Extended essay business management

extended essay business management

I shall now elaborate the advantages that Google would benefit from being a monopoly. Since Google shall be closer to the production of extended essay business management the handsets, the updates of operating systems will be a lot quicker hence attracting more customers. LO.1 show macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions. However there are some eye brows raised questioning whether the takeover was worth. Thus we can see how Google would diversify into new markets with new products.

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LO.4 demonstrate how buyer behaviour affects marketing activities in different buying situations. November 2009 extended essay reports business AND management Overall grade business and management extended essay topics Topic: Essay, November 2009 extended essay reports business AND management. Below are the possible disadvantages of Google taking over Motorola Mobility: Currently, Motorola Mobility is not in a very stable position as it has recently branched out or rather spun-off from Motorola Inc. LO.1 explain the various elements of the marketing process. We can therefor conclude by saying that the takeover is definitely a form of diversification as well in the future and this makes the merger even more effective as a growth strategy. A marketing strategy of course is a process that allows the organisation to concentrate its resources on the optimal opportunities with the goals of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. This forward vertical integration could prove to have various advantages for both Google and Motorola Mobility and hence prove a fruitful long-term investment given the large amount of risk involved. This will enable them to develop their android software into a variety of handsets. Contact Top Class IB Tutors for essay about achieving your goals any assignment help: Email: [email protected]

Google would have the opportunity to exploit new markets through new products which could be developed from the vast number of patents that Motorola Mobility own (17,000). Googles Purchase of Motorola Mobility: Arming Android The Economist. This could be a major problem for Google as it is these companies that have greatly contributed towards the success of android and has enabled it to gain a great amount of market share over a very short period of time since its introduction. Provide a justification and an explanation with reasons for the chosen strategy. These different opinions are what led me to carry out a research on how effective would the takeover of Motorola mobility be for Google? 1 Motorola mobility is now in charge of producing the handsets, along with cable set-top boxes and cable modems. However there is one recent development that Google has produced which has taken the world by surprise. However over the years Google has managed to grow into one of the largest public limited companies as they now have various products apart from the search engine.

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Essays an essay looking at demand management as a way. This could be a devastating effect for the economy and hence could cause certain regulatory bodies such as the government or other pressure groups to mount opposition against the takeover. Often the marketing strategy essay is based on practical implementation of the theoretical models and concepts studied in the module of marketing by the students of UK universities. Given the above advantages, it is inevitable that the extent to which the merger could prove to be as a growth strategy is very high. Therefore, it is evident that by Google purchasing Motorola Mobility it will be taking their operating system. Justify your reason for the proposed segmentation criteria. Firstly, they would enjoy vast economies of scale by being a very large organisation. This shows that the android has an extremely high market growth rate and still has the potential to continue increasing. It occurs through dealings with outside organisations. Therefore the takeover of Motorola Mobility will enable Google to own the 17,000 patents and hence deny allegations of patent infringements from their competitors, thus saving themselves the blushes. Her guidance and patience have been of great help to me in completing this task. A detailed study of various business and management principles will help to serve the purpose of analysing all the possible opportunities that would be available for exploitation through the completion of the recently announced merger. It owns huge amounts of intellectual property.

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ToK Mastery notes for every AOK: Arts, Ethics, History, Human Science, IKS, Mathematics, Natural Science, RKS (Even more extended essay business management detailed versions, with videos are included with ToK Mastery ) A list of knowledge questions for IB subjects Very popular How to develop successful knowledge questions. Figures for previous and current market share have been used to analyse the possible effects of the merger and the opportunities available for exploitation. Split up into two separate public companies namely Motorola Mobility and Motorola solutions on January 4, 2011. Comparatively, apples operating system. 50 Excellent Extended Essays. The advantage of gaining Motorolas extremely large patent portfolio will safeguard the android from any competitor accusation of stealing intellectual property. Product portfolio analysis allows a business to decide which of its products from the product range should receive more or less investment. However, being taken over by Google would definitely help them recover from their previous losses and hopefully make a stronger and longer lasting impression on the market. Business and Business Management. (Included with ToK Mastery ) The Theory of Knowledge Essay template, to help you write more quickly.

