If i were a principal essay

if i were a principal essay

The first thing which an average student caters in a Higher Secondary School is a spotless teacher. Inspiring and informative news of the day will be written everyday at the main display-board. I would tell the students short stories with a moral in them so that they could learn some good values without undergoing the burden of the tedious lectures. Each student would be taken care. The school will be made a study centre, a work-place, a place of entertainment, a place of character and body-building, a place of military career and above all a place where the students would work at leisure and subsidize their scanty family income. From time to time I shall organise the celebration of special literary, national and religious functions. Thus they will cast off their shyness. Advertisements: A principal is a head of a school, under whose direction the members of the staff and other officials work. The discipline of the school, its moral tone and its popularity throw light on the personality of the Principal.

If I Were the Principal of My School Essay

They will increase their knowledge. The training and knowledge will be sounder and better. Sometimes the principals of schools have a poor knowledge of what students like and they thrust a lot down their throats without caring that they are not always receptive. I would go out of my way to achieve this goal. We have a load of work for the students and hardly have they found time to play. Today the average student has no taste for the library and this is one of the chief reasons for such a poor standard. In them, a complete information about their origin, importance and bearing, will be delineated and an effort will be made to enrich the general information of the students. Our students often suffer from some serious diseases. Advertisements: Dress and Habits. It will be aimed to enable th2 students together first hand information about the important places of the country and thus enrich their general knowledge.

if i were a principal essay

Various other sporting facilities, like tennis court, badminton court, table-tennis hall, and a swimming pool are also a part of our school sporting facilities. Advertisements: Unless there is discipline, nothing can be achieved. I shall form different committees of students under different teachers to look after day to day problems. All this will be done under expert advice. His post is full of great responsibility. I shall make full provision for audio-visual aids and make arrangements for the display of educational films. If I were the principal of my school, the first thing that I would do would be to unite all staff members and students. Every year a function will be organised by this Committee and closer contact will be kept between the teachers and the guardians. We have a very big playground for outdoor sports and a gym for indoor activities. Therefore I would try to set a personal example in hard-work, good behaviour, honesty, sincerity, devotion to duty and punctuality. The school assembly would be colourful and very impressive. I would advise my teacher to pay personal attention to the students and their problems.

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I often dream to be the principal of my school. As, principal of a School, I shall give top priority to discipline and good conduct of the students. They are the hope of the nation and therefore they will be handled with great care. I would make the school office very effective. Teachers will be well-qualified, sincere and punctual. Most the ways, rules and regulations have become outdated and need changes. If the teacher is a hardworking and an intelligent sort of man then he is bound to create an impression on the students and that alone will maintain full discipline amongst them. For this, if i were a principal essay the students would require clean classrooms and a healthy atmosphere to study. I shall also arrange for weekly lectures by eminent local and outside educationists and men of letters on subjects of literary, educational and practical importance. Advertisements: Moral Education of all, fourthly, I shall give moral education to all the students. Students will feel /their responsibilities regarding different school activities.

If I become the principal I would stop all those long lectures about discipline and hard work. I shall also enlist parental co-operation by forming a guardian if i were a principal essay committee. Likes and excursions will be arranged and every year during Dushera and summer vacations there will be organised tours. I never believe in words but action. My emphasis would be to provide quality education to my students. If ever I become the same, I will introduce many reforms in order to have an ideal school of my dreams.

He is all in all of a school. The girls generally are more hard working than boys. As a principal I would do my best to lead my school towards honours in academics, sports, social and cultural activities. Will be organised time to time in order if i were a principal essay to improve the students personality. Conclusion, these and many other things I shall introduce in my school so that students on leaving it may prove worthy in their later life.

Hence, I would also give priority to make proper arrangements for their regular medical examination. I will start many kinds of clubs, associations and debating societies. Science should be followed by English and not by Maths. They will broaden the mental outlook of the students. I shall also enrich the library with most up-to-date books on varied subjects and shall devise practical means to help the students to take full advantage. He has to be living example of simple living and high thinking. I shall make its fullest use to impart education in subjects like Geography, General Science, Physics, etc. The true ideal of education list in the moral teachings.

If I were the Principal of My School Essay

They must true to themselves. He has to run the school efficiently, supervise the staff and work as a role model. Quiz competitions, debates, extempores, declamations etc. His personality must be impressive so that he may adore the past. They would be utilized to the best of their capacity.

Much of the success or failure of a school depends upon its Principal. He should also be a good leader and most importantly, a good administrator too. Moral education is necessary to make the students if i were a principal essay wiser, happier and nobler. Library has an important place in a school. I shall also start leather work, painting and drawing classes, to impart training to those students who might like to learn these arts and crafts, i shall make provision for some economic return of the articles prepared by the students. The Duke of Wellington once said that it was on the playing field of Eton that the battle of Waterloo was won. This would keep the students interested in coming to school and they would enjoy their long hours of stay in school. And play the games. It will be started with marching,.T. Thus, the boys will inculcate a sense of responsibility and the chances of unwarranted strikes, etc.

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I shall also fix up Students Meeting Days which will include folk-items also in the programme, which means recitation of folk-songs, playing of folk music, dancing, etc., and it will be the main part. Being a Principal I would try to introduce the below give things. I would encourage the students to share their thoughts and experiences with their schoolmates and the teachers could guide the students with their comments on what they share with them. There will be hard work to outshine girls. They will add to their intelligence. Advertisements: Compulsory Games for Students, secondly, I would try to make if i were a principal essay compulsory games for all students. Let every one gather some good books under the roof. The herd instinct is developed in them. I wish to make them library minded. Boys will be encouraged to put in hard work to outshine girls.

I would also make cultural activities compulsory. Stress will be laid to Indian games and sports like kabaddi, kho-kho etc. Nothing can take place of a good library. I would encourage my staff and students to take part in school dramas, debates and various other sporting activities in which they may be interested. Efforts will be made to develop all the students mentally, morally, physically and emotionally. Would be wholly lessened. And handling of arms and will culminate in proficiency in shooting. The national cry of England is Play up! Advertisements: Last but not the least, I would arrange for extra classes after school hours for the weak students. I shall see that the entire staff of my institution prove their worth by example and thus win admiration of the students. The team work becomes their habit.

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I would improve the discipline of my school. I shall also prepare cadets for military services and shall recommend to the government to give them preference in selections. If I Were a Millionaire Essay for School Students. He has to look after the school very carefully. This again would improve the working and learning atmosphere in the school. Promoting a greater degree of personal interaction between the students and teachers, thus creating a friendly atmosphere in the classroom, is a must these days. I shall also arrange for an elected council of students and shall entrust it with all matters of discipline and conduct under the supervision of a model teacher. Obviously, a principal must be dynamic. As a general rule good teachers always command respect and admiration even from the worst student. It is on the playground that the feelings of brotherhood, discipline and social service are created among boys. Most the ways, rules and regulations have become outdated and need changes. We have a load of work for the students and hardly have they found time to play.