Etsu thesis perspective presentation

etsu thesis perspective presentation

Often, an examiner plays the devils advocate to see how well you can think on your feet and defend yourself. Dont spend too much time on one section. This means probably that your audience falls asleep after a few minutes/slides. You may bring with you important materials for easy reference in the course of your defense; these may include key articles, computer print-outs of results, etc. As well as waveforms after waveforms and such diagrams. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Most of the questions are rather general and broad, dealing with substantial methodological, theoretical and application issues. If you see that they do not follow you. (Maybe even arts-and-crafts, gasp!). No interaction observed F (1, 220).039,.05,.000 Effect of relatedness on self-determined motivation did not depend on autonomy level. Autonomy Deci and Ryan 1985 Ryan and Deci 2000 Contexts Demonstrating Strength Younger Older (Vierling., 2007) (Edmunds., 2008) Male Female (Reinboth., 2004) (Edmunds., 2008) Majority Minority (Hollembeak and Amorose, 2005) (Vierling. No main effect was observed for autonomy.

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Why state the obvious again for him/her? Therefore, dont use too many jargons and dont pack it with details. However, dont be defensive when people criticize your study. The opponent should ask the respondent and not the examiner. Before the opposition, make sure that you have practiced to answer the questions (intelligently, we hope). Another annoying thing with the thank-you or question slide is that you withdraw the conclusions slide from the audience. You need to wake them up somehow. Occasionally, an examiner may ask a question which is unfair or cannot be adequately answered. It is perfectly acceptable to think for a couple of seconds, or ask if you are on the right etsu thesis perspective presentation track.

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Cronbachs alpha.78 (Cox and Williams, 2008) Contextual modifications to tap perceptions of belongingness, as perceived in sport, games and play. There are many sources around for general tips and tricks in terms of presentations out there on the internet. Procedures Approval: Thesis committee, IRB, SD Unied, Hoover Principal, Cooperating Teachers, Parents, participants Recruitment: Targeted: N124 for sufcient power Classes: grades 9-12, English - Physical Education Invitation: rst 3-5 minutes of class Consent: Spanish and English versions Response: 22 rate (224 of approx. Be well prepared for your presentationacademically, mentally and physically. You are required to ask questions (relevant!) to get the attendance approved.

If you are not clear about the question, you are entitled to etsu thesis perspective presentation ask for clarification. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Single score for self-determined motivation (RAI Simplex pattern should confirm the proposed SDT continuum. Treat your presentation as a public address because there may be non-psychologists present at your defense. Coaches: Increase on- field motivation through off- field outings. Opposing, the opposition is a crucial part of any defense of academic results. Pilot study results Reliability evidence Quasi-simplex pattern.

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What specific aspects of your findings can be utilized by counselors or psychologists in their practice? Table with raw data, at some point you get to the end when you eagerly want to present the final results of your work. Discussion (including reasons for new or unexpected findings, contributions and limitations, and practical implications). Sample diversity BY etsu thesis perspective presentation ethnicity African American Asian or Pacic Islander Hispanic/ Latino Native American or Alaska Native Caucasian Other Decline to State. Strangely, I see also. Main effect for relatedness, F (1, 220).812,.001,.238 Relatedness explained.8 of the variance in self-determined motivation Main effect for autonomy, F (1, 220).899,.05,.032 was observed in the analysis Autonomy explained.2 of the variance in self-determined motivation. You are also supposed to present the results within a reasonably short time (20-30 minutes, 10 minutes is too short!). Discussion Practical Implications Work to increase PE teachers: Consider opportunities for implementing community- psychological need building activities at the start fulfillment in sports, games of semesters and play.

Then all the tables of more or less random data (for the audience) are presented. THE motivational continuum (Deci and Ryan, 1991) Threshold- Whitehead (1995). The questions should be intelligent and not only why you wrote right instead of write on page 104. Those with high levels of autonomy will see increased levels of relatedness associated with higher levels of self-determined motivation. Our happy customers, get started now. You need to be familiar with larger issues, such as the basic assumptions, theoretical framework, paradigm, cross-cultural perspectives, Christian integration, etc. Procedures Measurement: Informed consent veried Directions read aloud Context dened sport, games and play 15-20 minutes to complete Anonymity maintained Incentives to participate Opportunity to withdraw. THE role OF relatedness AND autonomy IN motivation OF youth physical activity: A self-determination theory perspective 34 Recommended Teaching Technical Skills Through Video Online etsu thesis perspective presentation Course - LinkedIn Learning Test Prep: GRE Online Course - LinkedIn Learning Thesis Power Point Presentation riddhikapandya1985 Powerpoint presentation.A. Data analysis Cross-sectional design Descriptive statistics reported anova : 2 (hi / low autonomy) X 2 (hi / low relatedness) Alpha set.05 Bonferroni. Think of the presentation as something you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

More importantly, you need to have a deep understanding of the nature of your research problem and the major issues involved. You do not have to talk all the time. That depends on topic and audience, of course. Be confident without being cocky. To find out more we could set up presentation support for your team or company. Talk to the audience! In your preparation, dont try to memorize all the studies cited in your thesis, but you do need to know the details of the few key studies that form the basis of your investigation. From motivation TO behavior Increase motivation. Typically, they should include. Hypothesis Perceptions of autonomy will moderate the relationship between relatedness and self- determined motivation in a youth exercise setting. Could you think of an alternative interpretation of your findings? Get your presentation custom designed by us, starting at just 10 per slide.

