing Academic referencing (using"s from or referring to text books, websites or online course) is a requirement for this qualification.

Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! Cite this document, summary, this paper, english. 1.2-Elements Involved in English Language Teaching : Before this analysis is undertaken, however, the process behind EFL teaching in general needs to be examined in some detail. The possibility of performing the exercises in the old text book can only be done between the teacher and a student or one student and another. This is the methodology which is currently widely used in text books not only in the West but even in our schools and training centres in Libya. Choice of methods for teaching English as a second language The second section of the essay is dealing with the choice of method that the author makes. In essays teaching english foreign language page 8, the picture is used for further drills of the vocabulary in listening and speaking.g. It also includes a literature review. Alien and Valette (1977: 3) also stress the important role of the teacher. In China for instance, Xiao Qing Liao says: In spite of the resistance to the introduction of the communicative approach in China, there were still many teachers in favor of CLT.

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Moreover, they are not taught how to teach the new textbooks. Lists a number of conditions to achieve and maintain good teaching standards: â Monitoring: in this respect he states that to upgrade the level of teaching, monitoring can play a major role through: group meetings, written reports, classroom visits, and student evaluations. It is also a core subject in all university colleges. The role of English in our present day societies reflects the globalisation. English is the language of the globalized world economies, and that young people would not only benefit from speaking the language but could learn it more easily at a younger age. 4 Pages(1000 words)Essay Spanish Language in Schools.Running head: opposing the idea that Spanish be a required taken in school. Being the official language of 44 countries, English language is populated.6 billion souls, where one-third of humankind is able to read, write and speak English (Bryson, 1990,. The general consensus among experts is that younger minds absorb other languages easier than do adults. In this respect he outlines the following:? practical knowledge: the teachers repertoire of classroom techniques and strategies? content of language knowledge: the teachers understanding of the subject of tesol,.g., pedagogical grammar, pronunciation, teaching theories, second language acquisition.

The pupil, the EFL teacher, the method of teaching applied in the Libyan schools, teaching material, and the classroom environment. (You have a monolingual class of 18 upper-intermediate (B2) students, 10 women, 8 men. They can for example use his personal items from home or bf can seek the help of his students. Â The variation in the topics included in the course book supports the learners command of the language and can help him to use English in real life situations. Â The textbooks content of vocabulary, grammar and the four language skills serve the theme of each unit in a communicative way. Chapter four analyses the collected data. For such students and students particularly from the Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, essays teaching english foreign language Kuwait, etc. It is natural for the teacher to notice this heterogeneity in any class.