Death of a salesman protagonist essay

death of a salesman protagonist essay

As far as the setting is concerned, when we see the room of Willy and Linda, it becomes obvious that only the needs of Willy is taken in to concern. He has become a great man, as inferred from his lines, without being well liked or extremely handsome. We see Willy Loman as the embodiment of this message; he prefers to dwell on the past he cannot control because he feels it keeps him alive. Desire represents her desperate need for love and companionship, a trait not made explicit to Willy in Death of a Salesman; although without his familys influence his ultimate destruction would have surely come sooner. Strunk steps on a live mine, loses is right leg and he has to beg death of a salesman protagonist essay Jensen not to kill him. He cares for Biff and wants to see him graduate. Willy literally lives in the glory days of the past where his mind tends to switch back and forth, from the present to the past. But in the end he fails to accomplish anything at all. They are both travelling down a path which will only end in failure.

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His family was doing their best to survive from day to day. As a result of this link, many critics relate the character of Blanche to those of Orestes and Orpheus. Willy is left on his knees. His hold on time and reality is incapacitated and he ends up shooting himself in the foot. Nostalgia beckons, every time we try to move into the future or face the realties of the present. The seeds which Willy buys are an important part of the play. This, eventually, becomes his parallel life and he fails to separate reality from fantasy. Miller uses the story to imply that while Willys hold on the past is voluntary, the thoughts and notions are implanted by the capitalist mentality. Willy, however, differs considerably from Blanche in this issue. The main characters son Cory returns from war and he has not forgiven his father. Like Eddie Carbone in A View from the Bridge, tragic dignity is achieved because of an inherent refusal to compromise. The author tried to create a scenario where the Russian audience would view the story for its comic worth, but would also realize the risks of adapting foreign culture.

Subtitle: For us death of a salesman protagonist essay the best day is always yesterday. From initial readings of both plays, Willy Loman and Blanche Dubois seem to have fairly similar character faults. He has refused to let go of what he though was the embodiment of the American Dream. Cemeteries acts as a symbol for her fall from grace, encapsulated by her dismissal form the teaching profession and the loss of Belle Reve. This lack of objectivity construes the actual meaning of a flashback. The correlations to Greek tragedy imply that Blanches tragedy was pre-determined, that fate was behind her self-delusion.

Biff whistling in the elevator leads him to death of a salesman protagonist essay lose his job. As Harold Clurman points out, the classic American Dream can be divided into two meanings; the historical dream (owning property) and the business success dream (being recognised and respected in the commercial world as a success). In addition, Willy tries to pass the torch on to his son as he commits suicide, again bringing Biff to center stage, so to speak. In the novel The Company of Women (1981) by Mary Catherine Gordon, another feature of nostalgia is depicted. This could be a foreshadowing of the rape of Blanche, as after this she returns to Cemeteries (the mental institution) as a result of her desire. The latter is caused by the realization that she dent know who her friends are anymore. An allusion to Virgils Aeneid, Elysian Fields is a part of the underworld for the virtuous dead, and is the street on which the Kowalskis live. Get help with your essay today from our professional essay writers! Our first example of Bernards character is his interaction with Biff is in Act I, when the reader infers Bernard is tutoring Biff:?Biff, Listen Biff, I heard rnbaum say that if you don? Ibsens use of middle class characters is similar to Millers approach, they both use middle-class characters to show how the past can have an effect on the present. Biff, is lost in a world created by his dazed father, who instills in him a set of false values, and eventually becomes a failure in his early age. Expressionism is defined as a style of play in which the playwright seeks to express emotional experience through their work. His hold onto her is nostalgia mixed with superstition.

He is concerned for the needs of both the protagonist and his son, and proves this by telling Willy to continue with his life and let his son find his own path. She becomes involved with a professor who impregnates her and bolts. His firsthand experiences in the Vietnam War are the cause of nostalgia. The main character Nora is disadvantaged due to her gender. From his name we learn how the reader is hanging on a cliff to see Willy will he. He worries that as a father he will be unable to provide for them. This"tion then is of great importance as a symbol of the progression of the play. However, her failed relationship with Allen Gray can be considered as a more likely trigger for her self-delusion, an idea explored in the"tion They told me to take a streetcar named Desire, and then transfer to one called. He is obsessed about guarding the name of the family as he views it as his obligation.

