Essay on canada's role in afghanistan

essay on canada's role in afghanistan

The process involved.3 billion dollars program that is designed to train judges, and prosecutors as well as informal disputes of leaders in Kandahar province , this is according to Guergis. Bush said that either with us or against us but he didn't mean that. Canada Afghanistan Solidarity Committee. Afghanistan not because Canada has been attacked by Taliban. Therefore Canada in order to help Afghanistan has decided to push the deadline so that it can ensure that the country is left safe. The average life expectancy is below 45 years, mothers over 1600 out of an approximate 100,000 die as they are giving birth when compared. These diplomatic efforts should be emphasized to the Afghans leaders since when they come up with better ways or resolving their problems less insecurity will likely be faced which will mean that the military forces required will. This means that Canadians will not be in a better position of fostering there governance in Afghanistan anymore; Canadian can not also be in a position to take full responsibility in Kandahar. Afghanistan s legal system.

Essay: Canadian involvement in the War in Afghanistan

One of their main ideas of February 2009 is that Canada should end its mission with Afghanistan by that date which needs further discussion with the panel since they did not value this decision as a viable one. "It is said that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. Afghanistan to overcome this problem. Afghanistan before attempting to rebuild it would have been morally and tactically wrong, leaving the door open for al-Qaeda to return in full force. Canadians should ensure that they have come up with means on how to help. So far, afghanistan have not come up with any means that they can help themselves since they feel that their condition is quite complicated and therefore they are not in a position of predicting their future. The country is also a victim of massive corruption, inadequate salaries for the judges, poor facilities. The members of parliament are persons who have criminal records like killing and stealing of billions of shillings meant for aid in the country. Was so much Canadian blood spilled and billions spent worth it, when. They therefore decided not to leave the mission uncompleted. As a leader of the Western alliance, Canada had a reason to step forward. Therefore Canadian should not set an artificial essay on canada's role in afghanistan deadline on the time that they are expected to end their military contribution. The remotest of villages should be in apposition to access food supplies.

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Training of Afghanistan army means that the two governments will be involved in combat operations and also it will end up eliminating the importance of diplomacy and various development issues. Afghanistan held its first national elections. Third option of Canadian role to Afghanistan is 2009 is to move some of its security forces, governance and some of its development projects to other religious of Afghanistan so that they can start development, peace and ensure. Canadas decade long, bloody war in, afghanistan has left Canadians wondering about the efficiency as well. Retrieved June 23, 2011, from /page/view/foreign- News,. A country that attempts to oppose its principles is attacked in holy wars termed to as Jihad. Afghanistan so that they can help them in fighting some of these problems that they are facing so that in future the country will stay free from war. In doing that it wanted to apply some of the tactics of ensuring that the county is stable on its own. Canada's finest moment and a great failure, representing the seemingly Sisyphean nature of the Afghan project. The main aim of Canadian government is to ensure that the. Canadians feels that withdrawal of their force from Afghanistan is something which needs further discussion since they feel that they will be endangering the citizens of Afghanistan and the whole country in general. But the death toll cost public support for the war. A new poll suggests most Canadians are ambivalent.

In the initial phase, there was a lot of wide spread anger of their involvement, especially the use of the military which was seen as crossing the line. Has the country achieved the level of security, democracy and development that some dreamed? That is no small thing. Afghanistan has a very negative impact and effect in the public opinion of hundreds of millions of people in the region, says Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, essay on canada's role in afghanistan Iranian vice-president, regarding. It's not like we put a gun to your head and force. More than 1,800 Canadians were wounded. Afghanistan marks, canada's bookend to a dozen-year-long war. The Afghans similarly benefited from the Canada.

These conditions are quite essential since Canada will be sure that they are not leaving Afghanistan in insecure area. Canadian should consider ending its mission of providing security to Kandahar province when the troops they have decided to train for the Afghanistan are ready to handle the security status of the region. The group was feared and spread its fear in most parts of the country. In 2006, Canadian troops were sent to Kandahar. In a country that didn't even have one ATM machine, this was an enormous accomplishment. Now being the saintly country you are making Canada out to be, would you not just decline?

