Essays on planet earth

essays on planet earth

Revolution of earth around sun essays on planet earth (i) Rotation : The earth rotates upon an imaginary axis, which owing to the polar flattening is the shortest diameter. The equatorial radius is 6374 km and the polar radius is 6357. At this temperature, the materials in the central part of the earths interior should have been at gaseous state but due to tremendous pressure from the outer layers, the materials assume liquid properties and acquire properties of solid or plastic state. Books can be barrowed, read and returned instead of every one who wants to read a certain book going and purchasing a copy. The Crust or the Lithosphere is the outermost layer which was formed from the solidification process during the formation of earth. The school and public libraries are great examples of the reuse of materials. Its hardness.5.5, specific gravity.9.3 and structural formula is Fe2O3 (Ferric Oxide). 12 hours throughout the year, whereas at the poles it varies between 0 and 21 hours from winter to summer. Its hardness is 7, specific gravity.65. The materials of this part may be in liquid, plastic or even solid state due to tremendous pressure from above. Jeffrey called them as Top, Middle and Lower layers while Professor Holmes called them the Crust, the Substratum and the Core.

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Problems like oil spills, hazardous waste, loss of rain forests, endangered species, acid rain, the ozone layer, the municipal waste crisis can feel out of our control. This theory is known as continental drift theory. The knowledge beyond this limit is based primarily on indirect scientific evidences. The fourth tip is to reduce energy usage. (ii) Revolution : The path of the earth around the sun is called orbit and the rotating earth revolves in a slightly elliptical orbit about the sun from which it keeps an average distance of 150 million. Mercury is the smallest and nearest to the sun, Jupiter, the largest is in the middle. If only every one in every home would decide to do their part and help to keep our air clean, our water unpolluted and our wild life safe. Core: It is the innermost layer of the earth; it extends from below the mantle (Gutenberg discontinuity) to the central part of the earth. During the period of 4000 million years till now the earth had been through several processes and life evolved. You want to be sure that glass, paper and mettle are all separated into different bins. Solar radiation received at any location of the earth depends upon the day length.

The essays on planet earth tremendous pressure from the overlaying materials makes the melting point higher. Earth is the only planet in the universe, where life originated. The Earth Day gives opportunity for every citizen in whole world to make some useful things to our great planet. You can help save natural resources by taking your old belongings that are no longer needed to a second hand store or the Salvation Army. The northern part of the landmass was known as Laurasia. As much as 87 per cent of the minerals of the earths crust are silicates and 59 per cent of the rocks are formed of the minerals of silica group. Magnetite : It is composed of Silicon, Iron and Oxygen. A compost bin may be set up in your yard. Clear, cloudy, foggy etc. It has a slightly greater equatorial circumference then. We must remember that everyone can take part, including you. Mineral salt (NaCl) belong to chloride group and Gypsum (CaSO42H2O) (Hydrated Calcium Sulphate) are of sulphate group. The Salvation Army is much like a second hand store, but the items are free.

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After that perhaps the expansion will slow down. Despite the dire situation, humanity is aware, that we need to protect the Earth. Earth is a storehouse of minerals, ores, natural elements and its crust can grow plants, shrubs, trees and vegetables which are essential to the survival of human population. The lithosphere has again two layers-outer part immediately below the newer sedimentary formation, popularly known as crust and the inner part of greater strength. The sima also has two layersInner silicate layer at the top with average thickness of 100 to 1700 km and Transitional zone of mixed metals and silicates with an average thickness of 1700 to 2900. Instead, they just essays on planet earth have to reduce expenditure of gasoline. Energy Intercepted by the Earth : Radius of the earth r Area of the earth r2 Solar constant S Total energy intercepted by the earth in unit time r2.37 x 1021cal day-1 Surface area. Earth 's magnetic field also assisted in formation of ocean bodies which could flow freely on earth 's surface. Importance of earths rotation : The effects of the earths rotation are of great importance to the environment. The process of separating denser materials from the lighter materials is called differentiation. It has been already mentioned that earth movements may be very slow and sudden. The rifts between the plates were filled with molten material from the mantle pushing the plates to either side and farther and farther as the material continued to seep through. It also includes the highest peaks of mountains and floors of the oceans.

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It has not been possible till today to collect direct evidences about the structure of the earth. However, this theory has been discarded after evidences of expanding universe. However, the distance between sun and earth varies only about 3 per cent during one revolution. Many charitable organizations are willing to take old clothes, appliances, toys and give them to shelters, children's homes or accommodations for the homeless. Essay on the Movement of the Earth.

essays on planet earth

The first action of Earth Day was held in the USA in 1970, and then it was spotted by the society. When the earth is at aphelion, the earth is farthest from sun, as a result the heat received at the earth surface is less. Aravallies, Ural, Tiensan and Appalachia are some of the old folded mountains of the world. Once these bins are full of recyclable materials they can be given to your local recycle center. In this Earth day essay, I will tell about the Earth day and its essence. One theory is that while the earth was still liquid, masses of granite, like flocks of foam, floated in a still liquid basaltic sea. Maximum amount of solar radiation is received in the higher latitude during summer solstice because it is period of continuous day. Help the Earth to Heal her Wounds. Motions of the Earth : The earth is held in space by combined gravitational attraction of sun and other heavenly bodies and has motions that are controlled by them. Essay on the Composition of the Earth. The equator has two radiation maxima at the equinoxes and two minima at the solstices.