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In relation to the question Willy Loman and Blanche Dubois are pathetic and weak rather than flawed victims of fate. Qualified writers in the subject of english literature are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. Biff and Willly drift apart as time goes by; this is because their ideas of happiness are completely different. The novel is set place in the 1930s during the Great economic depression which hit the United Sates. This dementia is unexplained to the other characters. There is times where we see Willy regret his affair for example when he sees Linda stitching her old stockings. Compare the playwrights presentation of their protagonists in light of this statement. The lack of remorse or regret in this case shows a concrete detachment from reality. This metaphor is especially important in light of the essay question as it provides Blanche with some form of reasoning behind her tragically flawed character. However, the cause behind this self-delusion differs between the two characters, and again will help to answer whether Willy Loman and Blanche Dubois are pathetic and weak rather than flawed victims of fate. Norman Bower, for example, refuses to believe that it is not his fault that Kiowa died.

This is an allusion to the belief that he has within himself that he has done nothing to provide for his sons. His personality and needs drive many of the plays interactions, and are also a primary cause of the other characters suffering. Willy viewed success as achieving money and power; Biff however viewed success in life as being happy and doing what he loved which is working and tilling the land and accomplishing something with his own hands. He is among the only characters with a sense of reality; the only character that tries to help Biff take concrete, analytical steps to helping him succeed. They are bound by a pact where they promised to murder each other if either is incapacitated. Once again, this illustrates Bernard is the one of the only characters in tune with reality. Both protagonists can clearly be considered to evoke pity. By the end of the play, it seems Willy has accomplished the historic dream as he owns a house and car, but as the play progresses we see Willy become transfixed on the business dream. Every time they feel they are getting ahead financially, a problem occurs and they find themselves death of a salesman protagonist essay right back where they started. The Loman clan is a sad tale of people who live in the past and some, like Biff, who are stuck in what they presume reality. Willy Loman and Blanche Dubois are pathetic and weak rather than flawed victims of fate. He results to citing scripture as defense. Willys room contains only bed, chair and shelf holding Biffs trophy, no items of Lindas are shown.

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He even encourages his brothers false ego by telling him to borrow because he death of a salesman protagonist essay is famous. Bernard also interacts with the protagonist himself, again showing the same traits that are indicative of his character. When Bernard describes his Supreme Court case as?just a case?, the reader sees how admirably modest. This are the regrets of war; pacts made without much thought or consideration. Biff, biff might not traditionally be considered a protagonist since the majority of the storyline is driven by Willy. He too joins the nostalgic bandwagon because he flanks math and he cant make it to college. When the theme is set in the present, the cast must use only the imaginary stage door to the left. In order to avoid this Willy takes his own life so that he may be able to give the insurance money to his sons. The anagnorisis can only be achieved through the shattering of his false dreams, yet Willy is too weak willed to allow this to happen, and thus Willy is a weak and pathetic character. It symbolizes life in an ideal world where one can move through walls which symbolises an imaginary ability to move through the hurdles presented by reality. I wont be looked at in this merciless glare! One, the real world where the play is set and two, the parallel world that exists only in his mind.

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He explores his past successes and failures, desperately searching for some sense of self-fulfilment, an idea expressed in Millers Tragedy and the Modern Man: mans total compulsion to evaluate himself justly. The appearance of the women who Willy has been having an affair with is introduced with sensual music. The extent of the characters belief in their own alternative realities differs slightly. Most people also have to deal with problems and conflicts within their family throughout their life. He refuses to accept this reality and it leads to obsession. He is a developed gentleman, which the protagonists admires, and confides in Bernard asking him where did his son miscarry.?But sometimes, Willy, it? We will write a custom essay sample. Yet both these protagonists possess characteristics that offset their tragic elements. One by one, the author places every character in a specific location to contrast, or emphasize another character? In the perfect form of tragedy, the hero should reach a stage of anagnorisis, a recognition which makes their eventual demise tragic. Miller uses many motifs to show this, such as in the very beginning where the flute is played but even though Willy hears it hes really not aware.

