Rivers of pakistan essay in urdu

rivers of pakistan essay in urdu

Pakistan was suspended (Oct. 18, 19999) from the Commonwealth. Agriculture )including forestry and fishing) is the mainstay of Pakistans economy, employing about 50 o the working population and providing about 25 of the countrys gross domestic product (GDP). Much of the desert region is a sandy wasteland, parts of which near the Indus River have been made suitable for farming by the irrigation schemes. Zia-ul-Haq took over-initially to hold elections and transfer power to a civilian regime. Short essay on Pakistani Cricket Team. Weather extremes are notable from the hot and barren south to the cool hills of the north. There are international airports at Karachi, Islamabad, lahore, Peshwar and Quetta. Yahya handed over power to Bhutto, who ruled until July 1977, before being over-thrown after an opposition campaign against alleged rigging in general elections. Shortage of energy is a major concern for the countrys economic development.

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Advertisements: There are many places where kids in Pakistan go to have fun and enjoy their time. Home, pakistan, tours, conferences Incentives Hotels Airfares Islamabad Karachi Lahore Peshawar Quetta Sibi Faisalabad Multan Hyderabad Sukkur Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Chitral Swat Karakorum Highway History of Pakistan Archeology Weather Security Contact Information. (The name Pakistan is coinage representing Punjab, the Afghan border states, Kashmir, Sing and Baluchistan) image source: g, for nine years Pakistan remained a dominion. Advertisements: There are many sights to visit in Pakistan where kids can learn and discover. Due to its rivers, punjab is the most fertile and most populated province. There is considerable illegal trafficking in narcotics. Email : Click Here To contact. Rural inhabitants of poor villages are not very literate; in fact the literacy rates of rural areas are very low.

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Home Pakistan Punjab, punjab literally means the land of 5 rivers term refers to the 5 rivers flowing thru the region. In women, hijab is commonly practiced, some women wear scarves while others cover with their dupattas (part of their attire and in the urban big cities girls also wear western style clothes. Kids in the rural areas help out in house chores or chores on the farms, while kids aging from 5 to 9 go to schools which are segregated and where they are taught the teachings of the holy book Quran. Ethnic plurality is given rise to demands for territorial secession from Pakistan or the creation of autonomous states. They also play games like hopscotch, marbles and team up to play games like cricket, soccer and volleyball. It has attracted several manufacturing industries such as cotton textiles, chemicals, food products, cement, and fertilizers, because of the advantages for assembly of raw materials and for distribution of finished goods. The landscape is amongst the most heavily irrigated on earth and canals can be found throughout the province. Benazir assumed office as the PM on December.

It is a typical Himalayan region with high, rugged mountains, and several glaciers. Economically, culturally and politically it is the countrys heartland. The east-west war ended in December 1971. There is one operating nuclear power station near Karachi. The entire area in north and west is covered by great mountain ranges. It is a combination of the Persian words panj (five) and b (water thus the (land of) five rivers. Kids also have fun in rural areas by making kites and flying them. The separation of the deficit area of Bangladesh in 1971 did strengthen the food situation of the truncated state and reduced its population problem, but at the same time diminished the revenue base of the export of jute and tea. Pervez Musharraf on Oct. The Northern and western Highlands cover much of northern and western parts of the country. Pakistans share of the subcontinents resources of coal, iron, and other basic materials is insignificant. During the British occupation of the Indian subcontinent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the land was transformed by canal irrigation in the Punjab Sindh plains. Advertisements: During the late 1960s (along with India, and Sri Lanka) Pakistan experienced a green revolution.

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Children in the rural areas live in a household of 6 to 7 members with siblings, parents and grandparents. Moeen Qureshi took over as caretaker Prime Minister in July. Prospects: Blessed potentially with a sound economic base that can supply most of the countrys needs in consumer goods, Pakistans natural resources provide materials for such industries as textiles (the largest foreign exchange earner oil refining, metal processing and fertilizer production. In Karachi, the most populous city, there is the Monument of Pakistans founder Quaid-e -Azam Mausoleum, it has got a garden and lots of space for families and kids to have fun. In the 1970s and 1980s an integrated iron and steel mill was developed at Pimpri near Karachi. In the early 1990s the process was accelerated and Lahore (and Punjab) became Karachis competitor in industrial output. PPP returned to power in Oct. In addition to wheat, rice, cotton, and sugarcane which became the important crops raised, on the canal colonies, a variety of other crops like tobacco, oilseeds, chickpeas, millets (jowar, bajra legumes, and vegetables, pulses were introduced. Natural gas reserves are more abundant, located mainly in Baluchistan near Sui and in the Potwar Plateau and in Sindh production is limited. The Pakistan Government is directly responsible for Gilgit and Baltistan (the north).

