Argumentative essay on animals in captivity

argumentative essay on animals in captivity

Just because we are in the upper order of zoological taxonomy with sixth sense we are capable of utilizing the other animal species and plants living in the earth. Regans theory does not extend to argumentative essay on animals in captivity all sentient animals but only to those can be regarded as subjects-of-a-life. In captivity, elephants are often alone or in an enclosure with two or three elephants, depriving them of the socialization they desperately need and crave. These programs move animals around the country when they identify a genetically suitable mate. They say people can learn about the animal and study them much more effectively by looking at them directly. Often the animals in zoos are just pacing back and forth because they do not know what else. Thinking about Definition via Aristotle." Prometheus Unbound. Some individuals create such trusts in their will. Logically speaking, if the goal of captive breeding was solely about conserving a species, wouldn't every life matter?

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Human is powerful, recently evolved mammal in the animal kingdom. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Applied Ecology concluded that unless animals in the wild are protected, captive breeding won't make a difference. Former dolphin trainer Doug Cartlidge maintains that highly social dolphins are punished by being isolated from other animals: You put them in a pen and ignore them. If animals are able to experience similar feelings and awareness that humans do, it is abuse to keep them under artificial conditions. Zoos provide no enrichment to an animal's life and due to their confined conditions, animals invent their own impulsive abnormal and sometimes harmful behavior. Being in the wild animals are more exposed to natural threats like, poachers, starvation and predators.

Regarding all the efforts to kill animals for ivory, skins and medical aims, zoo is quite a safe place for them. They need not only publicize their conservation-oriented activities, but to increase the allocation of resources to their breeding programs for threatened taxa. I didn't think you would though. Another influential thinker is Gary. A true sanctuary isn't opened to the public; their goal is the life of the animal and not driven by thirst for profit: At paws an animal sanctuary, rescued animals live in peaceful and natural habitats, free from fear, chains and harsh confinement. The zoo closed her exhibit and kept a keeper with her around the clock. Living in captivity, these animals can experience psychological disorders very similar to humans, such as anxiety, depression, and OCD. Students, that go to school and have to stay there for seven hours. Trusts of this kind can be upheld by the courts if properly drafted and if the testator is of sound mind. Zoos sell animals and break bonds between animals that have been together since birth. English 102, ryan Jones 01 September 2016, when someone chooses to commit a crime, they run the risk of being caught and put behind bars. The behavior seen is caused by humans forcing animals to live in unnatural habitats (Smith, 12).

They wait for something interesting to happen, and when nothing happens they get bored and move to the next habitat. This is a dangerous position for an elephant, all that weight pushing down cuts off blood flow, impairs breathing, and damages organs and muscles. It is unfair for the animals to be taken out of their natural habitats and locked into a small cage. One way to stop argumentative essay on animals in captivity zoos and other animal amusement parks from keeping their doors open is by boycotting them and making it known that no one will pay to see an animal suffer. A captive-born panda, named Xiang Xiang, was the first giant panda ever released into the wild. There is a commonly held misconception that zoos are not only saving wild animals from extinctions, but also reintroducing them to their wild habitats.

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The abnormal and stereotypic behavior seen in captive animals as they are driven to mental and physical illness. She was overweight, sluggish, and had problems with dry skin. A depressed animal can even risk its life trying to free itself from the cage or habitat they are being held. Ultimately, it is their choice to engage in criminal activity and risk this type of punishment. Captivity can also lead to overpopulation. Oklahoma City Zoo closed its dolphin exhibit after four dolphins died within two years from bacterial infections. Ric OBarry, who was a dolphin trainer for the Flipper television series in the 1960s, says that parks and zoos want you to think that God put dolphins there or that they rescued them. Human activity has contributed to the overwhelming majority for the extinction of animal species (wcmc, 1992). Without conservation in the wild there is no point in captive breeding." (Don't zoos help to preserve endangered species?, 11). Ideal zoos of the future should concentrate on species of their own region, their breeding and their conservation (Magin.,1994). Life Behind Bars: The Effects of Animal Captivity.

Primary aim for keeping the animals in captivity is to conserve the animal species. Staff2 "The Truth About White Tigers." The Wildcat SanctuaryAn Accredited, Natural Sanctuary for Big Cats in Need. Would you want to be held in cages and not be able to be free and do wat you want. During Alaskas long winter, Maggie stood on an unheated concrete floor inside a 148-square meter barn. It is sensible to assume if zoos never existed, and the idea of their development was introduced for what it really is, it would not come to fruition. Creative Conservation, (eds.) Olney, Mace,.M. One way the zoo doors remain open is by keeping the public ignorant and not broadcasting what effect captivity has on these animals. Keeping wildlife in captivity poses so many challenges, among which are ethical questions concerning animal welfare. This could cause the animal to starve and possibly die. An earlier study found that only 2 of the worlds 6,000-plus threatened or endangered species were registered in zoo breeding programs. But by observing their behaviors of animals we can identify the discomfort of animals in their environment. Because of high chlorine levels in their tanks, dolphins at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida were unable to open their eyes and their skin began to peel off.

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Good or bad for captivity is depend on the owner of zoos and wildlife center, if the owner think about to make a good profit in the long term, they should think about animal welfare too. (eds 1991) 1990 International ZooYear Book Volume 30, Zoological Society of London, London. Posted by: AnonymousReport Post, like Reply05. Posted by: AnonymousReport Post, like Reply01. As zoos spend millions of dollars to keep an animal confined, that money should be funding protection for animals in the wild. Captivity impacts their life-span, their mental and physical health, and deprives them of living in their natural environment. Zoos have birds who cannot fly, and tigers who cannot hunt. In the wild, these individual animals might have trouble finding mates and breeding, and the program can help the animals breed. Kids don't understand how animals feel, they just like to play like the next person likes too.

No one wants to live in a confined space for the rest of their life or be born into a life of captivity. Since animals cannot speak for themselves, it is imperative to speak for them, they are living beings that have feelings and experience trauma just like humans. Yet at the same time they claim that captivity provides advantages (e.g., veterinary care, reliable food source, no predators or parasites) not available to the species in the wild. Some training of elephants has been done using electric goads. We can endlessly discuss the issues of zoos. This exposure and education motivates people to protect the animals. In captivity, animals do not need to use those skills. In a 2001 study of 257 captive Giraffe and Okapi in 49 US institutions, it was found that 80 exhibited some form of stereotypic behavior. In captivity they can be rescued and nourished back to health, fed food, and have a healthy environment, rather then some woods that can be burnt or chopped down for construction. But no matter how good the conditions of the place where animals are kept are, the animals are still suffering because their natural behavior is limited by zoos walls. Even more disturbing, although federal law requires that facilities keep records of mammals births, deaths, and transfers, many dont turn over reports of stillborns or newborn deaths.

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It is an important debate whether animals should be kept in the zoos or not. Actually for limited animal species, and keep animal from human murdered. Peter Singer and Tom Regan are the best-known proponents of animal liberation, though they differ in their philosophical approaches. Zoos contain wide varieties of animals that are native to all parts of the Earth. There are approximately over 10,000 zoos worldwide (Fravel, 8 where wild animals are held confined against their will, never given a choice. One way for zoos to counter these criticisms is to expand their contribution to conservation. Report Post, yes they should.