Politics and religion should not mix essay

politics and religion should not mix essay

Conclusion, politics is all about having a good time in present life and religion is about having faith for the future times. So whatever we do, we will do favour of mankind. Well we all know religion is a sacred thing and mixing of it with politics had result in violence. This is the only obstruction in our development. So i feel religions should not mixed up with politics. Even the educated people are doing the same ople are well brainwashed by the politicians.

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This leaves people wondering when will these politicians come to understand that this is an act of disrespect to religion and then stop. Because, suppose one person is there, who who was highly developed in the politics. Mixing religion with politics leads to a great deal of activities of violence, terror and aggression. But we cannot agree that this is a nation only for the religious, nor that freedom requires religion. Meanwhile, the common people should also realise the aftermath of mixing politics with religion. The basis of religion is faith. If the vice versa, that is power politics and religion should not mix essay influencing faith takes place, it can be disastrous. We are living under the same sky. Religion should not be mixed with politics. We all belonging to the same nation.

The framers believed no such thing when it came to the Constitution and the public sphere. Although he wisely echoed politics and religion should not mix essay Kennedy by saying no authorities from his church would exert influence on presidential decisions, Romney blurred the line between church and state. India is a secular state. No one should encourage. But as for as I concern it should be mixed because it will definitely increase the Integrity of any nation means. Or badly effected many t in my opinion it can provide a good result for.g if a south indian politician made a lord shiva 's temple.

Should religion and politics mix?

Romneys language is code for a creeping theocratic approach to governance, something Jews can never countenance. At first blush the comparison makes sense. The result of this is under-development, and no progress in the society as these politicians use religion just to gain the votes bank. As viveikananda said do good and be good that is the whole of the religion, that means we formed different meaning to religion, we made religion as community that means the mistake is not only with the politicians. We should be aware of a saying that "united WE stand AND divided WE fall". Many people advocate the thought that religion should not be mixed with politics. India is a religious country, n religion is something which is a cultural system, which is a belief and may be supernatural too. He is a good man, and we respect his courage for speaking out. Religion should not be mixed with politics because it will deviate the responsibilities of religious leaders. Faith can have a positive influence on power because it normally leads to values and principles. Religious should not mixed with politics because in India all are equal, if some religions persons are in politics then they earn money but they dont serve to the people and also they are highly developed in stete/nation and remaiming religious are back in India. Republican and Democratic candidates have consistently injected religion into their campaign discourse, none more strikingly than Republican candidate Mitt Romney in his recent speech about his Mormonism and the role of religion in public life. Politics is not the business of religious leaders.

As members of a religious minority, Jews cant help but pay attention when such matters and speeches arise. My suggestion is elect the people who are serve the people too. There politics and religion should not mix essay is no convergence zone for the two in any way. So, religions are not mixed with politics. For that purpose they distribute money or wines to the people and they include religious also, after they get what they want, they don't care the people. Whenever politics and religions are mixed then the voting decisions of people have been affected. This encompasses the inculcation of values that are as well perceived to be right. Politics on the other hand for rule the country and give people their own demand.

Where their demand of new state as religious,what after this the whole religion will demand new state as their religion, then what happen as religion states will be known as his religion. It is, therefore, crucial that politics and religion not to be mixed so that people elect their leaders based on their wants, the leaders qualities and capabilities rather than hiding in religion. Faith is entirely based on the times in the future. And those who do it are the real wretches and should be punished properly. They wont bother about their public and nation they need to get the popularity in the society. There is no question that religion is frequently used by politics and religion should not mix essay politician as definite weapon for their own progress. I conclude, that followers of any particular religion should always be accused of violence in lieu of religion, because anyone who wholeheartedly imitates any religion will always want to do good to his people. So what is your view on Religions should not be mixed with Politics? Is it possible to keep religions and politics away from each other? So if some selfish, unscrupulous people tries to ignite our mind against any other people to fulfil their mean interest, we must protest. But is the comparison truly an apt one? The major effect can see the telangana. So always in any country it is depend upon people to choose their own religion.

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Moreover, as Jews, we know what its like to face prejudice, much as Mormons have for more than 150 years. The main aim of politicians is to get a seat what they wanted (CM or PM or MLA or MLC). All of them are distribute wine money and sariees to the ladies and some one includes religious also. Religion as said earlier is faith; it has its unique values and ethics. Cow killing is not supported by politicians in India. The result is the mutual benefit of the people. If true religion is followed then it can definitely result in fair politics. Yes, politics and religions should not mix as politics need to reflect a common opinion and have to make all decisions keeping in view the mutual benefit of all the people. There is no doubt that religion and politics are two most important elements in peoples lives. No, religion is all about following the right path and inculcating right values.

Hence now i say religion should mix with the politics. Yes, in my point of view, religion should not be mixed with politics. No one has the right to ignite the spark of hatred in the hearts of the people in the name religion. So all of them understand this situation. Everyone is saying that religion should not be mixed with politics, why should not we mix with the politics, all foreign countries are believing that India is a good country religious country, even someone is saying that. But is that a practical thing? One day one persons wants to the president signature for the application. It will help many people to do and follow what their religion preaches. I think that people should not fall into this type of provocation and we should always keep in our that whatever discrimination we make in our life are all meaningless. I think now we understood that religion is not a community but a service section now think whether we can mix the religion with politics or not. We live in India and we all are Indian. His most"d line, Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom, raises troubling questions. Politics is about power and a religion is about faith.

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It is, therefore, important that the two are separated to let religious leaders perform their duties responsibly. On the other hand, politics bases its foundation on a common opinion which aids it in decision making. After all, Romneys Mormonism is reportedly a deal-breaker for some Christian voters, who view his faith as apostasy, and he politics and religion should not mix essay needed to assuage his partys base. But he said you can pay 500 ruppes for the sign because you take.100 per vote. That is not the America Romney described in his speech.

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Then he takeup all his family members into the politics one by one. Politicians in most cases, use religious leaders during their campaigns to corrupt the minds of believers. Religion should not be mixed with ny politicians use religion as their party should be not be the name of religion not only politics but also other use of it must be condemned. But the fact is that they are inseparable. Note: I am saying not for all the politicians. Someone who understands and knows their values will make all efforts to respect it and save. Every one rare ready to show their popularity their state ranking but no one politician are not thinking about their state/nation. Most of them have no good intention to benefit the people. Religion is very sacred thing and it is being used as a source of violence by some political elements of our country for their own benefit. Religion should be mixed with the is will help for the growth of that particular t the mixing of religion in the politics has to be limited. Politics is only for the purpose of administration of the country and religion is individual beleif, and politicians use this has a tool to get a vote bank and finally use and throw once its they have got what.

The disadvantage of this power of states will be less, unity affect and helping manner will decrease than what as British came in India, now China will try to do same after dividing the India. I strongly ex cogitate that religion should be mixed with politics(but never be used as an agent to win elections) because religion (be it islam, hinduism, christianity or any other religion)is obviously the foremost thing which. Thats not just a slippery slope, its a cliff. Therefore, religion has got nothing in common with politics. We should not discriminate between ourselves by taking religion in account. God-fearing citizens will tend to vote for those politicians who pose themselves. Politics is not the business of religious leaders. Religious leaders are supposed to perform religious activities and rituals as well as lead people. Religion and politics should mix. Because politics is based or should be based on moral conviction right verses wrong.

Religion should not be mixed with politics

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