Essay on patience a virtue

essay on patience a virtue

No child is born with patience. Men should have been endowed with half as much, it would have avoided half the population. I sought the advice of many educators, entered the Extended Teacher Education Program (etep) at the University of Southern Maine, did practice teaching at an elementary and a middle school, and finally, this past year, realized my long-held dream and entered the classroom. Moreover, life just doesnt run on a set schedule. Sometimes things go wrong. Conclusion: Time is subjective. But on the 15th July 1996 I became a proud winner of a diversity, which changed my life forever. Unfortunately, she is stuck essay on patience a virtue in the mindset that everyone is going to break their plans for her when she comes and, because of that, she continues to be disappointed when everyone already has plans of their own when her big surprise hits. Character flaws are directly related to impatience, and a lack of experience. For example, Guadong is Procter and Gambles second largest market worldwide for shampoos. Second, it is keeping one s mind free of distractions. And, stay composed during experiences that are completely out of your control.

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The article mentions that the essence of patience is the ability to delay the gratification of an appetite in favor of a greater ultimate reward. Following are some benefits of practicing patience, as well as some expanded explanations of why impatience is so unhelpful in your life. Patience is a virtue because it requires self-control. Being haste to get results hampers the ability of an individual to consider all the possible option for solution of a problem. Always remember that everything is not under your control. Org: Patience is one of most important virtue as recognized by most of the important religions. Had you known that situation is surely going to worsen and you can t help in a situation will you still try to be patient? Both self-compassion and compassion for others is built when you can step outside of your wants and see why patience is a virtue during times where essay on patience a virtue it is required. Flattered by the attention and being aware of my own strengths and weaknesses, I discovered that my impatience for results was often a virtue that combined with other gifts led to a successful television broadcast management career. It could not develop into its current form without all that patience, time and efforts. Virtue Ethics defines the context of right and wrong based on the virtues valued in a society.

Obviously waiting is the most strenuous of all. Without prior efforts and in absence of planting or watering or the nurturing the seed would not have sprung above the surface. Impatience causes irritability which also leads to frustration, anger and resentment. Do you think being patient helps? Lastly a surprising finding was that people normally behave patiently because they feel it will help them achieve their immediate goals and not because it is a part of their intricate nature. Review of Literature: Patience: A Little Book of Inner Strength (Eknath Easwaran the excerpts of the book giving its epitome are now"d below. I have completely forgotten about what this fateful day were life was about to take a whole new direction. He is firm believer in god and has learned to accept which are beyond control. This study is a contribution to OB as it forms a base which can be further built upon by conducting further research on effectiveness of the techniques to establish patience and how to maximize the gains or benefits. Patience is a virtue. Patience is the ornament of the brave, Easwaran s wise grandmother used to say. Impatience will give you a lot of regrets in life, that is why we need to practice our patience so that there will be peace in you and in our society.

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You May Also Find These Documents Helpful. The word for this is guanxi-Chinese for connections. The seed had to be planted, watered, and then be given time to grow into what it is meant. More open than the Japanese market, nevertheless the careful cultivation of special relationships from influential people down to the everyday consumer is important in doing business. Personal problems have more impact on the level of patience and this trait appears to be common among respondents. People find motivation to become patience on seeing the negative repercussions of being impatient that they experienced in their past or saw people experience in their past. February 6, 2016, one strength that will benefit you in every area of your life is patience. The men on that side of the family have very little patience for things such as waiting and trying to figure things out they don't understand. Ask our professional writer! Impatient people are often o Dissatisfied o Withdraw prematurely in jobs, relationships etc o Feel overwhelmed by the goals and lose motivation When one grows patient stress is reduced and one enjoys the process of accomplishments without getting overwhelmed by the time. As a game of chance I was not a Kean player for the simple reason of not becoming addicted. He values personal relationships over materialism and hence whatever impatience he experiences is only confined to personal matters which are close to his heart.

It is perhaps only important when one is trying using one s mind on an important task that does not compel one s emotions. O Eastern Religion: In Buddhism, patience (Skt.: kshanti; Pali: khanti) is one of the essay on patience a virtue perfections that a bodhisattva trains in and practices to realize perfect enlightenment also known as Bodhi. For instance, I know a woman who thinks that surprising other people is fun. Many times a child will interrupt the mother who is in the middle of a conversation because it wants candy and simply cannot wait for the mother to finish the conversation. Because remember dreaming of tomorrow will leave you wondering about what happened today. Just as everyone else does not run on your schedule, its important to understand that neither does everything.

