Education system in pakistan essay css

education system in pakistan essay css

Most of the public schools are poorly education system in pakistan essay css managed, impart education of poor quality, and use poorly written textbooks and our curricula that are not relevant for the needs of the 21st century. Alarming Dropouts Rates: The provision of providing basic education has been a since independence and enrolment have been increasing but percentage of student completing primary school has been falling. Most of all, its purpose is to make students take interest in their environs and to do effort to make improvements and to introduce novelty to different spheres of life. Systems in, pakistan (Government, Private and Madarsaas). Teachers have also been generally ignored in the policy making process. Our curriculum is not updated to compete with the rest of the world in modern education. Teachers absenteeism, untrained teacher, inadequate materials and obsolete teaching methods are the maiming reasons for low enrolment in schools. Paucity of institutes in rural areas. Higher Salary Attracts more Competent Educators iii. Over these years education department have hardly spend any funds on advance coaching of their faculty staff which still stuck in the old age teaching techniques and unaware of modern methods of teaching and convincing students through sheer knowledge. Pakistani educational system allow a child to grow with his aim but there are some issues and problems are also laying that makes our educational system tough for every class of peoples. Socially, culturally, and politically unrest is caused by improper education of our new generation who can play a role a weapon for development of country.

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The students look upon a degree as a passport to employment in a commercial commodity, which can be purchased if you pay the price. Similarly a large number of schools are operating in the records but do not actually exist, education system in pakistan essay css rose in record by some corrupt officials. Pakistan is an ideological state based on Islamic Ideology but it is still unclear that what should be the Islamic content of our curriculum. It is due to lack of accountability and transparency along with low salaries of the staff. There are also complaints that the governments consultation with the non-state sector does not necessarily result in action. Today our multiple tier education system can be highlighted in the following categories: Cambridge Education System is exclusively for the children of very rich so that they can after graduation go overseas for higher education on the foreign exchange.

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It generates class difference in a unity of society. So the neglecting of education is just like to turn back from your aim in life. The one for the middle class has medium instruction in English and the other one in Urdu. Any nation prepares their generation according to their ideological, cultural, social, and religious norms through education. Our poor examination system encourages rote learning and cramming. The vital role and significance of education system is largely neglected in Pakistan. No defined career path. Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. In Pakistan, after more than six decades, the developmental indicators are not showing positive results. Our education system is producing goods for no means and use. Students will need to be guided into making moral and ethical choices.

The basic problem is that our curriculum is not promoting the interest of the student towards practical work and scientific knowledge. Outdated Syllabus: Pakistan emphasizes more on quantity not on quality which education system in pakistan essay css is making things more badly for our future generations. Drawbacks in Pakistans Education System: Today Pakistan is facing a number of problems.e. Highlight major pitfalls in Pakistans education: Outline, introduction, role of education in character-building of a nation. Individual and group activities should be encouraged to build a strong and stable society. Lack of Professional Teachers: The main reason of the failure of our educational system is grooming of less technical faculty. Different Madrassas propagate different ideologies. The major problem in our education is the large number of dropouts. Schools even in rural areas iii. Our methods have been stereotyped and new techniques of teaching and materials to make lessons more interesting to the students have not been adopted.

Seeking of knowledge is the religious duty of every Muslim. Here below of this passage I have discussed almost all about education system in, pakistan issues and problems essay and also providing education system in pakistan essay css a, education, system, in, pakistan pdf file which you can download online into your computers. Poor Examination System: Examinations are conducted to test the ability of a student and find out his standard of academic learning and knowledge. It would also widen their approach towards life and they will be able to comprehend, value and accommodate hostile ideas and opinions. Our education system did not preserve our social cultural and religious norms in 21st century where western countries have made huge advancement towards science and technology, we are still lagging behind in them in respective field. Multiple System of Education. Our achievement and future performance is based on our examination system. What is the role of education in character-building of a nation? Flexible and Expansive Work Hours.

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Primary, education (1st class through 5th education system in pakistan essay css class) Middle Education (6th class through 8th class) Secondary Education SSC (9th class through 10th class (Matric) Intermediate Education hssc (11th Class through 12th Class) Bachelors/ Graduation Education (2 years for Bachelors and. Pitfalls in Pakistans Education System, multiple System of Education. Our system is not imparting knowledge. An educational system of poor quality may be one of the most important reasons why poor countries do not grow. The present enrollment rate at Pakistan is 54 percent for males and 30 percent which is very low and comparison to the countries of the region which have by and large crossed the 100 percent mark for both male and female. In Sindh and Balochistan, students are allowed to use their helping material like books and notes during paper timing. Quality of teachers especially at primary level is still questionable. It has yet to be developed at par with other developing countries in the region). Ineffective educational infrastructure. Provision of food as well as accommodation. The second problem is that of the regional difference such as schools and colleges in Balochistan are not as groomed as schools and colleges are in Lahore or Islamabad.

Well if we talk about Government then they should equalize the education for each level of classes for syllabus and fesses. It means education carry great importance in mens life to grow him toward his real goal. Systems in, pakistan. In this say, the words of Herbert Spencer go; Education has for its object the formation of character. In this regard, a series of education reforms in the area of teacher education were introduced in the public sector but their vision seemed to be narrow, hence, they failed to make any substantial impact on the quality of teachers and teaching process. Higher Quality of Research. Purposeless Education: Education develops the roots of any nation.