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Earth or the "blue planet " as it is also referred to, is the third closest to essays on planet earth the Sun after Mercury and Venus. The three layers of the earth have been called by different geologists in different manners. What do we have to do in order to stop the mockeries over Earth? The structure of the earth is therefore layered. It is transparent in its pure state. If the requirement of the plants is greater than 14 hours day length, then these are called long day plants. The minerals that form of Calcium, Carbon and Oxygen are called carbonates. Ecologists try to teach the residents of all countries to do this. It extends from show more content, the, earth is a relatively small celestial object.

Therefore, usage the essays on planet earth shower instead of bath will be the better choice. Plate Tectonics : Plate tectonics is the most modern theory about the formation of folded mountains. The mountains over the surface of the earth owe their origin to the process of folding and faulting. The inner metallic core is also known as Barysphere (Fig. The next tip is to save the water. In 1755, German philosopher Immanuel Kant put forward a theory that a spherical mass of gas called Nebula was rotating and its size was like that of the sun. These two types of movements are related to each other. The indirect evidences are based on temperature and pressure inside the earth, density of materials and behaviour of earthquake waves. The problem with these plans is that not every one contributes to the efforts to reduce pollution and waste, in fact most of the people I know believe recycling is a waste of time and they by them selves cannot make the difference. Magnetite is not transparent and chemical formula is Fe3O4 (Ferros Ferric Oxide). Share the trash to the components and reject them separately. Earth revolves around the sun in anticlockwise direction. All of the galaxies, planets, asteroids, and other bodies in the universe were formed from the gas and dust of this extraordinary explosion.

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Earth 's surface can be divided into 5 spheres:. Our solar system orbits the central bulge of our essays on planet earth galaxy at a radius.7 billion AU and our period of galactic revolution is 230 million years at a tangential velocity of 828,000 km/hr relative to the center. The average radius. The processes of making folds and faults are known as folding and faulting. Now it is installed in every country, which understands the importance of Earth Day. Earth is like a minute dot in expanse of stars, galaxies and void space that constitutes. It is composed of the heaviest mineral materials. The process of photosynthesis began between 25 million years ago.

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The library also offers computers that can be used for research, by using the Internet, by taping the local or global newspaper web sights and other research centers around the world. The earth is composed of different rocks. Planet Earth with a radius of 6400 km may seem like a tiny speck in this vast outstretched universe but it stands unique among other planets as it has the atmosphere, abundant water and surface temperature to support life. At this rate of increase of temperature, the rocks at great depth of the earths interior should be in molten state. I will tell you about them in this essay on earth day. Compost bins return plant and some food materials to the soil through decomposition so it can be used as a natural soil additive, called compost. However, geographers and geologists have collected indirect evidences about the structures and composition. This position occurs during winter season. Solar energy can help heat water and power home appliances. By studying the hot, luminous gases of the sun, we find that sun is made of the same basic elements that are found by chemical analysis of earths material. Another option - to place ads on the Internet with an indication of what you can give away free. Life began approximately 3000 million years ago. Essay on the Energy Intercepted by the Earth.

It is believed that originally the landmasses were united together in the form of a great landmass known as Pangaea. Therefore, the earth behaves mostly as solid down to a depth of 2900 km because of tremendous pressure. The direction of rotation (west to east) not only determines the direction in which the sun and stars rise but is also responsible for the direction of prevailing winds and ocean currents. Part of the land, which is visible on the Globe, is called the Lithosphere (Greek, Litho Stone). The works of internal forces are generally called earth movement. School playgrounds can use recyclable materials for play equipment and to make the play ground safe for the children.

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For example, such items as light bulbs, thermometers can harm the environment. During the last million years, the Himalayas essays on planet earth had risen to its present height due to earth movements. The minerals may be either elements or compounds and also metallic or non-metallic. All rocks do not have same chemical composition and structure. Minerals : Each mineral usually contains two or more simple substances called elements. It is the densest of all planets and fifth biggest in size in our solar system. Several plans have been developed to stop the abuse of earth. In between these two types, there are intermediate plants, which require photoperiod of 12 14 hours. Hydrosphere: All water bodies like oceans, rivers, seas, ponds, ice-sheets etc. Biosphere: The existence of life forms is supported in this portion of the earth. It has also two layers-outer metallic core with average thickness of 2900 to 4980 km and inner metallic core between 4980 to 6400. In other words, man has been able to get direct evidences about the structure and composition of the earths interior up-to a depth not more than 5 to 6 km from the surface. The, earth completes one rotation every 23 hrs 56 min.

The movement may be so slow that its result may not be seen on the surface during 100 to 200 years. But, the study of earthquake waves has indicated that the temperature does not increase uniformly from the surface to the centre of the earth. Gradual cooling formed liquids and final solids. As the atmosphere cooled, the water vapour condensed and formed clouds. The average specific gravity of the earth.5 while that of granite and basalt.7 and.0, respectively.

essays on planet earth

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Calcite (CaCO3) (Calcium Carbonate Dolomite (CaMg) (Calcium Magnesium Cidarite (FeCO3) (Ferrous Carbonate) etc. The two principal motions of earth are:. This envelope of water is called Hydrosphere (Greek, Hudous Water). Thus, Lithosphere and Hydrosphere in a combined form is known as the Earths crust. Earth s solar orbit is 149,587,817 km, or about. Essay Contents: Essay on the Origin of the Earth. When two forces act horizontally in opposite directions from a common point, it generates tension and the process is known as faulting. Tidal Disruption Theory : The earth and planets and their satellites were all part of the sun or another sun like star at that time.