It can put your life in danger. I have watched people who has lost both fortunes and precious time through lottery. To" Lee Kuan Yew, formerly Prime Minister of Singapore, never in human histories have so many grown so rich so fast. Hearing that I planned to become a teacher, he sought me out at essay on patience a virtue graduation to advise that I did not have the patience to be a teacher, adding that he, himself, lacked patience at his relatively young. Unfortunately, impatience only causes stress, anxiety, and frustration, which makes the time between now and when you get something much more difficult than it needs.

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Next Essays Related to Patience Is A Virtue. Furthermore many times bad experiences often help build a better character. It brings out the devil in us, even if we are waiting for the stars in our life. Sometimes things just dont work out the way you want them to, and you need patience in order to accept that truth and find solutions to any problems that come. Patience is a Virtue Patience is a virtue that every man and woman must strive to have. He is not that patient, and he has worked himself into a state of anxiety. 9 Tips On How To Overcome Frustration. Not Everyone Runs On Your Schedule. To study the implication of patience on individuals, I carried interview of individuals with different social and professional background. The 10 questions used for this study are given below-. And How Can I Develop It?

essay on patience a virtue

This proposition banned the lgbt community from obtaining essay on patience a virtue legal marriage licenses. If you are always rushing through things without sticking around for the results, how can you learn from your mistakes? The book seems to be hard to follow if one is not much familiar with Buddhist scripture. Patience can make us better people. Thats why patience is a virtue when going after big and amazing things in life. Importance of patience will be studied in two dimensions, first is the patience of waiting for a certain time period to end. Related Posts or You May Also Like: Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Being Persistent 7 Signs You Are Burned Out And What To Do About It 11 Reasons Taking Action Is Crucial Steps To Reclaiming Your. From this study, I have established that even impatient people perceive the value of being patient and that patience can be inculcated by various means like meditating, practicing yoga or by following positive reinforcement for people who are already patient. Individuals need to develop patience by assessing their current level of patience. Biological and genetic makeup make. Therefore think about the present, learn from the past, and pray for the future.

There many situations where we experience impatience. Here explains why patience is a virtue and why we should have patience. Your stress, worry, or anxiety that comes from being impatient is not going to speed up anything, but it will affect your health and your happiness negatively. So to answer the question, patience is not a virtue until it truly becomes a virtue and knowing how diverse the spectrum of individualism. Being virtuous will benefit someone when they are faced with decisions, challenges, or circumstances. O Christianity: In the Christian religion, patience is considered as a very valuable virtue that it propagates people to imbibe. I have had a modicum of teacher-training, and I believed that I had acquired the patience I had lacked earlier in my life, but still I periodically do research on how. Individuals when work in group, the leader need to be patient and motivate the others to be patient in achieving group objectives. For example, a friends father is in the hospital waiting for surgery. She appears to accept good thing and do not show over enthusiasm. It can affect your relationships in a very negative way. Essay on Patience.Running head: patience 1 Preferences Joseph Williams Professor Kline Introduction To Psychology February 2, 2013 patience The dislike I chose to write about is my lack of patience.

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They were too focused on going to the hospital and being with this family member. It requires you to have the insight to think about other people and their happiness. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast. Having patience will help you wait for the sale, save money, and still get what you want. Patience is in nature, look around in nature and observe how life takes form. On Patience Essay.On Patience Alan Cartwright The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil. I know that you have experienced this in life. After he originally got what he wanted, he wished he had more memories and experiences to dwell on in his final days. In this book he has attempted to address the issue of anger. As true as this statement is, I dont think we really grasp the meaning of what a virtue really. You have to use time to your advantage and put your energy towards the things that help create that successful business. Your Commitment To Success Is Clear.

Interviewee B: This person appears more patient than the others. During this time, people of color were discriminated against and alienated from the rest of their communities. Patience is a more powerful force of social change than power. If we learn to melt it away as opposed to conquering it we can experience a better quality of life. Do you get fidgety if things that you want do not happen or take a lot of time to happen? Exhibiting patience means that you can be persistent and stay in something for the long run. Dealing essay on patience a virtue with Children, Dealing with Difficult Adults, Waiting for short period, Waiting long period and When things Dont Work. You dont try to cut corners or do things in an unethical way; instead, you patiently work things out, do what needs to be done, and make things happen, and the commitment is a testament to your. Patience is very important in life because there are so many things that take time to develop for us to experience in a positive way. Amway Case Study: Patience Is A Virtue Essay.of the population lives, a total of 300 million people, where income is set to grow at 11 a year for the next ten years. Its important to understand that just because you want someone to do something doesnt mean they should.