Essay on cutting of trees in kannada language

essay on cutting of trees in kannada language

It is claimed that: "The fruit is much used in India as a liver and cardiac tonic, and, when unripe, as an astringent means of halting diarrhea and dysentery and effective treatment for hiccough, sore throat and diseases of the gums. Sanskrit: sigru- sobhanjana It has been claimed that ( see article by Tilak Fernando "the crushed seeds of Moringa is capable of attracting and sticking fast to bacteria and other viruses allowing them to be skimmed off or get trapped in filter beds. These (over 300 varieties) are claimed to have various special flavors and possible health benefits (e.g., for diabetes). Gynura procumbens (longavity spinach, Sabugai or Sambung Nyawa, Mollucan Spinach) Vegetable claimed to lower cholesterol and said to have other beneficial effects. The report Vidyya Medical News Service, Alternative Medicine Watch says Adverse effects associated with oral ingestion of milk thistle include: Gastrointestinal problems (e.g., nausea, diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence, abdominal bloating, abdominal fullness or pain, anorexia, and changes in bowel habits). Nil Maanel, Nil Mahanel Indheevara, Niluppala Neelambal, Kamalam, Alli Tamarei ยป National Flower of Sri Lanka, since Feb. But one state government acceded to the request and permitted the unit close to a city, brushing aside all opposition. Bellerica, (Beleric, bastard myrobalan, Belliric Myrobalan ) Bulu Bibhitaki, Bhaira tanri, tanikkay, Pulu Place names: Mahabulukanda (Periyapullumalai) Buluweva (Tandikkulam) The nuts were used as dice in ancient times, from when the Sanskrit name "kali". A "vatalappam-like" sweet is also made with Kitul piti (kitul flour jaggery etc. 2) Pursue the matter strictly and proceed on all fronts, whether substantial or merely technical. (d) Post-treatment prognosis is likely to be high to make a positive difference to the quality of life of the beneficiary. It grows in topical low-lands, but it is little exploited in Sri Lanka.

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Sooryakanthi - This plant absorbs metal toxins etc., from the soil, and may be used for the "phyto-remediation" of contaminated soils. Dhal for their exemplary care, and also the remarkable essay on cutting of trees in kannada language Terri and Ann for their care and sensitivity. Hybanthus enneaspermus (spade flower, pink ladies slipper) Family: Violaceae (Violet family) Rathnapurusa Ratnapurusha orilaittamarai Synonym: Ionidium suffruticosum Ging. Used in the traditional Sinhala " Dashamoola arishtaya a decoction containing 10 herbs. It has a slight camphot-like smell. The same rule is mentioned in the Tamil grammar Tolkappian. Gas nidikumba Jhullipuspa, Lajjaluka, Panktipatra, Pitapushpa, Vipareetalajjaalu tintanali, nilzccurunki One of the ten flowers (dasha-pushpam of aurveda and sidha medical systems of south-asia Bignonia salina - - Mentioned by Charles Pridham Birixa orilana Ratakaha karachhada- varagumanjal, mantiravanci Medicinal applications. Eculaytus spp have been planted in "palugama/Keppetipola" area, according.

Ficus fergusoni Kos Gonna - - - Ficus gibbosa - Urticacece Wal ehetu, Vael Aehaetu- - - - Ficus hispida Kota Dimbul - peyatti, kattatti - Ficus lucescens Kalaha - - - ficus oppositifolia Kota Dimbula - - - Ficus racemosa. The essay on cutting of trees in kannada language word Phoenixin the Latin name came from Greek and means "purple". The flowers are hermaphroditic pollinated by birds; the leaves are 20-25 cm long with oblong leaflets. Manual methods are somewhat successful in controlling this grass" Gandapana - Name probably arose from the aromatic (ganda) character of the plant. It was named after. It is claimed to reduce cholesterol, anti-asthmatic, has antioxidents, and is hepato-protective. It is cultivated in the dry zone of Sri Lanka, and may have arrived there from Africa or India. Brohier, The Interrelation of groups of ancient reservoirs and channels in Ceylon. Neem extract is an eco-friendly insecticide and pesticide. Bombax ceiba Katu-Imbul, Pulun Imbul Shalmali, purani- mullilavu, ilavu See: Ceiba pentandra Bombax malabaricum Katu Imbul mahavriksha?