(LO.4) Suggest a range of positioning options for your selected product/service (LO.5) Develop a marketing plan for the proposed strategy addressing the issues identified in the marketing analysis. Help with analyzing (and really understanding) the most recent prescribed titles. . Your explanation should include, how the product is going to be developed to sustain competitive advantage (LO.1) how distribution is going to be arranged to provide customer convenience (LO.2) how you would set the price of the product to reflect. This increase in sources of funds would enable Google to invest more money in research and development and hence make better updates to their software or they could use the funds and spend it on the diversification discussed before. This refers to a reduction in the average price of a product as a firm grows in size. This would contribute significantly towards Android gaining a competitive advantage over fellow software producers such as Apple. From the chart above we can see how android has dominated the market for smartphones and in the past three months it has outsold its closest competitor. Having seen the figures for the market share and the market growth rate, we can clearly come to a conclusion that the android operating system is definitely a star in the context of the. Include minimum key factors such as the different analysis models, you must carry out; Macro environment analysis Micro external environment Micro Internal (Core Distinctive competencies) Capabilities You must carry out the above analysis and you are welcome. The obvious advantages of economies of scale, higher market share are all incentives for the takeover to be completed. Learn extended essay topic ib more about what the extended extended essay topic ib essay entails, as part of the International BaccalaureateDiploma Programme Introducing the requirements of the extended essay - greenhouse effect essay kids part of the International BaccalaureateDiploma.

This is also known as organic growth. There is no doubt that after the extended essay business management takeover Motorolas contribution towards the market share will increase hence increasing the overall market share of Android in the smartphone software industry even further. After having gone through all the above analysis, we can now answer the research question how effective would the takeover of Motorola mobility be for Google as a growth strategy? To answer this question I have used a combination of both primary and secondary research, though most of the information needed was obtained from the latter. I am a freelance essay and dissertation writer for business management students. . Summarised your analysis using a swot Analysis. Summarise your finding through a swot analysis (LO.1) Following the swot analysis identify a product/service that can be marketed to two different segments. 3 billion USD from. Assessment Format: Produce a report to present to the Managing Director of your chosen company. LO2, be able to use the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning. Primary, secondary or tertiary. Google would look to use Motorola Mobility to develop new handsets which they would use to enhance the android software and attract more customers. This type of growth usually comes in the form of alliances or mergers with other firms or through the acquisition (takeover) of other businesses.

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The merger with Motorola mobility could provide Googles Android operating system with a great chance to become a market leader for a long sustainable period of time which could lead to Android becoming a monopoly in the market for smartphone software. (LO.2) Choose a target strategy for the chosen product/service. I would like to thank my extended essay supervisor for her continuous support throughout this assignment. The IB Biology syllabus is a list of all the content extended essay topic ib understandings (U), essay writing tungkol sa nutrisyon applications extended essay topic ib (A) and skills (S) that the IB Organization mandates are taught throughout the. Business And Management Extended Essay Guide at our Complete and writing research proposal for phd, best business and management extended essay topics.

This headliner in the world of technology inspired me to undertake in depth study and hence come up with the following research question: how effective would the takeover of Motorola mobility be for Google as a growth strategy? LO.3 explain how prices are set to reflect an organisations objectives and market conditions. This means that Googles decision of investing such a huge amount of money is definitely justifiable given the potential it has to dominate the market for smartphones as it has clearly outdone many of its competitors in just a few years since it was introduced. Therefore Google could lose out these excellent handset producers to other competitors such as Microsoft who would definitely be willing to incorporate their software with Samsung and HTC to gain some market share which they had lost out to android. The purpose of this is to formulate a suitable marketing campaign for your chosen organisation. MaaSters Center by MaaS360. Although this possibility could be described to be an optimistic one, the great amount of previous success attained by Google through their unprecedented prowess does not rule out the possibility to any extent but rather provides them with a driving. How to get 40/45 in IB?

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For example you may identify the strategies such as, Increase existing market extended essay business management share through market stimulation Increase existing market share through new product development Entering a new market through introducing existing product(s) to a new market Entering a new market. Secondary research has been implemented to provide relative information to be used in this analysis. LO.1 explain how products are developed to sustain competitive advantage. They also believe that it is diversification that Google is looking for in the long run. Discuss the buyer behaviour in relation to the segmentation criteria you have identified. From this definition, it is evident that Google has a strong chance of becoming a monopoly since it currently accounts for over half the market share of smartphones as seen in the previous diagrams. Essay for Dummies What are your extended essay topics? Google has its own web browser known as Google Chrome, it had acquired in the year 2006 and it has many other services in its portfolio.

LO.3 choose a targeting strategy for a selected product/service. Apart from handsets, Motorola also manufacture set top boxes and cable modems which could be the firepower Google was aiming to exploit when they paid. Mergers and acquisitions are collectively known as the integration of firms. The takeover of Motorola Mobility by Google could prove to bear huge rewards for them as there are various opportunities that could arise and be exploited. Product Development: this refers to a medium-risk growth strategy that relates to businesses selling new products in existing markets. Almost all the degree programmes offered by UK universities in the area of business management would have at least one marketing strategy essay. The merger could prove to be very rewarding and successful for Motorola Mobility given that their current situation is not very strong. Probably the biggest drawback would be the vast amount of redundancies that would possibly be caused due to the takeover. It is in these areas that I provide my expertise and help to the students of UK universities. If we were to classify the Android operating system into one of the four categories, it would definitely best fit in as a star. You may use tables and diagrams to support your report to illustrate the text.