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America asked Canada if they can help, their choice, accept or decline, they accepted and ordered it to be carried out, there is no 'convinced' the choice was purely Canada. Women and children continue to live in fear of the activities undertaken by the Taliban, men and boys are recruited into the army against their will. According to some individuals they feel that Canada should not withdraw its support on Afghanistan by February 2009 instead it should focus to complete its accomplishments and go on training the Afghanistan s troop so that the. Focus will be given to women and their rights. Again, Canada and our allies scored some wins: Security in Kabul and other parts of the country stabilized and Canadian trainers began building the Afghan National Army. This was aimed at bringing back the country to its feet. Canada choose February 2009 as the date by which Canadians will end their military operations in Kandahar and they anticipates that by the end of that time they will have accomplished their mission in ensuring that the government.

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This led to the emergence of classes that lay hidden from the Taliban which was big threat to women education. Taliban offers support, whether technically or morally, to terrorist all over the world. Ataullahjan, Pakistani Pashtun commended the Canadian government for the advancement the Afghans have acquired. This however was bound to become a bond of contention if more dedications and commitments were to be made to Afghan from back home. Canada is greatly involved in, afghanistan since the matter essay on canada's role in afghanistan that they face poses global concern and can interfere with the security of Canadians. The Canadian government in its effort to offer food to the Afghans, it should however make more efforts to do away with malnutrition and starvation which is rampant in the south. Afghanistan (CW4WA) which has existed since 1996. Canadians fought a war that was never their own, the war also severely weakened. Afghanistan was not only about that country.

They rely entirely on the government of good will which has equal interest in them for their help in solving some of the problems that they are facing. Afghanistan to offer training services. They should decide to end this contribution when they find out that there is progress in ensuring that after the withdrawal still peace will be kept in the region through other means. Canadian wanted to come up with a way of ending the military support. According to the former Canadian diplomat Christopher Westdal, Canadas involvement was of more benefit than it was initially thought (Meyer, 2011). Anonymous 8 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment. Just the ceremonial lowering of a flag and sombre words for a hundred soldiers, whose final departure from. According to the panel which is dealing on the way forward of dealing with Afghanistan s, they intend to extend the deadline of February 2009 till some of the conditions which are quite necessary in dealing with the security situation of Afghanistan are met. But those advances are so fragile and brittle that the latest assessment from the.S.

Canadas assessed the state of, afghanistan so that they can decide on how to help them found out that the country is facing a lot of challenges which have resulted to this insecurity. Deciding to fight in Afghanistan was a difficult thing for Canada, and this country did so at great cost. A recent poll showed that 47 of Canadians wanted their soldiers to leave. Two-thirds say it's too early to call the mission a success or a failure. In the time of elections, the Canadian mission propelled many Afghans to go and vote, more so those from Quebec who were correlated to the NDP. Therefore, Canadians want to facilitate this mission by involving help from other government and with the help of United Nation. Canadians feels that their armies are the most experienced troop in that particular region and therefore if they are changed no other troop can early adapt to the region and this will cause a lot of insecurity in the. Canadas 6 out of a possible 100,000. The wide range of development can be attributed to the commitment they have in the Afghanistan and the desire to assist it to stand on its own two feet and become a sovereign state away from the fear they initially had. The people of, afghanistan are people who are suffering most from the activities the Taliban is undertaking. Since the beginning, when Canada first entered the war to support its ally, the United States, Canadians fought a war that was never their own. The achievements that Canadian government has achieved in Afghanistan would be quite difficult for another government to carry on with the same the same way that the Canadian government was carrying on with its duties.

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The government though wanted some Canadian soldiers to essay on canada's role in afghanistan remain. This was announced by Helena Guergis, the secretary of state, foreign affairs and international trade. So they are left to decide on deploying another troop to Kandahar, so that it can take the position of the Canadian army who are learning or they leave without deploying more troops which will make the country. In, canadas future plans of, afghanistan, the government of Canada has decided to add more military force. Taking into considerations the arguments about the use of the military by Canada, the Afghans will have to be protected by the same military till the time the country is able to stand on its self (Gordon, 2007). Retrieved June 24, 2011, from Gordon,. Canada was set to put an end to this by offering to put up a tight security along the border. You volunteered to help us as part of nato.

