Sociology as a discipline essay

sociology as a discipline essay

This will help to set the goals which will help greatly in building a diverse coalition, resolving differences and building relationships between cultures. Social institutions have also made interesting scientific changes in relation to complexity theories and anthropology. Sometimes researchers need to combine several of these methodologies since different methods produce different types of findings that correspond to different aspects of societies. Social surveys, offering advice on personnel or public relations problems, providing labor unions with advice, helping communities undertake reform, counseling families, and donating or selling advice to consumer groups. Conclusion, sociology involves relationships and encounters between many different people. Introduction, sociology is a social science that critically analyzes the development and theoretical understanding of empirical investigations and various methods. Consequently, sociology rose as response or reaction to enlightenment philosophers. However, this type of social control does not fully represent bureaucratic organizations. Essay on Sociology, essay Contents: Essay on the Definition of Sociology. Therefore, an institution is a culture cross section which entails values and beliefs. In simply terms, sociology is the scientific study of the society and human behavior.

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In this way, the person involved is able to adapt to cultural norms, develop attitudes and beliefs and share the beliefs and expectations required from them. Johnson (1998) adds on that sociology started as an academic discipline in the United States of sociology as a discipline essay America. These forms include internal, external, formal, informal and semi formal. Other directions of sociological activity include the roles of consultant, social critic, social activist etc. Auguste Comte (1798-1857) who is credited for being the founding father of sociology was attracted by the social changes that had arose in reaction to the political revolutions. To understand human experience better, we must understand all that we can about groups and social relationships. Statistician Karl Pearsons coefficient of correlation, for example, introduced an important concept for measuring associations between continuous variables without necessarily defining the nature of the connection.

Stratifications are inequalities which are institutionalized in status, wealth and power of individuals from the sociology as a discipline essay same social system. Opportunity for Social interaction, it is important to note that social development collusions between aspects related to individual, collective and existence of human phase choices. This is because a community is build up with unique cultural groups which have unique perspectives and strengths which the community can benefit from (Willis, 1996). Social institutions also encourage cultural transformation and establish the visions. However, it is necessary that these two worlds operate separately from each other. Many critics have tried to rationalize human behavior but it all boils to inequalities in the society. Sociology is a discipline that makes it possible to see how individual experienceshow we act, think, feel, and rememberare connected to the wider society. Stratification is a process or concept that involves group classification of persons. The decision making process in the communities must be effective and efficient in order to help the formulation of solutions. Community is an occupational, religious or a social group which shares common interests and characteristics and perceives itself as different or distinct from other groupings or communities. Human interaction signifies exchange of views. In this way, behavior is greatly influenced by the social class or the group of persons with higher life expectancy, lower infant mortality rate, increased health consciousness, higher incomes, better access to health facilities and the individuals social identity.

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Participants, or subjects, are randomly assigned to various conditions or treatments, and then analyses are made between groups. It is clear that there exists a cultural and connectivity gap between the two worlds. As found in newsgroups virtual communities and virtual worlds, organizational change catalyzed through new media like the Internet, and social change at-large in the transformation from industrial to informational society (or to information society). It also impacts the size or increase of employees in a particular organization or industry, increases promotional rates through corporate growths, impacts demography in relation to career outcomes, impacts technology by increasing variance and the average level of the employees skills and experiences. Johnson (1998) suggests that in summary, the rise and development of sociology is based on political, economic, demographic, social and scientific changes. Industrial Revolutions also contributed to the rise of sociology as a discipline and had great impact to the rise of sociology (Schaefer, 2010). This will encourage the members of the community to contribute their energy, abide traditions sociology as a discipline essay and support the community fully. Karl Marx was inspired by socialism in developing his sociological theories because he advocated change from the capitalist to the communist society model. Survey: Data is obtained from interviews, questionnaires, or similar feedback from a set of persons chosen randomly by the researcher to represent a particular population of interest.

The Internet is used by sociologists in various ways: (i) As a tool for research, for example, in using online questionnaires instead of paper ones, (ii) As a discussion platform, and (iii) As a research topic.e. Computers have accelerated the application of complex measures that were previously limited by the amount of time required for performing the mathematics. Home Essay Essay on Sociology Sociology Upload and Share Your Article: Title* Description* Author Name* Author Email. By the late 1890s nearly all higher-educational institutions in the United States either had departments of sociology or offered courses in the subject. Progress can indeed diminish the effects of natural catastrophes such as famine and disease, but progress can also bring about a wide range of new problems.

