Leadership theories essays and explorations

leadership theories essays and explorations

See also: Free research papers are not written to satisfy your specific instructions. Another strategy may be to make implicit theories explicit and examine their influence on communication and cooperation in organizations. Talk to one fellow student and discuss your ideas for ten minutes. Implicit leadership theories : Content, structure, and generalizability. If you are just starting a business its especially important for you to be able to spend some time to get to know your customers, and/or employees. This style is appropriate when the follower is using improper procedures or is making poor decisions. Situational theories and, participative theories. Avoiding Cultural Misunderstandings Given that implicit leadership theories are different in different cultures, the effect and reactions leaders will evoke in different cultures may not be comparable. Journal of Applied Psychology, 60(3 340-344. This style is appropriate when the followers lack confidence. Relationship behaviour is the extent to which the leader engages in two-way or multi-way communications.

Leadership theories essays and explorations

This includes listening, facilitating, and supportive behaviours. The fact that participants relied more on the leaders probability of success corresponded with their individual assessment of romance of leadership. Strong autocratic leaders set their goals without considering the opinions of their followers, and then command their followers to execute their assigned tasks without question. This is what Meindl (1990) called romance of leadership. Also, they did well at the other end of the spectrum when the leader member relations were moderate to poor and the task was unstructured. However, they are not the same thing, but are used interchangeably. To give an example, you may imagine that you have been appointed to be a member of a project team that has to accomplish a difficult task in your company.

This means that when followers view the same leader differently, this can serve as an important piece of information on how to motivate and stimulate individual followers based on their implicit leadership theories. Survey feedback or team development processes enable leaders and followers to reflect and communicate upon their respective theories on leadership and followership. A business is a team sport. Do you expect differences in implicit leadership theories in different types of businesses? Felfe and Petersen (2007) extended this approach, as they claimed not only that followers perceptions and attribution leadership theories essays and explorations of leadership are determined by implicit leadership theories, but also that the behavior of top managers, CEOs, executive board members, and other stakeholders. Remember Nyes research cited previously. Involvement of many people slows down the process of decision making. Alternatively, what was your first experience as a follower?

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Prototypes of leadership are a key concept for categorization. They believe in themselves and they are not afraid of failures. This tendency may be reinforced by the fundamental attribution error (Ross, 1977 which implies that people leadership theories essays and explorations in general tend to focus on the role of personal causes and underestimate situational factors. Summary In summary, we can say that implicit leadership theories play an important role in organizational processes even if more research is needed. Another interesting phenomenon in the line of implicit leadership theories is the tendency we all have to attribute company performance to leaders. More research is needed on issues such as which crucially affects implicit leadership theories have or how much time implicit leadership theories need to change, for example, in case of a change of profession. On the other hand, we have an idea of what event probably has been caused by leadership and not by any other reason. When people meet a leader for the first time, they are not a blank slate. Enhances job satisfaction of employees. The leader designated for this job.

An information processing approach to social perceptions, leadership and behavioral measurement in organizations. Democratic or participative leaders participate equally in the process with their followers and let the group make decisions. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Honululu, Hawaii. Leadership Quarterly, 5, 43-58. Discuss the characteristics in class.

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Just as when the opposite happens, the coach is praised as a local or even national hero. Free research papers are not written by our writers, they are contributed by users, so we are not responsible for the content leadership theories essays and explorations of this free sample paper. You have met neither the other members nor the leader of the group. And still the concept is not sufficiently defined. Probably you will be astonished that this young guy was assigned to be the project leader.

As you do not know anyone in the room, you may need some orientation. Felfe,., Petersen,. However, the leader designated for this project,. You can use our professional writing services to order a custom research paper leadership theories essays and explorations on any topic and get your high quality paper at affordable price. Unrealistic follower expectations of their leader can be corrected, and misunderstandings can be solved.