This extended metaphor is an image for the journey of Blanches life. He understands the consequences of Biff? Blanche is haunted by the death of her young husband, Allan Grey, and finds herself chased by his memory. I dont have a thing in the ground. It is the regret of things done by Felicitas in the Columbia University. In the end the protagonist realizes that his life has been an failure and that he doesnt want the same to happen to his sons. Blanche has been unable to move forward in life, being dependent on the kindness of strangers, but this is ultimately her fault. As Blanches hamartia now has some substance behind it, one can fairly safely assume that Blanche is not just a pathetic and weak character, but instead that she is a flawed victim of fate. Richard Foster points out that Willys self-delusion does not stem from any exterior cause: it is simply his foolishness and naivety.

In the same way, Bernard, a character in?Death of a Salesman?, is placed next to Biff, the protagonist? Another way to establish the extent to which Willy and Blanche are tragic is through making a distinction between the emotions that the two characters evoke. The play tries to depict the downfall of an ordinary man, as death of a salesman protagonist essay opposed to the classic and conventional stories of downfall of great men. M.F.K Fishers 1971 classic Among Friends is an attempt by the writer to put her own nostalgia in words. To him, such things as social class and image are more important than happiness. S antagonist in many scenes with the protagonist. The flute is one of the many musical motifs in the play such as an indirect reference to Willys father. Examples of expressionism in death of a salesman. No play embodies the realities of nostalgia like the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller.

death of a salesman protagonist essay

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It is of the absent minded life that he leads. Here is a time where we see one action fulfilling both of the elements. Where this does not happen like in Willys case, the results are chronic nostalgia and death of a salesman protagonist essay a sense of regret. Willys wife Linda also has the habit of constantly humming; this appears as tragic because in order to escape the tensions of her life she developed this habit. Blanche has also made her way into the underworld, and will ultimately lose her love, just like Orpheus. As William Haigh suggests: In the case of Orestes, he is travelling to escape the avenging deities who are horrified by the deed Orestes has committed, killing his mother to avenge his father. Blanche appears to lie and fabricate the truth in order to seduce men and eventually gain economic independence, and thus her self-delusion is not complete. It goes to show that nostalgia is infectious. Both Miller and Williams attempted to reclaim tragedy for the modern audience, but also sought to engender a new attitude to theatre, and thus the way in which the two present their protagonists should be much the same. Uncontrolled, this can lead to mental deterioration and a loss of sense of time and reality.

The root of Blanches self-delusion can be traced back to her turbulent past, in particular her former relationships and the death of a salesman protagonist essay loss of Belle Reve. Even in the present, he still has somewhat of a superficial notion of what the American dream is and his endless idolization of David Singleman, a salesman with his fair share of problems. This is why he is constantly pushing Biff to complete his work. It is widely accepted that Aristotle was the father of tragedy; his ideas, based on Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, run through the genre of tragedy and form the basis of what tragedy consists. The main protagonists are used to show how nostalgia can harm relationships and mental health. He refuses to get rid of it even after she dumps him. It is also apparent that they are placed juxtapositionally with each other to highlight the other? Willy seems childlike and relies on others for support, even though he pretends to refuse the help given by his brother Ben when hes asked to go to Africa. There are further events which use more of these two elements. When the characters slip into nostalgia, they openly move through walls. Many times the parents view of success is far different from the kind of success that the child sees.

Many people of our society live in denial as to cover up the worry thats building up inside. There are times Willy says Nothings planted. For example, an author might place the drama? The world that Blanche inhabited has been changed by a surging current of capitalism and reality (Alice Griffin) and Blanche is unable to cope with the sudden social shift that occurs after the Second World War, the play being set in late 1940s New Orleans. Biff, come back here or Ill beat you! Lee Strunk and Dave Jensen are the main characters of Enemies and Friends.