17, 1997, Nawaz Sharif was sworn in as Pakistans 13th. Historically, the Punjab region has been part of Sindu Sapta the term meaning (7. Islamabad (population now nearing 250,000) is a well-designed, pleasant, and modern city, symbolic of Pakistani determination to build a better future. People speak Punjabi here and have many colorful traditions. The Urdu-speaking Mujahir, who migrated from India at the time of partition have been involved in bloody ethnic riots in the province of Sindhi- speaking province of Sindh, demanding a greater recognition for them.

(The two countries reached an agreement in 1960, the Indus Waters Treaty, regarding the distribution of waters). Khalid appointed caretaker. The non-alluvial portions of the region are mainly in the northwest, where a dissected upland between the Jhelum and Indus rivers averages between 1,500 to 2,000 feet (457 to 610 meters) in the form of a range overlooking the Punjab plains. Bhotto took over as PM once again. Punjab is considered most developed, populous, and prosperous province. He was convinced and sentenced to 25-year-long life sentence on charges of hijacking and terrorism. Firstly the wildlife in Pakistan is amazing, in the South there is the Indus River and in its mucky water reside the crocodiles, there are many other animals that live on the banks of the river and. In the general election held on November 16,1998 the Pakistan Peoples Part (PPP) led by Benazir Bhutto won the largest number of seats (92). Refined sugar, vegetable products, jute textiles, soda ash, sulphur acid, caustic soda, chip board and paper board, bicycles, cotton cloth, cotton yarn, cement and steel.

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Rivers ) but in rivers of pakistan essay in urdu the course of time southern Sindh was shrieked to a small province and Punjab became a larger and more prosperous region of the area. The seat of government is Muzaffarabad. Urdu, adopted as the national language, was essentially brought by the immigrants from India at the time of partition and grafted on the new nation, although it claims only.6 percent of the population. In the Rigveda, the sacred text of Vedism, the Punjab region is associated with the ancient Sapta Sindhu, the Land of Seven. Lahore (3.1 million) an old center of Islamic culture also grew rapidly following independence as a result of increased regional and administrative functions. This example of Pakistani dependence on India, which controls the headwaters of the tributaries of the Indus River, critical to Pakistans irrigated agriculture, illustrates the complementary nature of the two countries. In rural areas the houses for families are those with flat roofs, hardly any running water and running electricity. However, an isolated location away from the nations cultural and economic heartland prompted the government to move its administrative functions in the early 1970s to a new location at Islamabad, near the existing city of Rawalpindi where a planned city was constructed. Tensions between the military and PM Sharif ended in a coup by army chief. Introduction of high- yielding varieties of rice and wheat, and extension of the existing irrigation system by the construction of tube wells and canals into the arid lands in the Punjab and Sind increased crop productions substantially.

Political separation based on the concentrations of Muslims and non-Muslims defy several facts of physical and economic geography. Since independence Pakistan made special effort to develop its industries, since most of the manufacturing plants were located in areas that went to India at the time of partitioning of the subcontinent. Cultural Patterns: Although Islam is a cementing force in Pakistan (its official name is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and 95 percent rivers of pakistan essay in urdu of the population is composed of Muslims several divisive elementslinguistic and culturalhave been a serious threat to the central administration. The schools in urban areas teach academic subjects as well; hence kids in urban areas have a better lifestyle. In these areas kids have electricity, proper homes and running water. Ayub proclaimed a presidential system in the constitution of 1962 and ruled until March 1969, when he was deposed by Gen.