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ReadMore Words 4267 Downloads Tag : Best University in UK Free Samples Developing Work Priorities introduction Proper planning helps in carrying out the work schedule and thus it helps in achieving team objectives so that desired goals could be attained. Small Group Research, 33, 337-360. Their influence is accepted, though there was no formal assignment or any kind of election. Figure.1 ILT and the Perception of Leadership Performance Evaluation and Gender/Culture In order to find out more about the effects of implicit leadership theories on the evaluation of leaders, we can look into research on gender and leadership. Leadership is not only what a leader does but also what a follower makes. One source you expect to get some orientation from is the leader of the group. The need of followers to understand and make sense of things is particularly high in cases of unexpected success or failure. As the followers begin to move into an above average level of maturity, the leader should decrease not only task behaviour but also relationship behaviour. This means that we have assumptions of what can result from leadership in terms of consequences. Making the Right Decisions In general, there is no doubt that decisions may be less effective when situational information is neglected and only the information on a leader is considered relevant since there is a high risk that organizations overlook important chances or underestimate risks.

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On the basis of 62 countries, 10 regional clusters with common language, history, and religion were formedfor example, Anglo (United States, United Kingdom, Canada Germanic Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Austria Latin Europe (France, Italy, Spain Eastern Europe (Greek, Russia, Poland Confucian. Path goal theory identifies achievement-oriented, directive, participative and supportive leadership styles. If less room for individual interpretation is left in these decisions, they are less vulnerable for biases. The project Triple A is building a new factory in an African country. What comes to your mind when you think of the term leader? Additional confusion is caused by the use of other imprecise terms such as power, authority, management, administration, control and supervision to describe similar phenomena. Implicit leadership theories : Essays and explorations (pp. Task oriented managers tend to do better in situations that have good leader-member relationships, structured tasks, and either weak or strong position power. This has very important consequences for leaders themselves as is outlined later in the research-paper. External control and the threat of punishment are not the only means for bringing out effort toward organizational objectives. Endrissat,., Miiller,. There is no good or bad leadership style. Schyns,., Meindl,.

Pygmalion in the classroom: Teacher expectation and pupils intellectual development. Going back to the gender example, this means that women whose experience is that others believe they do not have leaders characteristics, may, in the end, not show these characteristics. Fairness in Promotion Decisions Assuming that, because they do not match their supervisors or their followers implicit leadership theories, leaders may not be promoted to higher positions has risks for fairness in promotion decisions. Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing. Advances in global leadership (Vol. One way of doing so is careful placement and training. When the situation is moderately favorable, a people-oriented leadership style is appropriate. Rosenthal,., Jacobson,. They asked 17,370 managers from leadership theories essays and explorations 951 organizations to indicate for different characteristics how far they contribute to a person being an outstanding leader or inhibit a person from being an outstanding leader. As pointed out previously, a perceived misfit between implicit leadership theory and leader behavior may influence managers decisions in a way that negative consequences for low-level leaders career development can be expected. Research demonstrates that employee performance and satisfaction are positively influenced when the leader compensates for the shortcomings in either the employee or the work setting. We might say that leaders are considered almighty.

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Accordingly, not only do people ascribe leaders certain characteristics, they also assume a relationship between success and leadership (Meindl, Ehrlich, Dukerich, 1985). In a historical context, how have ideas about successful leaders changed over the last 50 years? Are they common topics or did everybody experience his or her first leadership situation differently? Some leading questions are outlined for each group: Group 1: How do implicit leadership theories affect followers? Managers were rated as to whether they were relationship oriented or task oriented. Tajfel,., Turner,. You can view samples of our professional work here. We must take control and ownership of our lives and careers and never let. In the past, he has made nearly every project a success. Similarly, supervisors hold implicit leadership theories and may give leaders who do not fit their implicit leadership theories lower promotion chances. Attribution of influence and charisma to the leader: The Romance of Leadership revisited.

leadership theories essays and explorations

Which of the projects would you prefer? Stamford, CT: JAI Press. (adapted from Endrissat, Miiller, Meissner, 2005) For both questions, try to remember how you felt about this experience. It was the initial expectation of both research groups that a leader who could demonstrate both high initiating structure (job centered) and leadership theories essays and explorations high consideration (employee centered) would be successful and effective in all circumstances. Because of this human characteristic of dislike of work, most people must be controlled, directed, and threatened with punishment to get them to put forth adequate effort toward the achievement of organizational objectives. Some theorists suggest that situational factorsthe type of task, nature of work groups, formal authority system, personality and maturity level of followers, experience, and ability of followersare critical in determining the most effective leadership style. It is doubtful that an implicit leadership theory that overemphasizes the importance of the leader is appropriate for complex managerial settings.

leadership theories essays and explorations