Mobile advantages essay in english

mobile advantages essay in english

They have proved to mobile advantages essay in english be very useful and beneficial. It can be easily carried from one place to another. The biggest advantage of mobile phones over telephones is portability. It is very useful in trade, business and commerce. Social Media has also made cut to the social life of common people.

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The mobile phones communicates their sentiments, wishes and requests within a few seconds. Avoid placing the mobile near the sensitive organs of the body. Outlines: The modern age is an era of communication. None could do his job with full heed if the mobile phone is not switched off. Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and are major social media applications that are largely being used around the globe through PC and mobile. And the best thing the price as well as the cost of using a cell phone is not so high compared to all the facilities it provides. There are a lot of warnings about the health risks of using a mobile phone. The mobile calls divert the attention of doers from their real focus. Mobile phones can be used to give alerts or early warning alerts on different emergency situations, such as medical ones, weather-related disasters, accidents and crimes. Mobile Phone Essay with Outline and"s. Ability to listen to various audio files, radio and sound recording. It is a transmitter and receiver combined in one unit.

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Seneca, a Roman philosopher says: He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages. The Government should force the public to keep their mobiles on the silent profile to prevent noise pollution. Are they meant for businessmen, traders or doctors? The ability to communicate by mobile advantages essay in english voice, text and even email has made interaction possible at any time and from human to human through vast geographic areas. Third, some people use it during driving and face severe accidents. No doubt, a mobile phone is very useful if it is used properly and wisely. Mobile Phones has become an indispensable part of our life and increasingly among the millennial. With the help of it you can communicate,through calls and text messages, to anybody sitting in any corner of the world on real time. Apart from that allows us to listen to the music and watch the movies and shows we like because on the.

Anyone can comment share and create its own content. Radiation from these phones can cause biological changes in the bodys cells, affect the protein system in these cells, cause chemical tensions mobile advantages essay in english in the structure and increase the risk of cancer. Usually, people are seen busy with playing games, listening music, using the internet, sending messages and chatting for hours on cell phones, which is not good for health and also not good morally. They are connected by fixed lines or satellites. The possibility of sending SMS to all over the world. Then eventually, the providers reduced the prices of cell phones and network access.

It allows us to schedule all our contacts of friends or acquaintances without having to remember them. It also allows us to take capture the sweet times of our life by means of digital photographs. Tips for preventing mobile phone damage : Do not call the phone if the network is weak. The reasons are many and they are very clear for Stewart the skull of the children is not thick enough, their nervous system is not fully developed and the radiation penetrates with more force in their brains. They are falling prey to moral corruption. There are some more English Essay for the students who like to prepare quality Essays. It is more than just an audio-only way, and its like a laptop, which does a lot of things like scheduling appointments, receiving voicemail, and browsing websites. There are also sexual predators which are using uploaded contents for their dirty purposes.

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Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Though the advantages of mobile phones are many, their faults are not few in numbers. The number of cell phone users is increasing each year. A huge portion of foreign exchange is being spent on the import of mobile is affects the productivity and usefulness of foreign exchange. But they are a curse for the poor people and especially the youth students because they are wasting their time and money. If you use the cell phone then you must know the importance of mobile phone in our daily life. One of the basic reason of its wide spread and usability is that it is totally free of cost. They get connected with their friends through SMS and MMS. Types Of Social Media, social media has many types and forms from a simple blog to a complex web. Identity, Conversations, Sharing, Presence, Relationships, Reputation, Groups are the 7 building blocks which are defined by IT experts and analysts.

Students spent most of their time in using such sites and thus lost their useful time for studies. Other users are free to comments, copy, and share like and dislike the items added on the web. It helps them to check their balance and transfer their deposits without wasting time. No doubt it has facilitated internet user to get daily news and awareness about its dear ones. Social media has also disturbed the students community. Thus, cell phone services achieved a great commercial success. In the beginning, the prices of mobile phones were fairly high. Prefer to use the microphone when talking to mobile instead of putting it on the ear.

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Mobile phones have affected adversely our youth. The mobile phone is playing an important role in social and political interaction. Social media is highly interacted platforms. Social Media Essay, what is Social Media? People can contact each other whenever they want and wherever they are. He can easily and readily inform his friends and relatives with the mobile advantages essay in english help of this wonderful gadget. Social media has grasped time which were for the friends and relatives a couple of decades ago. The opportunity to use the Internet, reply to emails, and browse various websites. Social media may predict result of a campaign, survey or an election prior to its commencement.

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The charms of mobile advantages essay in english the mobile phone. This is a great advantage.Various applications such as calculators, games, and educational apps not only entertain us but can make our everyday life easier. The mobile phone is also called cell phone. Business can inquire about the prices of goods produced in distant part of the world. Students can especially benefit from this virtual library. The mobile phones have improved safety of people. This is vital for todays technological consumption since there is a tendency to be connected all day, whether on Twitter, or Facebook, among other social networks. Advantages of Mobile Phone: Mobile phones have revolutionized modern communication and empowered consumers and users. Inspite of a number of advantages of a mobile phone, there are also a few drawbacks if its careless usage.