Binghamton anthropoloy honors thesis

binghamton anthropoloy honors thesis

Structural anthropology is a school of anthropology based on, claude L?vi-Strauss ' idea that immutable deep structures exist in all cultures, and consequently, that Structural anthropology is a school of anthropology based on, claude Lévi-Strauss ' idea that immutable deep structures exist in all cultures, and consequently, that all cultural practices have homologous counterparts in other cultures, essentially that all cultures are equitable. Amongst the Kachin where wife-givers are superior to wife-takers. During the second semester of your senior year, you should register for 4 hours of Anth 499 (Senior Honors). The Development of Cognitive Anthropology. London: Pluto Press.* Kuper, Adam (1988). Descent theory and alliance theory therefore look at two sides of one coin: the former emphasising bonds of consanguinity (kinship by blood the latter stressing bonds of affinity (kinship by law or choice). Lévi- Strauss the brilliant and problematic ancestor. The latter was the author of such essays as "Time and False Noses" (in Rethinking Anthropology ).

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Consult with your committee, which may wish to set firm deadlines. Producing an honor's thesis is a time-consuming process. Over time, marriage rules create social structures because marriages are primarily forged between groups and not just between spouses. Those students completing the program with a grade of A- or higher in their honors course will receive honors recognition in the major. If your thesis involves data gathering, you may need to initiate your research during the summer before your senior year. They also found grounds for critiquing Lévi-Strauss. An honors thesis is far more substantial and takes far more work than a term paper written for a course. Lévi-Strauss proposed that the initial motivation for the exchange of women was the incest taboo. Boyer pointed out that experimental research on concepts in psychology have not supported a structuralistic view of concepts, but rather a theory-oriented or prototype-based view. Honors are achieved by completing an honors thesis during the senior year. Mythology (see his several-volume Mythologies ) unites opposites in diverse ways. Filing the Thesis, give your readers ample time to read and comment on your thesis, and you should anticipate revisions following their initial reading.

Social relationships are therefore based on exchange; Durkheimian solidarity, according to Mauss, is best achieved through structures of reciprocity and related systems of exchange. Lévi-Strauss applied this distinction in his search for mental structures that underlie all acts of human behavior: Just as speakers can talk without awareness of grammar, he argued, humans are unaware of the workings of social structures in daily life. "From the very start he wrote, "the process of visual perception makes use of binary oppositions. Lévi-Strauss had incorrectly assumed that wife-takers would be of higher rank than wife-givers; in reality, it was the other way round, and the former usually had to make substantial bridewealth payments to obtain wives. Elementary structures can operate based on two forms of exchange: restricted (or direct) exchange, a symmetric form of exchange between two groups (also called moieties) of wife-givers and wife-takers; in an initial restricted exchange FZ marries MB, with all children then. Research practices in the study of kinship. In choosing your committee, identify people who specialize in your area of study.

Translated by Claire Jacobson and Brooke Grundfest Schoepf. From a structural perspective matrilateral cross-cousin marriage is superior to its patrilateral counterpart; the latter has less potential to produce social cohesion since its exchange cycles are shorter (the direction of wife exchange is reversed in each successive generation). You will incur expenses during the course of your honors research. Deliver two clean copies of the final version (with signature pages) to Bartle Circulation for binding. Once you have been accepted into the Honors Program you should register for Anth 497 (Independent Work) during the first semester of your senior year. Pursue thesis research, keep in touch with your thesis advisor (principal reader). Kuper allowed that exchange was the universal form of marriage, but there could be other significant factors. In reality, the system was strongly unbalanced with built-in status differences between wife-givers and wife-takers. You can add this document to your saved list. You must successfully complete an honors thesis, which is written during the senior year. Political Systems of Highland Burma.

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Marriage edit Lévi-Strauss' model attempted to offer a single explanation for cross- cousin marriage, sister-exchange, dual organization and rules of exogamy. At this point, your topic need not be very specific or well developed all you need is a general idea about the kind of research that you would like to pursue. This "mother's brother" (from the perspective of the wife-seeking son) plays a crucial role in alliance theory, as he is the one who ultimately decides whom his daughter will marry. Your committee will then read the draft and suggest improvements; it is likely that you will be asked to make some revisions. Prescribing exogamy creates a distinction between marriageable and tabooed women that necessitates a search for women outside one's own kin group marry out or die out and fosters exchange relationships with other groups. A minimum of TWO copies of a thesis is required: one for the student's department, and one for the Library's collection. His model explained practices that were not observed. Restricted exchange structures are generally quite uncommon. A first draft of the manuscript should be given to your committee by early April. Stay in touch with your principal reader so they know of your progress.

The marriage system was quite messy and the chance of it breaking down increased with the number of groups involved. The final version of the thesis should be in the hands of your committee not later than the end of the final week of classes. Gifts are not merely physical, incidental objects; they possess cultural and spiritual properties. Focus on writing, stay binghamton anthropoloy honors thesis in touch with your principal reader. Internal incoherence and a range of intrinsic limitations further reduced its appeal. Budget your time, allowing sufficient time to prepare illustrations and tables, and for revisions.

He also challenged the claims to binghamton anthropoloy honors thesis universality made by Lévi-Strauss about the model, doubting whether structures generated by marriage rules would be the same in different social contexts. Ideally, you should meet with your reader on a regular basis to discuss your research. Leach charged the latter with neglecting the effects of material conditions on social relations. See examples of honors theses in the department office. And even if reciprocity was the primary principle that underlies marriages, the return would not have to be in kind but could take other forms (such as money, livestock, services or favours of various kinds). Lévi-Strauss considered generalised exchange to be superior to restricted exchange because it allows the integration of indefinite numbers of groups. Register for this course with your principal reader. Barnard, Alan; Good, Anthony (1984).

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Mental Culture: Classical Social Theory and the Cognitive Science of Religion. Unfavorable decisions may be appealed in writing to the department chairperson, whose judgment on the matter will be final. Do you need research money? With the advent of postmodern, interpretive- hermeneutic thought, structuralist and functionalist theories went receded. Possibly the most significant influence on structuralism came from Mauss' The Gift. The "Leiden" perspective drove research for many decades, influencing successive generations of anthropologists. Discuss possible thesis topics and identify possible members of a thesis committee. Excessive emphasis of affinal ties edit By overstressing the structural significance of affinal ties, alliance theory effectively neglected the importance of descent and genealogical ties.

When groups exchange women on a regular basis, they marry together; consequently, each marriage creates a debtor/creditor relationship that must be balanced through binghamton anthropoloy honors thesis the "repayment" of wives, either immediately or in the next generation. While structural-functionalists looked for structures within social organisation, structuralism seeks to identify links between structures of thought and social structures. This approach, he felt, made for fresh new ideas. Honors Thesis Binding, all copies of an undergraduate honors thesis should be submitted for binding to the Library's Circulation desk between 9 am and 3 pm Monday-Friday. The risk created by such a delayed return is obviously lowest in restricted exchange systems. Consequently, the last wife-taking group in the chain is significantly inferior to the first wife-giving group to which it is supposed to give its wives.