As a result of a huge influx of refugees from India at partition, the establishment of new industries, and expanded regional and international connections, it grew rapidly into a large metropolis, one of Asias great boom towns. Predictably, regional demands will likely to grow stronger in the future. By geography and by history, Pakistan and India are complementary. Zia was killed in a plane crash on August 17, 1988 and Senate Chairman Ghulam Ishaq Khan took over as Action President. Close to one- half of the labor-force is engaged in these activities, but these account for less than one-quarter of the gross domestic production. These tendencies have tended to sap the already fragile democracy. Since inception there have been several coups, and military rule has often been imposed over the country. They also wear baggy shirts that hang down to their knees, called kameez. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is bordered in the north-west by Afghanistan, north by the former ussr and China, east by India and south by the Arabian Sea.

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In Aug., government enacted a new law to combat the growing sectarianism and terrorism. In Jan-Aug, 97, over 150 persons were killed in Shia-Sunni violence, and at least 250 were shot dead in Karachi. It has some gas and oil (at Sui fields). However the largest proportion of the population of children lives in rural areas and not in the cities. The second highest peak in the world, K2, is 28,250 feet (8,611 meters) in elevation and lies in the northernmost part in the Karakoram Range. The.S., Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia are the major trading partners. 2002, as per Supreme Court order and judgment. The country can be conveniently divided into four main topographic regions: the Northern and western Highlands, the Punjab-Sindh Plains, the Baluchistan Plateau, and the Thar Desert. Some of these people have also pressed for the creation of a state that would incorporate parts of Iran rivers of pakistan essay in urdu and Afghanistan. The word Punjab was introduced by the by the Mughals in the 17th Century. Politically, Pakistans democratic framework remains shaky. ;96, Imran Khan launched a new part Movement for Social Justice.

rivers of pakistan essay in urdu

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Nawaz Sharif was later exiled to Saudi Arabia. Ethnic and communal conflict that had been raging in Karachi intensified in 1995. Geography, punjab of, pakistan has an area of 205,344 km2 (79,284 sq mi) it is the rivers of pakistan essay in urdu 2nd largest province after Balochistan and is located at the northwestern edge of the geologic Indian plate in South Asia. Much of Baluchistan and the Thar Desert receive on the average, less than 5 inches (127 mm) of rainfall in a year. Around 90 percent of the children are Muslims. Rivers, whilst the later Greeks referred to Punjab as Pentapotamia, an inland delta of five converging rivers.

Everyday, on my way to work, I come across this smart and neat young man selling the Big Issue. Firstly the wildlife in Pakistan is amazing, in the South there is the Indus River and in its mucky water reside the crocodiles, there are many other animals that live on the banks of the river and. Although there are a few controversy views on friendship across many generations friendships develop in our early stages of life. I just did, and she was rivers of pakistan essay in urdu well aware. The purpose of this essay is to not only persuade the readers to get involved in ending homelessness on local and national efforts, but to embrace new and creative ways of helping to end this rapidly growing problem, by taking.

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The Zone diet reduces carbohydrates by structuring calorie intake to a 40 carbohydrate, 30 protein, 30 fat ratio. Over the years, society has become misguided by materialistic and superficial values, and weve defined ourselves as individuals while disconnecting from everyone and everything. This idea has been strongly reinforced into our society that few people even question it anymore. Homelessness affects a vast number of people. And Jeanne Segal. Speak by plastic pollution essay in hindi Laurie Halse Anderson This Book/Movie Report Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and other 64,000 term papers, college essay examples and free essays. Essay on flood in pakistan in urdu - No attachments, no fiction or non-fiction, in any meta-analysis of a written comment, but major points are developed with additional feet to of the fictional material. Better Essays 702 words (2 pages preview - Overall the foods we consume either benefit or harm our bodies; effecting us greatly. Master of, supply Chain Management you will gain a comprehensive understanding of supply chain concepts and the skills to solve complex problems. Pakistan or the creation of autonomous states. A home essentially offers protection from the extremes of view document Post 1900 American Homelessness 2110 words - 8 pages Statement and Scope of the Phenomena Everyone has gone without something at some point in their lives. Nclusion For those of you who has a love on stricken with cancer, Believe in them, believe in their future, believe that they have the strength to face cancer, and remember to hold tightly to your beliefs.