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In The Things They Carried, lieutenant jimmy Cross refuses to accept that he was turned down by Martha because she does not like him. Indicative qualities are what makes animates the plot, and makes for a vibrant literary piece. The presentation of their protagonists is likely to be similar as both playwrights took a like-minded approach to reforming tragedy. S actions, and tries to dissuade his directionless ambition towards a more solid goal.?He? In Death of a Salesman, there is an indication of self-delusion as early as the opening stage directions: Whenever the action is in the presentobserve the imaginary wall lines, possibly suggesting a breakdown in Willys reality and his confusion. As the last name alludes, Willy has never accomplished anything in his life and now is at the very end of it where he still hopes of making it big in the world. It attempts to capture real people doing everyday things. Although it can be argued that Blanches failings, and thus the pity they create, are a consequence of a modern, chauvinist society, I am inclined to believe that Blanches vulnerability is a result of her own misdemeanours. The Mule Bone by Hughes and Hurston shows the contrast, a lack of regret based on religious misconceptions. We are inclined to believe in the viability of his plans for the future when he is a young man and the future is an open field. Much like Ahabs white whale, realism is seen as the unachievable dream for Willy. Elysian Fields is the following stop on her journey.

In the past Willy has an affair with another women, when Biff finds this out their relationship sours. This element of tragedy is also shown in other Miller works, especially A View from the Bridge. Ve got to graduate him, Uncle Willy? The pity that Willy evokes is genuine, and there is a certain amount of admiration towards Willy, largely due to his unwavering devotion to his (if somewhat flawed) dream. The events are sometimes connectable with that of every day man. Aristotle put forward the idea that tragic heroes should evoke both pity and awe, yet none of Blanches characteristics are redeeming, thus removing any feelings of awe, and even the pity we feel for her is almost bathos, as it is undercut by her feebleness. Henry Dobbins wears his girlfriends pantyhose as and a charm for good luck. S gotta study Uncle Willy. Each serves a particular purpose and symbolizes distinct goals, functions, or qualities. This spurt of violence is directed at Biff as a result of Willys inadequacies, and signifies the destruction of their relationship, which has huge significance on Willy.

However, Orpheus failed to bring her back. Krogstard can not even call him by his first name again because he viewed it as disrespect. Elysian Fields is the resting place for souls awaiting their return to earth. This not only creates the plot, but also makes the plot easier to understand. Biff Loman is the superficially the ideal son, he plays death of a salesman protagonist essay football and has good looks. We always end up with the same eerie feeling that yesterday had more opportunity, more happiness and love than today. In spite of the fact that Bernard admires Biff and believes he is able to help him prosper, Biff is unable to listen. S gonna flunk you and you won? S character, and comes to terms with the sudden insight his son is no where near as well off as Bernard, even though they were initially given the same opportunities. Even though Willy dismantles his family and destroys perhaps the only thing that should have been important to him, because his intentions are always pure, Willy can be considered to be a tragic hero.

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The"tion Most of my sisters friends go north in the summer but some have homes in the Gulf highlights the extent to which Blanche has lost her grip on reality and has delved into a world of fabrications. The two men are reconciled and they both lose interest in Daisy, their main bone of contention. S shortcomings, mistakes, or areas of strength. Willy is constantly troubled by the thought if he has raised his sons well. Compare the playwrights presentation of their protagonists in light of this statement, I believe that Willy is ultimately a flawed victim of fate, and thus a tragic hero, on account of the existence of his hamartia, his pure intentions and the admiration his character evokes. This metamorphoses into dementia when he believes that his infatuation led to the demise of Ted Lavender. Two playwrights who have been instrumental in this change are Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller, the authors of A Streetcar named Desire and Death of a Salesman. S better for a man just to walk away? The play paints a scenario of women emancipating themselves. The time shifts are pregnant with nostalgia to the point where Willy is hallucinating conversations with his brother Ben. The main protagonist in the play Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman is depicted in many scenes of the play as having been an ambitious man in his younger days. The nostalgia that Jim experiences when he is banished even makes him doubt whether Daisy still loves him.

Visit m to see how we can help you! What makes Willy an even weaker character here is death of a salesman protagonist essay his obstinate attitude towards hearing the truth. The 1879 play A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen is another story that embodies this concept. In the case of Willy, his inability to let go of the past inhibits an anagnorisis from occurring. Willy wants his children to have a better life than he did so his decision to end his life so that Biff and Happy may have money is an extreme but an possible one in society. He watches as his brother and father sink deeper and deeper into nostalgia and depression.