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The wood is too light to be good firewood. The use of Kalonji in significant doses and prolonged use might be harmful. Nevertheless, the use of old plant-based dyes, and dying with Indigo may be of interest within a more "green approach" to life. Component of the herbal tonic Solanum trilobatum Vael Tibbotu alarka- tutuvalai, thuthulai - Solanum xanthocarpum; synon:. The design focus on balance was exemplary, but the extreme yacht also required the skills of an excellent skipper, which defaulted choice options to Charlie Barr. Scleria tesselata Wel karawu, Vel karavu - - weed, waste locations Image Semecarpus (semicarpus) gardneri, (marking nut tree) Badulla Semicarpus Obvata, Semicarpus obovatum is Kalu-Baulla, a threatened species listed in iucn-red list. Nirkadambai Haelambaweva(Salampaikulam ) Sunakaelambaweva (Sonakasalampaikkulam) Modeca palmata Passifloraceae.,adenia palmata, Granadilla hondala, Adenia hondala Hondala, Pothu-hondala Vidari Puli-vaaka?- Described in an 1813 French text. "Seeni Sambola a fried onion dish uses siyambala and coconut milk as essential ingrediants. Wal Dehi, Val dehi- - kurundu There is also a variety known as "Gadaa dehi with a rough skin, known as Kaffre lime. Trimen Hygrophila salicifolia (Wild Petunia, Ruellia) Family: Acanthaceae - Acanthus family Nil puruk - coracakkicceti, kiranti nayan- Ruellia plants, Images etc. Sri Lanka wetlands Morinda citrifolia Ahu achchhuka manjanatti, nuna Ahuvila (Nunavil) Morinda coreia Goda Ahu - nuna - Moringa oleifera /Murunga (Drumstick Tree, horseradish tree ) Discussed as a resource tree Murunga, Murunga karal is the Sinhala name of the long pods. Paepol, Gaslabu erandakarkati- madhukarkati pappayi, pappali This tree has male and female plants, and may grow to 6-8 meters in tropical well watered slightly acidic soils. Pethiyagoda on katu-Andara, 2011 wonders if the Forest Dept.

Typically found in paddy fields where weeds are poorly eliminated. Longifolia, Madhuca loggifolia (Honey tree) Mee, Madupa Madhupa iluppai, kattu iluppai Ranmeeweva (Irana-illupaikulam Madhupahena (Illupayadichenai) Meepathota (Illupaikadavi) see Madhuca longifolia Bassia Nerifolia is "Gang-mee". (using gas-chromatographic mass-spectroscopy, Bangladesh. It also grows in some low-country regions. (c) Family income of less than 1 Lakh rupees per annum. It has 7-8 protein, and is more nutritious than rice and other common starchy foods. Insights Daily Current Affairs, Insights into Editorial: Paper chase: The need to review use of vvpats Insights Daily Current Affairs, Insights into Editorial: On the Cauvery issue Insights into Editorial: A Maritime Stretch: Modi in Southeast Asia Insights into Editorial: Creating. Finally, add the water, tamarind juice and salt and boil to thicken the gravy. Peppermint is an effective decongestants, expectorant, soothing and calming for sore throats and dry coughs.

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This padanus grows wild on she shores essay on cutting of trees in kannada language and it is never used as a hedge plant. The "sigiri apsara.e., the maidens in the frescoes of the Sigiri Rock in Sri Lanka seem to be holding Nil-mahanel flowers. Muslims plant the tree in burial grounds. There is a Katupila Vaeva (Katupila Wewa) near Balangoda. Punchi punchi gedi Vattakkaa. Mencius's mother is often held up as an exemplary female figure in Chinese culture.

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Flowers mainly blue., sometimes white. Ilaccaki, tottalvati, Thotta-siningi An ornamental plant in the west. Meanwhile there had been, on the part of my pupils, no more brilliant, more exemplary morning. Coccinea J Go to the Top Botanical Names, (English) Sinhala Sanskrit (Pali) Tamil Toponyms, Notes Jasminum angustifolium Wal Pichcha, Val Samanpichcha, Saman pichcha vanamalli- asphota kattumullai, Nitykalyani? What do you understand by this statement in the present-day scenario? A Sanskrit derived word is also used, esp. (b) Belonging to a reserved community. Used for burns, acne, dermotherapy. Nuga, Mahanuga Mentioned in Buddhist Suttas. Peppercorns that probabaly came from Sri Lanka were found stuffed into the nose essay on cutting of trees in kannada language of he mummified body King Ramses II in 1213.C.E.

Earl Haig's war dispatches mention his exemplary service to King and country as a lieutenant colonel during the First World War. Saffron may have been used by Buddhist monks in Tibet, for coloring their robes. Normal agricultural land is safe. Similarly, efforts were taken to fell a Bo tree growing in the temple premises, in spite of the opposition of many local people who were Buddhists, as well as many Hindus (see also, Rohan Bastin : Domain of constant. May be useful for reforestation and for dendro-energy projects. It is eaten as a "Thalapa or porridge. N.B., Goda-kaduru is "Strychnos nux-vomica" Ceriops tagal (mangrove like) Rathu Kadol - Chirukandal - Ceropgia candelabrum Wel Mota, Vael Mota - - - Cestrum nocturnum (Night blooming Jasmine, Queen of the night.) Solanaceae (potato family) Re manamali, Rae manamali, Rae-manamali Rathri-rani? It may be codified in normative dictionaries and grammars, or by an agreed collection of exemplary texts. They are also a favoured choice as commemorative trees. Spinosa (Henna, campire) Marathonda, Maehaenda madayantika, ragangi, sakachera maroodaniei, Marudhaani This is the Henna plant which produces a deep burgandy dye used in India and the middle east for decorating the body etc. The name vana-yavani is used in Ayurveda, and most probably borrowed from Sanskrit. Sorting out pea species Virikta Vilanda vaenna - - - Vitex altissima (Peacock chaste tree) Family: Verbenaceae (Verbena family) Milla The tree may grow to 40 meters. They fly their Hawk 100 jets at hundreds of miles an hour as low as 300 ft, yet their safety record is exemplary.

