Scientific method research papers

scientific method research papers

The only obstacle to solving most of them is the amount of labor needed to produce the remaining (less important) tables. And the interior of the Union Carbide did research on that incident. This is probably the most common genre of case study analysis. France is observed before, during, and after the event to see what changed and what remained the same after this cataclysmic event. Nitions; it is resonant (Gerring 2001, chap. Studies of a war are studies of war, studies of a farming community are studies of farming communities everywhere, studies of individuals are studies of humanity, and so forth. Such a study seems unduly narrow; its conclusions may mislead. Yet, Merriam (1988) promotes a more general approach to qualitative case studies. C to the Mauritian case is allowable; all proper nouns are converted into common nouns (Przeworski and Teune 1970).

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Ned by the proposition of scientific method research papers interest). Cant is that both styles of argumentation the suggestive and the falsi? What, then, of the classic N 1 research design, which haunts the imaginations of social scientists everywhere? Virtually any intensive study of a relatively bounded topic quali? G - How research is done and how it is reported. 4 This section explains and elaborates on a theme? All scientific work of an experimental or exploratory nature starts with some expectation about the outcome. Ned general topicwar, revolution, gender relationsin a particular setting but offers no speci? A single national survey will produce a larger sample than any conceivable cross-country analysis. Ne the case study as an intensive study of a single unit for the purpose of understanding a larger class of (similar) units. All empirical evidence of causal relationships is covariational in nature. Validity of a laboratory ndings. The Essay on The Paper Analyses Different Types Of Mobility And Transportation Aides.

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Case studies rely on the same sort of covariational evidence utilized in non-case study research. 343 What Is a Case Study? Its cell is scientific method research papers empty because it represents a research design that is not logically feasible. Imagine a study of economic growth that focuses on Mauritius as a case study yet refuses to engage causal questions unless they are clearly applicable to other countries (since this is a case study of a more general phenomenon, growth). Gure out which sort of covariational evidence is being mobilized at a particular juncture. Cation (Gerring 2001, 9099).

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This improved matricial analysis (microanalysis) is based on tabular prediction of all logically conceivable combinations and permutations of conjunctions between two or more items and their negations (grand matrices). A single unit observed at a single point in time without the addition of within-unit cases offers no evidence whatsoever of a causal proposition. Rst broached several decades ago. The travails of the case study within the discipline of political science are also rooted in an insuf? In short, the case study does not preclude high-N; it simply precludes across-unit N (by de? Experimental Methods of Research. Designs the case study is probably closest to the latter, where levels of analysis move up and down more or less simultaneously and where a small number of units are subjected to intensive study. A case study may employ crosssectional, tscs, hierarchical, hierarchical time-series, and perhaps even comparative-historical models. Nitions, which should be read carefully. The more case studies one has, the less intensively each one is studied, and the more con?

The myth is that from a disorderly array of factual information an orderly, relevant theory will somehow emerge. This is a historic breakthrough for causal logic and logic in general. Es the distinctive features of a broad class of work in the discipline of political science and in neighboring? Nally, that this understanding of the subject illuminates some of the persistent ambiguities of case study work, ambiguities that are, to some extent, intrinsic to the enterprise. This suggests a very general purview, perhaps applicable to all countries in the modern era. A second source of ambiguity concerns the blurry line between a unit that is intensively studiedthe case studyand other adjacent units that may be brought into the analysis in a less structured manner. It will be seen that the case study occupies one of three possible cells. This may involve some sacri? The hypothetico-deductive method describes the logical approach to much research work, but it does not describe the psychological behaviour that brings it about. Out of these sensory data - commonly referred to as facts generalisations will form.

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Ableare legitimately referred to as case studies. So dont worry if you have some idea of what your results will tell you before you even begin to collect data; there are no scientists in existence who really wait until they have all the evidence. 1 As a result of this profusion of meanings, proponents and opponents of the case study marshal a wide range of arguments but do not seem any closer to agreement than when this debate was? He was arguing in favour of the position taken by Karl Popper in The Logic of Scientific Discovery (1972, 3rd edition) that the nature of scientific method is hypothetico-deductive and not, as is generally believed, inductive. Sometimes, the status of informal units is left implicit. Indeed, it may be dif? Indeed, a certain degree of ambiguity is inherent in the enterprise of the case study. Thereafter, their interactions (in syllogistic reasoning) are treated in the most rigorous manner. Thus, a paradox: Although much of what we know about the empirical world is drawn from case studies and case studies continue to constitute a large propor-John Gerring is Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Boston University.