Along the borders, bordering countries ensures that a lot of protection and military forces are deployed in these regions so that the issue of insecurity would not stress to their country. Canadians feels that their finances will be wasted and their human if they transfer tier troops in other areas from Kandahar since they will not be perfect in those other areas as they are in Kandahar. Canadas involvement essay on canada's role in afghanistan in the war in, afghanistan. The Canadian government wants to ensure that their military is fully committed to their roles in helping. Afghanistan lies under the hands of Canada since its their duty to decide on the means that they will use to ensure that they have fully helped. Retrieved June 23, 2011, from John,. Canadas involvement would help put an end to this and hopefully oversee a restructuring of a new government composed of morally upright individuals.

Afghanistan, solidarity Committee which was aimed at ensuring that the women. Military forecasts that any gains could be lost by 2017. Afghanistan 's future remains so uncertain? Canada was hoping to train Afghan security forces in Russia :.S. The mission was a success, but the war wasn't over. That final, fourth phase of the war passed unnoticed: The same poll that captured Canadians' ambivalence revealed that, until this week, most did not know any Canadian troops were still there. Taking into consideration that aerial bombings will take up more innocent individuals, there should be a more boots on ground strategy. The war cost Ottawa at least 18-billion and much more if the cost of caring for veterans and their families is included. It is more useful to ask whether Canada accomplished. Canadas main focus is to train Afghanistan security force so that they can be at a better point of withdrawing from the support they were offering to the country especially Kandahar. We wish it were that simple. Canada in Afghanistan : the war so far. The main intentions of Canadians government is to rebuild Afghanistan so that it can entirely stand on its own and learn how to govern and to control its citizens since Canada will never remain to offer it support both military support and governance support.

essay on canada's role in afghanistan

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They should ensure that these forces are well trained since the cases of insecurity are so high in Kandahar and they need a strong military force which will ensure that peace prevails in the region. When these two conditions are finally met, the government intend to give notice Afghanistan, Afghans and other allied government that they want to shift their military support from Kandahar and they assure them that they are leaving the support. The second option that Canadians had in triggering peace for Afghanistan is that if Canadian will base its focus entirely on various developments and governance and then they can leave the other countries to take charges in the security status of Kandahar province. Retrieved June 22, 2011, from p?contextva aid22425 Meyer,. And so our troops were deployed. Afghanistan as a launch pad for terrorist attacks. There was no victory march in Kabul. Her binary interpretation of, canada's legacy in, afghanistan feels a million miles away from the complexity of what's happening on the ground. This may even go essay on canada's role in afghanistan ahead to increase the military presence from nato.

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Afghanistan has advanced, in part thanks to Canada. The cause was necessary and just. The battle in Kandahar was in some ways both. Afghanistan a liberal support. Canada could have walked away, but the West could not.

essay on canada's role in afghanistan

Afghanistan such as Canada, employees all the effort in ensuring that the government. When Canada basically focus in training of Afghanistan s own army and police they can experience the freedom of withdrawing their army from Afghanistan since they will assured that Afghanistan will be free and Canada will be sure. The deadline that Canada is ready to offer to Afghanistan is up to the end of 2011 which will ensure that Afghanistan have met the conditions required of providing about 1,000 battle groups to help in maintaining the security situation. It is in this trust fund that contributions will be made which will be ventured to assist several sectors of the country, top consideration being given to the Pakistan-Afghan border. The third phase of, canada's mission was the most difficult and the most deadly. You guys played as much part rest of nato is doing. The Taliban were ousted, and al-Qaeda fled. Over.2 million girls have been able to access school due to the Canadian support. Therefore departure of Canadian army will mean will definitely trigger collapse of the security status in the province if no other will be employed to take their part. For Canada, going. One hundred and fifty-eight soldiers, two civilians, a diplomat and a journalist were killed. Therefore those governments which have interest. Canada is known of its good international reputation and of its well being thus why its considered as one of the countries which can finally help.