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Meanwhile, lightly roast the peanuts, sesame seeds and dry red chillies, then grind them into a paste along with the coconut, adding scant water. It is also commercially available as a tablet. The tree which is indigenous to Sri Lanka. The flowers only open for a few hours in the morning sun and there are usually five petals but sometimes four or six. Other related genera are Hyoscyamus and Atropa. The receptacle was known as "Labu-kaetaya". Meliaceae family Burutha - tettankottai Important Timber tree.

Used in removing black spots on skin. The Kelaniya University group has claimed that the rice, the water etc., contain excess arsenic toxins, and attribute the Rajarata chronic kidney disease (CKD) to metal toxins in the habitat. Fuji patents The Siddhalepa group in Sri Lanka also claims a patent for Kothala-Himbutu products. (In this regard, Tart cherries are recognized as a valuable cure for insomnia. Lobelia nicotianifolia Val Dunkola, Wal dumkola - kattupugaiyilai - Loranthus falcatus, syn Dendropthoe falcata Honey suckle Mistletoe Ehatu Mal - Pulluruvi, sangattanmarattubulluruvi Acommon semi-parasitic plant found in branches of large trees. Type of orange Phoberos macrophyllus Katu Kurundu - - - Phoenicanthus coriacea (Thw.). The fruit is a spiny capsule 4-10 cm long and 2-6 cm broad, splitting when ripe to disperse numerous seeds. E Go to the Top - Botanical Names, (English) Sinhala Sanskrit (Pali) Tamil Toponyms, Notes Echinochloa crus-galli (Cockspur Grass, Barnyard grass) Image etc Wel Maruk, Vel Maruk Varuka Caamai This is a herbicide resistant (propanil, Group C2/7 herbicides) grass and infests rice. Twigs are used as toothbrushes. Orientale Imbul, Pulun Imbul Salmali Illanku Imbulgoda would be a typical toponym. Sufficient care was taken by the planners to make use of the government land with the minimum land acquisition from private parties.

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The planners had championed the scheme to the council as an exemplary piece of urban infill. I It has the draw-back of being a very invasive plant. Bilin - - Origin in the Malayan region, perhaps endemic to Sri lanka as well- Tree has small fruit used in chutneys and "Biling Achchcaru" etc. Terminalia catappa (tropical Almond) Kottan, Kottamba tailaphala- nattuvadumai, nattu-vadam Kottandoova (Kottantivu) Kottangolla (Kottanchole ) The tree may grow to 30 meters, with essay on cutting of trees in kannada language large ovoid glossy dark green leaves which change into orange and red when about to fall. The leaves have a pleasent nutty-leafy taste. Images and write upHow to grow stevia Recently (since 2012) the product is sold in Western supermarkets (e.g., Truvia and PureVia are trademarks with Stevia leaf extract processed with Erythritol to give it a crunchy, crystalline texture.

essay on cutting of trees in kannada language

Xie JT,. Commercial drinks.g., kava Cola are available and contain Piper. Curcuma longa (Tumeric) Kaha, Ath kaha, Mim Kaha Haridra,- mancal, Manjal Important condiment, spice and medicinal material in India and Sri Lanka. Images and write up Some varieties of Hondala are edible if boiled sufficiently to get rid of volatile poisonous acids which are generated from the Gulocsides contained in these tubers. It has been claimed that Stephania tetranda should be used in herbal preparations instead of Aristolchia fanghi. And the name may be evocative of pendent decorative "karaabu".

essay on cutting of trees in kannada language

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Horse-gram sprouts are also eaten. Care was also taken to minimize deforestation. A Japanese study has shown that those who drank more than five cups of green tea daily had a 26 reduction in death from a heart attack or a stroke compared to those who drank one cup or less. Already there are some entrepreneurs who have begun to market such special rice varieties within the context of the demand for organic 'health' foods. Chambangi Extremely frgrant vine, natibve to China, Thailand etc. irangun-malli, ilankaramallikai 'irangun-malli' is clearly the tamilized form of "Raengun-mal". Photos Calotropis procera, Asclepias procera, Calotropis wallichii, rubber-latex bush, french cotton kiri wara, Vaeli Wara? Then it can be cooked in a pan by heating with onions, egg plant, Maldive fish, seasonings and a dash of coconut oil. See Dorian Fuller et al punnaga, Naga-champa The Sanskrit name "Pun-naga" is sometimes claimed to have a "dravidian" etymology. It is used to make beverages. Names like "Nagar "Niyama" indicates that the tree even signified the location of towns (Nagara or the limit of towns (Nyamama and are tamilized sanskrit words.