Describe your question and what answer you would expect. Attend the other presentations and learn how it is done. 19-item measure; 5-point scale Integrated regulation subscale is not included. Motivate why your work is important in the context. Participants Males and Females Grades 9-12 Ages: Range 14-18 Mean.13 yrs SD (1.1) Ethnically diverse. Note the flaws in other presentations and learn from them. Ok, so this is an academic presentation where you are supposed to show what you have been doing the last six months. Is your grandmother there? Purpose The aim of this study is to determine if perceptions of autonomy moderate the relationship between relatedness and self-determined motivation. In other words, do not give superficial answers, but at the same time, do not go all over the map. What is the most important contribution of your thesis?

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Relatedness autonomy schwartz, 2000: inherent tension between being ones self AND meaningful involvement IN social groups. Try to be well rested and focused before your oral defense. When you present your questions on the slide, dont turn away from the audience and mumble the question. Attendance, at our university it is mandatory to attend at least on other thesis presentation before you present or oppose someone else. Prove your point, a bit related to bullet 8, but what I mean here is that you also have to be proud of your results and be able to motivate and stand up for them.

Conclusion Perceptions etsu thesis perspective presentation of autonomy may be less essential for high school students than assumed. Deeper insight may help us address levels of inactivity and increase PA participation for youth in the future, leading to positive outcomes for individuals in both physical and mental health. With this list Im trying to give some more tips-and-tricks (even though some of the bullets will come back to this). Consistent with Markland (1999 results potentially undermine the assertion that autonomy is central to feeling self-determined in sport, games and play. After the oral defense, meet with your advisor for debriefing and seek advice on how to revise your thesis.

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Be prepared to clarify or elaborate on your assumptions, theoretical positions, methods, and conclusions. For example, if you have worked 20 weeks, have you identified 20 bullets of things that you have done that you can be proud of? Prepare handouts or power-points. Step 2, review AND revise, view and give feedback on your slides directly on our purpose-built platform. Measuring perceptions OF autonomy 5-item measure Developed by Standage, Duda, and Ntoumanis, 2003 5-point likert scale sport, games and play substituted for PE class Cronbachs alpha:.81(2003.80 (2006). Committee Chair, ENS faculty Simon Marshall. D., ych., Former Research Director, Graduate Program in Counselling Psychology, Trinity Western University, Langley, BC, Canada. Even the Thank you slide should be omitted in my opinion wait for the verdict from the examiner first.

etsu thesis perspective presentation

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Here are some common questions: If you were to do it all over again, what changes would you make? Dont use phrases like we all know, etc. (Your advisor cannot tell you the specific questions the examiners will ask, but s/he can direct your attention to issues or areas that require some thinking or additional research.). You have been working hard (we hope) on the topic and you should (we hope) be an expert on the topic. Often your topic is within a narrow field of science. The examiner/chairman will introduce you to the audience and tell them and you what is expected. Remember that approximately 5 seconds after you presented the table-or-figure slide people will have forgotten. Ryan AND solky, 1996: needs FOR relatedness AND autonomy ARE mutually facilitative.

etsu thesis perspective presentation

Measuring perceptions OF relatedness Goodenows (1993) Psychological Sense and School Membership Scale (pssms) 6-items measure general feelings of relatedness.E. A 5-second delay. I also made a cynical Limerick the other week (I admit it wasnt that good) on a similar matter, but then for phd students presenting their research results. Measuring perceptions OF competence Modified version of Harters (1985) athletic competence subscale of the Self- Perception Profile for Children. Oman and McAuley (1993) Ryan, Frederick, Lepes, Rubio Sheldon (1997) Haggar, Chatzisarantis, Culverhouse Biddle (2003) Vierling, Standage, Treasure, (2007).influence behavior. If it is not important, why?

If the answer is already mentioned why do you even bother asking the question again? Future research Investigate factors influencing a sense of belonging in youth domain-specific peer/ teacher/ coach/ parent mastery. If they are able to point out some real flaws or weaknesses in your study, accept their criticisms with humility, grace and gratitude. Well, maybe she is Anyway, some of those in the audience are probably from a different background, theoretically and culturally. Populations in need of intervention. 6-item measure Measures perceptions of competence in a variety of physical settings. Results.70 acceptable criteria Nunnally and Bernstein (1994) Critical measures reliable with this sample Competence scale exception. Reliability and validity evidence Reliability (r.74.92) and validity (r.74-.93) Previous usage: (Cox Williams, 2008) (Ridgers, Fazey, Fairclough, 2007). Phillips Spring 2009. Your Thesis Presentation for your Masters degree should be looked at as an accomplishment of all the hard work you have done. We've created this 16 slide. We've created this 16 slide university thesis presentation template that is sure to grab your professor's attention.