The history of industrial sociology can be read against the changing backdrop of the founding authorities. Political Science basically deals with the distribution of power and sociology as a discipline essay the exercise of power, democracy, dictatorship, and communism, how people vote etc. Characteristics of American Societies. It has been seen in the essay how multiple factors influence the rise and development of sociology as a discipline in the global environment. They also developed and created the foundations of religious beliefs, established political and social organization systems and participate in the natural environmental reshaping to benefit them. We will write a custom essay. Social Institutions as a Change Action in the Society. Many other statistical methods have been devised to suit the purposes of such specialties as demography, ecology, social stratification, organizational analysis, mass communication, and social movements. This is why social stratification causes many social problems and social inequalities.

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The industrial revolutions also had an impact in the beginning of American sociology. Life History: Personal life trajectories are studied through a series of interviews. Anthropology and Sociology both deal with society but the only difference is that Social Anthropology mainly considers small states and their culture, but their area of studies is basically the same. Auguste Comte was influenced by the growth and prestige of the natural sciences because Comte coined the term sociology which relates to the scientific study of the society. This simply means that individuals from the same group are ranked differently. It is important to note that the primary function of the family is to help children and young adults to internalize the society norms. The political revolutions demolished the old social order and monarchies. Relationship oriented activities are very common in social institutions and approached related to commonalties are used. The principal employment of sociologists is in academic institutions. The rise of feminism had an impact in sociology because feminist ideas developed sociological theory (Ritzer, 2008).Feminism is based on the idea that women are superior as well and are equal to men in the society. The field blends sociology with a number of other sciences, such as anthropology, biology, zoology, and others. In order to maintain the dominance of the military world and encourage the liberal civilian world, there must be professionals. According to Ritzer (2008 religion also led to the rise of sociology.

The emergence of sociology traces back to the eighteenth century up to present day. The factor of industrial revolutions can fully explain the rise and development of sociology with other factors outlined in sociology as a discipline essay essay. These actions are used to remind the persons involved that their deviance upset or displeased someone else. Social change is not only inevitable but also elusive in nature. However, the recent developments in the modern American times focus on cultural diversity. This simply means that the American society 150 years ago helped to develop unique cultural and social characteristics of the Unites States. Sociology did not replace the other social sciences, but aimed to be another of them, with its own particular emphases in terms of subject matter and methods. It is important to note that in order to build strong and powerful communities that will attain or accomplish significant change, the groups of people must work together with a common goal. They study social patterns that are stable and also those that are changing. The industrial transformations gave in the establishment of factories and industries resulting in the creation of employment and social changes such as urbanization in the urban settlements. Social patterns are trends in the society. Sociology started as an academic discipline at Chicago School of thought, faculties and departments of sociology were set up at Chicago and sociology emerged as an academic disciple in the Western nations between the 1920s and 1970s. It is important to note that many different people identify themselves according to different groups.

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However, socialism also developed sociological theory because most of the sociologists particularly functionalists were conservative and criticized the socialist doctrines. So psychology is more about the individual or small group, and sociology is more about communities and larger groups of persons. This is simply because history comes from the age and time. Other employment possibilities that have opened in recent decades are Social welfare agencies and government organizations of all types from bureaus dealing with population, budgets, and education to departments concentrating on crime, agriculture, and health matters have tapped sociologists for help. Readings in Social Theory: The Classic Tradition to Post Modernism (sixth edition). Sociologists have increasingly borrowed statistical methods from other disciplines such as Statistics and mathematical analysis. Definition of Sociology : Sociology (from Latin: socius, companion; and the suffix -ology, the study of, from Greek logos, knowledge) is the scientific study of society, including patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture.e. Later, statistical estimates of causal relations were probed by multiple regression analysis, employing techniques that estimate the degree to which any particular variable influences a particular outcome. The object may be in form of labor or material things. Analysis of online communities (e.g. This resulted in over population, poor sanitation, poor health and high death rates due to poor working conditions in the urban settlements where industrialization had emerged upon.

Content Analysis: The contents of books and mass media are analyzed to study how people communicate. History is another social science which is related to Sociology. However, it is clear that circumstances are used in the modern world to dominate society. Sociologists hoped not only to understand what held social groups together, but also to develop an antidote to the social disintegration that was rapidly resulting from modernization. It involves quantitative and qualitative techniques. Be it as it may, the industrial revolutions had a greater impact than any other factors outlined in essay in contributing to the rise of sociology as a discipline. Archival Research: Facts or factual evidences are compiled from a variety of records available in libraries, museums etc. Sometimes it is difficult to justify discrimination and social stratification. Social control can be classified in many different forms. Eventually in 1949 the International Sociological Association was established under the sponsorship of unesco, and Louis Wirth of the University of Chicago was elected its first president. This is because divisions will only lead to violence, misunderstandings and loss of opportunities. In this case, any person who goes or acts against these norms is aware that they are getting involved in a wrong behavior which in this case is behavioral deviance. In view of this, the main social life foundation is informal social control but it is not a very clear part of a control perspective.