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This tension is evident in Graham Allisons (1971) renowned work, whose subtitle, Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis, invokes a narrow topic, whereas the title, Essence of Decision, suggests a much larger topic (government decision-making). 2 Similar understandings of the term unit can be found elsewhere (e. The appropriate response to such ambiguity is for the writer to report all facts and hypotheses that might be relevant in short, to overreport. These words are often used interchangeably. A - Karl Poppers claim that the scientific method is hypothetico-deductive. The method for the resolution of all outstanding issues has definitely now been found and proven. The central argument here is that the differences between these two genres are best understood as characteristic strengths and weaknessesaf? Thus, some case studiesbut not allinvolve a change in the primary unit of analysis.

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Indeed, the slippage between study and case study accounts for much of the confusion that we encounter when reading single-unit analyses. Type I case studies examine variation in a single unit over time, thus preserving the primary unit of analysis. Ed with these research designs. Notice that types II and III, but not type I, involve a change in level of analysis, since scientific method research papers cases are drawn from phenomena within the primary unit (as de? A third ambiguity occurs whenever a single work combines single-unit and across-unit analysis in a formal manner. C - Explaining the inductive method, the myth of scientific method is that it is inductive: that the formulation of scientific theory starts with the basic, raw evidence of the senses - simple, unbiased, unprejudiced observation.

G., before and after a scientific method research papers revolution in a case study of type. I argue that for methodological purposes a case study is best de? I have argued that a case study is most usefully de? It would be more correct to describe such a study as comprising two units, rather than two cases, for a case study of a single event generally examines that event over time. Finally, when all forms of covariation are enlisted in a single research design the resulting method is described as hierarchical timeseries (if quantitative) or comparativehistorical (if qualitative) (g). 3 pages, 1077 words, the Research paper on Case Study Analysis Union Carbide Corporation And Bhopal.

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To complicate matters further, the status of a work may change as it is digested and appropriated by a community of scholars. As a substitute for these? In this latest phase, the research is brought to a successful finish! Although the primary unit of analysis is usually clear, within-unit cases are often multiple and ambiguous. The more equality of treatment granted to peripheral units, the more a study leans toward a cross-unit style of analysis. It is the difference, for example between the academic papers with which Crick and Watson demonstrated the structure of the DNA molecule and the fascinating book The Double Helix in which Watson (1968) described how they did om this. These have been, quite properly, organised into a more serial, logical order so that the worth of the output may be evaluated independently of the behavioural processes by which it was obtained. Ned, to other terms in this crowded semantic? Every act of observation we make is a function of what we have seen or otherwise experienced in the past. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future.

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But these implications should not be confused with the case study format, which can be implemented in interpretivist as well as positivist modes. Nitiesrather than antagonistic approaches to the empirical world. Unfortunately, the refrigeration units that cooled the tanks had been shut down. Hypotheses, said Medawar in 1964, are imaginative and inspirational in character; they are adventures of the mind. Seeing various difficulties encountered in the first phase, and the fact that some issues were left unresolved in it, a more precise method is developed in the second phase, capable of systematically answering most outstanding questions. A work that focuses its attention on a single example of a broader phenomenon is apt to be described as a mere case study. Cient appreciation of the methodological tradeoffs that this method calls forth. The case study survives in a curious methodological limbo. No mention of factors speci? The closest we ever get to this situation is when something happens by accident; but even then the researcher has to formulate a hypothesis to be tested before being sure that, for example, a mould might prove to be a successful antidote to bacterial infection. Humes word for this was constant conjunction, and others have been employed as well.

We have pointed out that case studies may observe a single unit through time (type I synchronic within-unit variance (type II or synchronic and diachronic withinunit variance (type III). We are not surprised. Nal ambiguity concerns the sort of argument that a case study is intended to prove or demonstrate. These are the three logically conceivable approaches to the intensive study of a single unit where that unit is viewed as an instance of some broader scientific method research papers phenomenon. 342 American Political Science Review Vol. Ned as the intensive study of a single unit wherever the aim is to shed light on a question pertaining to a broader class of units. When conducting case studies, the type of case. More, the Logic of Causation: Definition, Induction and Deduction of Deterministic Causality is a treatise of formal logic and of aetiology. Writers should be clear about which propositions are intended to describe the unit under study and which are intended to apply to a broader set of units.

A very different style of argumentation informs Benjamin Reillys (2001) study of the role of electoral systems in ethnically divided societies. George and Bennett 2004 reached me in manuscript form as I was developing the ideas for this paper and had a substantial impact on my own understanding of the case studyalthough some differences of opinion remain. This increases reliability of calculations (though no errors were found, in fact) but also allows for a wider scope. B, it is essential that you, as an intending researcher, understand the difference between these two interpretations of the research process so that you do not become discouraged or begin to suffer from a feeling of cheating or not going about it the right way. The work was carried out in three phases over a dozen years (1998-2010 each phase introducing more sophisticated methods than the previous to solve outstanding problems. Ict relative to?rst-past-the-post (FPP) electoral systems. 2 emphasis and of degree. Even among its defenders there is confusion over the virtues and vices of this ambiguous research design.